Wednesday, March 10, 2021

WKRLEM: One of my favorites.....

I wish I was there on the white sandy beach. 


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The Dude said...

Stand next to Iz, Troop - that move has a slimming effect.

Amartel said...

This guy does a "What a Wonderful World"/"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" mashup which is also quite lovely.

Amartel said...

Samoans are big and just keep getting bigger. Doctor probably doesn't even bring it up anymore.

The Dude said...

Iz weighed over 750 pounds and was a smoker. His father died of obesity, as did his brother. Self care was not big in their family, just sayin'. Iz died at age 38 and I can't imagine how he lived that long. I think I am going to go walk my dog, and also, no more poi for me!

MamaM said...

No more Hawaii for me. I was there twice in my 20's, but even then the long flight from O'Hare felt interminable and I no longer have it in me to go back. The song is lovely though, haunting and inviting, bringing up a sense of longing for the peace and release that sitting in the sunshine, walking in the sand, feeling and seeing the water, and listening to the waves can bring.

IZ carried a huge gift in that huge vessel of a body, and he blessed many with life and music.

“I no scared fo’ myself, fo’ dying,” he says in the pidgin English that he also used to answer e-mail from fans. “If I went now, dat’s all right. I go set da table for you guys, keep da stew hot.” “Dis jes one shell,” he’d say of the body that had to be fork-lifted onto stages. “I only in heah temporary. Den on to the next place.”

Thanks for the post, TY. It touched my heart, and brought back the poignancy of good times remembered.

MamaM said...

From the Honolulu Star:

In the rotunda of the state Capitol, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's
casket was surrounded by flowers, kahili and well-wishers.
A large portrait of the artist hung above it.

According to his producer, the family was aware of the criticism of the Capitol spectacle. "He was a voice to the people, he talked to the people directly. In ancient Hawaii, there were two classes of people, the alii and the makaainana, the working people, the people of the land. That's who Israel represented," de Mello said.

He said a team of nearly 50 family and friends cooperated in building the casket of koa, with wood from all the islands. "Made by Hawaiians for a Hawaiian, it's a piece of artwork," de Mello said. The custom-made coffin was required for the man who weighed more than 700 pounds at his death.

De Mello said many people brought photographs they had taken of Iz as their hookupu, gifts, handed over to ushers when they approached to view the body.

"Where do you go for a human experience like this," said Clayton Hee, chairman of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs board of trustees. "I bet nine out of 10 of these people have never been to the state Capitol before this. If Israel is the reason they're here, Israel is still making a contribution."

And he continues to do so. That's a large legacy that keeps on giving, left by a man with a large and physically compromised heart.

chickelit said...

I've been to Hawaii twice (Big Island) but never spent time on the beach. The snorkeling was fantastic and that was often well away from the beaches. We made an exception once because the kids wanted to swim with sea turtles.

chickelit said...

One day I'll make to a beach in Greece or in Italy for old time's sake.

The Dude said...

I just listened to that song. I used to have that on CD, liked it a lot. Iz was one hell of a singer, that fact cannot be denied. And it is hysterical to see a 750 pound behemoth playing a tiny little Portuguese guitar - how does he do that? Dancing flea indeed!

I have been to TBI and Oahu. I love Hawaii. Had a great time there, many stories to tell. The big island is the only place I have ever snorkeled, and I have to say, even this colorblind guy was amazed at the colors on the fish. What is that all about?

Some Seppo said...

Hawaii is a bucket list item for me and will be the last of the 57 States I'll visit. But first, let me check last night's Powerball drawing... OK, Hawaii is still at the back of the line.

I'd like to go (or come back from) there on a US home port to Asia home port repositioning cruise. Half flying and half cruising would be a nice round trip. It's also how I'd like to do a Europe round trip.

As a joke, on our color-in-the-states-you've-visited map we put on our travel trailer, we colored in Hawaii.

The Dude said...

That's a good one - I wonder how many people get that joke.

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