Friday, February 22, 2019

Poke bowl

But the place is called Poki.

Have you seen those little packages of individual servings of tuna and salmon at your grocery store?

I find those irresistible. Trader Joe's has packages of seven such tuna. Not sushi grade but they still look very good.

Regular King Soopers had packages of those and frozen salmon steaks that I couldn't walk by.

Both of those would be perfect for this.

The video shows you can do anything that you like. Any protein, any sauce, any additional vegetables or topping. It's a salad. There are no rules. This is where micro greens look beautiful.

She says, "pescado crudo."

The appalling plastic bowl and plastic fork and then going to the automobile emphasize the Hawaiian take on stiff traditional and codified Japanese cuisine is casual as hot dogs and hamburgers. Here is a video of two dudes running through twenty versions and going way out of bounds through the whole exercise. (They neglect mentioning the octopus is briefly cooked, like just showing the octopus boiling water.)

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