Monday, March 22, 2021

RIP Elgin Baylor....gone but not forgoten

One of the all time great basketball players the LA Lakers Elgin Baylor has passed today. He was one of the last undersized forwards to play in the NBA as taller players began to dominate. He was silky smooth with his jumper and going to the hole. Just look at the highlights. He doesn't force it to dunk all the time or set up for a 3 pointer on every play. He got inside and got his shot.

I remember seeing him in 1968 at the Garden in one of the first games I ever went to back in the day.
Jerry West. Wilt. Keith Erickson. Elgin. The Lakers and the Knicks. It didn't get any better than that.

There used to be a big debate about White Basketball vs Black Basketball. White basketball was three bounce passes and a lay up. Black basketball was taking it to the hole and dunking. The NBA played white basketball but the advent of Dr. J and the ABA brought black basketball to the fore. Everything became about dunks and 3 pointers. That is where the game has devolved to today.

You see it in the culture everywhere you look these days. Black urban culture vs. White culture. Learning and math is white supremacy according to the racists school teachers in charge today. Passing tests is a symbol of white supremacy.  Two half naked strippers rubbing each others pussy in a scissor move while "Wet Ass Pussy" screeches out is the Grammy winning epitome of culture. It is what our public life has degraded to in this horrible Biden and Pelosi America.

Not a bounce pass or a lay up or a dignified gentlemen like Elgin Baylor to be found. 

It's sick out there and getting sicker


ndspinelli said...

Paved the way for DR J, Jordan, Kobe, etc.

The Dude said...

Is it too soon to consider tearing down his statue?