Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Trump gravity

You see this in videos of Trump in rooms crowded with international heavyweights on informal occasions such as luncheons and dinners, that are not shown by legacy media because the raw truth of it is poison to them. They prefer you not see it at all. And truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown.

No wait. That's something I read somewhere.

I observed the same thing myself about other people in situations closer to home. It leaves such an impression that it even shows up in dreams. An ordinary businessman has such perceived success that he carries his gravitas in his posture and gait. Otherwise invisible. Men go to him so their auras intermingle and power is drawn off as energy-vampires. They want to be like him. I've seen this and stood at a distance and watched it in wonder and no small amount of dismay; young men crowding another older, larger close friend just to be in his presence. He has no good business advice to offer. He has no advice at all. They came out to be dancing with women and intermingling and drinking with people their own age for a few hours. But once there, they just want to be near the strongest personality. And I'm standing there watching this and thinking, "Holy cow!"

Trump is certainly that person.

He is larger than international notables.

While the press would have you think otherwise. Trump views the press as cockroaches, and they know it. Trump views everyone else as employees and treats them as such.

Many people saw this earlier than others. Here's a guy going by the handle Wolf Moon describing Trump's gravity as Jupiter. This was published a long time ago.

As you know, the pharaohs had giant statues of themselves made to reaffirm their status as gods. The bigger the better to loom over all other smaller people. The propaganda device shows more psychologic insecurity than it shows divine authority while the unfortunate practice persists. When shown a giant statue of any political influencer, or any picture of one, my first thought is, "What a little dick."


ricpic said...

You can't beat the King James version:

A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

edutcher said...

You want to see gravitas? The Eminent Mr Surber shows you.

Next time some Lefty says the Norks still have their nukes, shove point 4 in their faces.