Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Responses to Trump's 2nd SOTU

Peggy Noonan said something to attempt being relevant. If you care to see it.

Twitter: #greenscreen, Cntrl F: Stacy Adams. Pretty funny stuff.

Maxine Waters, stay stupid, Everybody, don't watch the State of the Union. YouTube video. 

Full Speech here, pick one. 


AllenS said...

I detest Maxine Waters.

edutcher said...

A lot of people are of the opinion the Demo broads all wearing white last night was epically poor marketing.

Amartel said...

The ladies were following orders. Mommy sez wear white. Conform or be cast out! Baaaa!
Leaving aside the KKK comparison - which I think is silly and only came up because the KKK is in the news thanks, as usual, to Democrats - it was just a silly and divisive thing to do, the symbolism has to be explained and the first impression you get is of a herd of pouting playacting mean girls. Then you think, "well, i'm sure there's some sort of symbolic rationale behind this. I wonder what ..." Then you lose interest and change to the channel, landing on a nature show where a herd of herd animals is being stalked by a predator and you savor the inadvertent metaphorical parallel.