Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Oil diffuser.

I'm following Larry's instructions to kill fruit flies. His idea of cider ale and soap bubbling by an aquarium air pump and air diffuser really works. Mine made so many bubbles they instantly poured out and filled the bowl so I switched to a larger bowl to catch the overflow, then switched again to my largest bowl, then stood there and scooped bubbles into the sink and filled the whole sink. And turned it off in 1 minute.

I have never used an oil diffuser. I've never even seen one. All I want to know is, if  I should add water to the bowl. This video is short but it drove me insane. So now I want you to be insane too.

I got my answer like this: skip, skip, skip, answer end. 3 seconds.


It really went like this: ANSWER THE QUESTION ! skip ANSWER THE QUESTION ! skip ANSWER THE QUESTION !  End. 3 seconds.

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