Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Trump MAGA, Austin

Starts with Ted Cruz and then Trump Jr. with spaces between speakers. So, skippity doo-dah.

I had no idea Trump Jr. is this good of a speaker. He holds interest all the way through.

There are several disturbances interrupting Trump's speech. Four, I think. I was busy with something else. He holds while the crowd does their thing chanting through them. But one of the disturbances is a man worked up by Trump depicting our news agencies as corrupt who lashes into BBC camera setup. This happens when Trump asks, "You alright? Everything okay?"

More on the man attacking media at Washington examiner.

And there goes my whole framework of characterization of who these red-hat wearing people are. I've been thinking a lot about them since the actor accused two red-hat wearing assailants of beating him up in Chicago and putting a rope around his neck that he wore home as a necktie instead of taking it off immediately, and carrying his Subway sandwich apparently undamaged by the assault. While refusing to turn over his phone.

The story seems ridiculous to me. Too much going against it.

And that area of Chicago so unlikely a place to see anybody wearing such a hat that is so unsuitable for subzero weather. It's possible, a hat under a hood. Whatever.

My response is, unlikely. And if it actually happened then false flag. Because as we see for ourselves over scores of rallies and tens of thousands of Trump supporters, they're all reasonable level-headed people, to a person. Accusers are mischaracterizing based on what they know of themselves and projecting that onto their bogeymen. Plain and simple.

Just as Tea Party was smeared throughout.

And then continuing along these lines.

This is what it is to be black and suffer continuous false accusations. I think of my neighbors hearing repeatedly,  "a black man stole it, a black man jacked the car, a black kid stole my bike, a black man raped me" and that being accepted because it fit our preconception and has to be disproven. What I'm feeling about this actor accusing MAGA hat wearing assailants is what reasonable black people feel when they hear "a black man did it."  The actor is returning all that. Now it's reversed conveniently to two guys with MAGA hats and that sounds reasonable to them. While it does not to me. Because I watched scores of MAGA rally videos and nothing like that exists. But they do not watch scores of MAGA rally videos so they don't know that is not possible.

Until now.

But red hat wearers don't do things like get triggered by symbols, yell at children, refuse service, frame Christian teenagers, key automobiles, spray paint walls, steal yard signs, attack rally goers, none of that fits their profile.

This incident shows contrarily that MAGA rally attendees really can be aggressive dangerous crackpots. Unless I'm to claim this too is false flag and that's a strong possibility occurring with three other protest disturbances at the same time. And maybe it really is someone fed up with American media and worked up by Trump's speech. Fine. That's like what, 1 in 200,000. But the possibility still changes things. This time they've given evidence. Until it's shown the crackpot is actually another opposing activist.


ricpic said...

What most don't understand about Donald is that he had to deal with Mayor Ed Koch for many years as a young builder. After that it's been all downhill.

AllenS said...

There are crack pots everywhere.

Amartel said...

The media created this problem, insulting anyone who disagrees with them and dissembling constantly in order to "shape" the news to support their agenda.
Trump just points it out.
This is fully and squarely on the media and no one else.
And, yes, of course, there are crackpots everywhere but there's a lot more of them on the left. But this gets played down or not acknowledged at all. Thanks to the media.

Amartel said...

Media: Nazi, nazi, racistsexisthomophobe, islamophobe, blackfacer, fake gaybeating cheer squadder, Joo hater.
Trump: Well, actually you've just described yourself and many of your colleagues.
Media: INSTIGATOR! (nazi, nazi, racistsexisthomoislamophobe, blackfacer, litterbug etc.

edutcher said...

2 things to keep in the back of your head.

Most Trump supporters seem well-behaved people.

Anybody can put on a MAGA hat, and this one had the tag still on it, I've read. We know a lot of Lefties pull stuff like this to blame on Trumplicans.

Hold your fire for a day, but my money says false flag.

Trooper York said...

I don't know if the guy who attacked the Press was a false flag. A lot of us are sick and tired of the enemies of the people getting a free ride. Enough is enough.

You saw what they did with the Covington kids. They are our bitter enemy and anything up to and including violence is no less than what they deserve.