Sunday, February 24, 2019

Five Eyes


An anglophone intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

That means English speaking, if you can call what those guys use for speech English. And it excludes other English speaking nations like South Africa because we're all racist.

More at Wikipedia. FVEY has a troublesome history, like spying on each other's citizens and sharing the information to bypass troublesome restrictive domestic regulations on surveillance of citizens.

There's not much on Fox and too much aggravation worth keeping cable but Fox News does have a few good interviewers that come to attention by other means. Maria Bartiromo is one such. Plus it's fun typing her name.

This comes at the end. It's big, and deserves more attention than it is given:

[Trump is saying about Huawei] If you’re thinking about going on the Chinese 5-G network we believe this is a spying platform.

We will not be able to share information with you that we would have otherwise because you’d be giving it to China.

And the technology that you’re buying from China will crowd you out of the American market.

You’ll wind up losing access to American information in systems. Make wise decisions.

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Sixty Grit said...

I followed the link and what do you know - there is The Cube at what is known colloquially as "The DoD". Those are my peeps. Stop by and I will tell you of my adventures there, but I will not put it in writing.