Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Whose that girl that doesn't live here anymore?


Famous as one of the worst neighbors who ever lived in suburbia she snooped all the time and couldn't figure out that her next door husbands first husband was gay! Then he got replaced by a guy with the same name. Who does that?

Now they ripped off her persona on the new Marvel TV show "Wanda Vision." Still there was nobody like her and we enjoyed her until she left television to open up a restaurant and piss off Arlo.

Whose that girl that doesn't live here anymore?


ampersand said...

There was another Alice on that show, check out images of her actor husband. An odd couple indeed.

edutcher said...

Alice Pearce?

If so, it was the second husband.


chickelit said...

Alice Pearce died in 1966 which would be during the series' run.

Trooper York said...

Yes that is Alice.

MamaM said...

Was it possible for this particular Alice to try and be less White?

Trooper York said...

She changed her name to Karen right before she died.