Saturday, June 10, 2017

John Barleycorn?

He must die!

Oh Batman.........what's that under your utility belt?

"Your smile gives you away"

"Smile and the whole world smiles with you? Well, not necessarily. "
In a winning scenario, smiling can decrease your odds of success against the same opponent in subsequent matches, according to new research presented by the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and sponsored by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

People who smiled during victory increased the odds of their opponent acting aggressively to steal a pot of money rather than share it in future gameplay, according to a paper presented in May at the International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems by USC ICT research assistant Rens Hoegen, USC ICT research programmer Giota Stratou and Jonathan Gratch, director of virtual humans research at USC ICT and a professor of computer science at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

Conversely, researchers found smiling during a loss tended to help the odds of success in the game going forward.

The study is in line with previous research published by senior author Gratch, whose main interest lies both in how people express these tells—an unconscious action that betrays deception—and using this data to create artificial intelligence to discern and even express these same emotional cues as a person.

"We think that emotion is the enemy of reason. But the truth is that emotion is our way of assigning value to things," said Gratch. "Without it, we'd be faced with limitless choices."
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"I'm Batman." "No you are dead." "Oh."

"Hey I was napping and I just woke up. Where am I?"
"Why you are in Heaven silly. Batman is Jesus's favorite show."
"Really? What's this book?"
"It's the Heaven Registry. Saint Peter sent us to have you sign it. Oh. And to have sex with you."
"What? I am not a Muslim. I didn't expect to get Seventy Virgins."
"We ain't virgins silly. That wouldn't be any fun. So sign the register and we can get started. I always wanted to slide down the bat pole."

Town Hall: From Russia With Stupidity

Via Instapundit: That towering doofus James Comey crushed the spirits of millions of democracy-hating geebos when, trapped by his own prior testimony, he was forced to admit the truth on national television. And that truth, as those of us not caught up in the whirlpool of Menschian insanity and liberal wishcasting all know, is that the whole Russia thing is a wheelbarrow of fresh Schumer squeezed out by Hillary and her minions in order to create a narrative – any narrative – that would hide the bitter truth. We rejected her, and now we’re rejecting the Russia idiocy too.

Poor Comey, having to contort his grossly-elongated body into something like a pose of victimhood in front of the unforgiving glare of the TV lights. And all the time watched by eager, credulous resisters, taking their day off from their usual routine of sponging and posing, and gathering at mid-day to view the proceedings from lame urban bars with dorky names like “The Peculiar Muskrat & Sons,” while clutching cucumber-infused IPAs and sipping twee mixed drinks specially-formulated so that their femboy imbibers don’t start crying because they taste actual alcohol.

Where were the TREASON BOMBSHELLS OF TREASON!!!!!!!!!!! they were promised? Probably somewhere near the jobs they were promised they’d get with their degrees in Intersectional Feminist Marketing or Gender Neutral Namibian Poetry that they took out $250,000 in loans to pay for.

(Link to more)

Not The Comey: Suspect allegedly shot man with shotgun shell filled with cereal

Via RedditOn June 7, at around 3:25 p.m., the Eureka Police Department, Humboldt Bay Fire and City Ambulance responded to the end of Truesdale Street for the report of shots fired, according to officials.

It was first reported that an adult man had sustained a single gunshot wound to his hand.

The suspect, who was believed to be Timothy Glass Jr., 29, of Eureka, had reportedly left the scene on a bike following the incident, according to officials.

Officers said they located the victim and he was transported by ambulance to the hospital for treatment of a non-life threatening wound to one hand.

The victim was contacted at the hospital who positively identified Glass as the shooter but he did not wish to pursue charges and signed a no further action form, according to detectives.

Glass was booked into the Humboldt County jail for resisting arrest and probation violation.

Investigation reveals that Glass fired a flare gun loaded with a shotgun shell filled with Rice Krispies, according to detectives. The case will be referred to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office for review.

Brown hair, blue eyes -- Augie is growing up quickly.

Augie is my nephew's dog.

Friday, June 9, 2017

David Bowie - Afraid

Link to video

Western bronze

President Trump has an interesting Twitter feed. He just now posted a string of congratulatory tweets.

Beyond the recent tweets Trump posted a video of himself at a table in front of a credenza serving as base for a classic Western statue of an American bison challenged by two wolves. It is a fine statue. It looks very much like something Frederic Remington or Charles Russel would have done but the statue is not in their oeuvre. Nor is the statue a Carl Kauba or a Ron Stewart, their work is similar. And it is not any of the artists on this list of Artists of the American West. I looked through images of all of them. I've seen every buffalo (American bison actually) bronze at least twenty-five times.

Over and over the same dull stupid bison with only scant few statues with such dynamic as this.

Whoever it is that chooses White House art sure is good at it.

The video at Trump's tweet says the meeting is in the Roosevelt room of the White House. Wikipedia has a page describing this room. They have a photo with this statue on the credenza just as in the video. The Wikipedia page also describes the room's decorations. The description mentions bronzes of portraits, but not the buffalo even though they show it.

Roosevelt had an aquarium. In his day the room was called the "the fish room."

Suddenly I like Roosevelt better. I just now felt a fondness grow, pop up like a mushroom.

Kennedy hung a large sailfish on the wall.

But no mention of bronze bison or buffalo.

Looking for this buffalo turned out to be a wildly unproductive search.

Oh well.

The artist formed two hungry wolves possibly a third one trampled. Needs a lot more wolves, even if the bison is old or injured or sick or just exhausted, that job will take the whole pack.

But I see two fluffy Belgian Groenendael dogs eager to please. And that silly attitude could get me chewed up.

Trump's little hands

Comey is a leaker?

Link to video

Via Scott Adams Periscope

Vicente Fox

Trump's enemies believe he's too crass to be president of United States. Too coarse to even talk to. That he won by dispensing with political correctness and his speaking coarsely in private provokes them to out-Trump him by turning their own coarseness up to 11.

They're free!

 Vicente Fox gives Americans a video that can not be played with children around.

Saw this on a British satire site. They think it's funny.

Disclosure: I watched only half of this. He sounds ridiculous.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Actor rehearsing lines in French TGV train toilet is mistaken for terrorist"

Via Drudge:  The 35-year-old had shut himself away to practise his lines for an English-language stage role.

But a passing train guard who overheard his soliloquy raised the alarm, telling his bosses there was someone talking about weaponry in the WC.

The high-speed train, en route to Paris from Marseille, made an unscheduled stop in the city of Valence where security forces took the man for questioning at a police station.

He was later released without charge.

"Comey: Obama's Administration Asked Me to Cover up Investigation Into Hillary Clinton"

Via InstapunditOne surprising moment was when Comey said that it wasn't just the Trump administration that may have asked him to cover up an FBI investigation. It was actually Loretta Lynch, President Obama's attorney general, who asked him to lie about the probe into Hillary Clinton's email scandals. According to him, Lynch asked him to not call it an investigation at all -- instead, she wanted him to call it a "matter."

We don't need to create hypotheticals to figure out that, if Comey had said the same about President Trump or Attorney General Sessions, the media would have spread that info like wildfire. CNN must have thought he was saying Sessions had asked him to not call the Russia probe an "investigation," because they put out as much in their app's alert system. They actually had to release a clarification once they realized their falsehood. So, it's fair to say that the mainstream media is totally biased about this testimony. If he says the Trump administration tried to block an ongoing investigation, it's huge news; but if he says the Obama administration tried to cover up the Hillary scandal, it's a minor clarification (if even that).

James Comey Testimony On President Trump & Russia Probe

The Science is not settled?

"Scientists Have Found the Oldest Known Human Fossils" via Instapundit
It’s not just when these people died that matters, but where. Their presence in north Africa complicates what was once a tidy picture of humanity arising in the east of the continent. “What people, including myself, used to think was that there was a cradle of humankind in East Africa about 200,000 years ago, and all modern humans descend from that population,” says Philipp Gunz from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, who was involved in the new excavation. “The new finds indicate that Homo sapiens is much older and had already spread across all of Africa by 300,000 years ago. They really show that the African story of our species was more complex than what we used to think.”
(Link to the whole article)

semaphore towers

How did I even get here? 

It started out by looking up the word "misinformation" in ASL. I knew there wouldn't be a sign for it but I looked anyway. It will have to be something like "wrong information" or simply "mistake." 

And looking for "misinformation" in ASL brings up results having to do with misinformation about ASL. That was expected too. Not getting the sign for the word, but getting the word applied to ASL  happens to nearly every sign I look up. Because I'm looking up English words and because I already know most all the signs. 

One of those pages is Dictionary blog on the history of ASL that dispels the idea that ASL is based on English. It's based on French. ASL originated in France and was brought here by an American who also brought along a French colleague to help him get the language developed here and who infused it with his own French-based linguistics. 

The article is good while the comments to it are awful. They show more confusion than clarity. Reading through them is dismaying. 

So we're in France and we're looking at signaling. That's how we got here. 

French also invented semaphore signaling. Now, taking all this along with their groundbreaking work in cracking Egyptian hieroglyphs you must conclude they're clever with languages. Don't you think?

Amusing Planet ran a piece on historic French semaphore towers that is more extensive than any of the videos I've seen on YouTube. 

DuckDuckGo images [historic semaphore towers.]

Amusing Planet is a wonderful site and a fine place to visit to get off threadbare worldweary politics that still manages to be fierce to the point of psychosis. They feature all kinds of strange things that are real.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The trailer is a bit long and unfocused. Noted anti-semite Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) has a lot of people lining up against him. Alan Dershowitz and Howard Stern may be the best known of them (see trailer). I have a Google alert set to Waters and will keep Lem informed.

"DC bars to open early for Comey hearing watch parties"

Via RedditThe latest must-watch event — former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee — has some D.C. bars opening their doors as early as 9 a.m. on Thursday, June 8, to host viewing parties complete with food and drinks.
As Comey faces questions regarding his discussions with President Donald Trump about the federal investigation into Russia’s election meddling, watch partygoers can “watch the drama unfold” while tucking into “FBI”-themed fare or nursing Covfefe cocktails.
Unless Comey covfefe's up a Texas National Guard/Dan Rather memo, people are going to be disappointed. Trump has led the media in the creation of a monster which Comey is goin to expose.

I'm going to be working. I got a call from a temp agency asking if I wanted to come in to work Thursday during daylight hours and I accepted. I'm probably not going to miss much.

"The Media Have Been Played by Trump's Tweets"

Via InstapunditConsider, for example, Trump’s inscrutable “negative press covfefe” tweet early in the morning of May 31, a term that currently has 52 million search results on Google. It’s easy to see why: Print and broadcast news outlets pounced on the abbreviated tweet and hyperventilated for days.

This is precisely the problem: Most of Trump’s tweets, especially this sort, should not be reported as breaking news. As Michael Barone, the longtime co-editor of The Almanac of American Politics and senior political analyst for the Washington Examiner, points out, “Early on, he [Trump] realized that by sending out a tweet early in the morning, that was very provocative, very in violation of political correctness, he could dominate an entire news cycle.” What’s more, Trump knew he could feed the media’s “addiction” to anything remotely resembling “breaking news,” all to his benefit.

This failure of U.S. broadcast media to use proper news judgment in covering Trump is among the gravest professional sins the industry has committed in recent memory because it fails to recognize the manipulation involved. George Lakoff, a professor emeritus of linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, asserts that Trump’s tactics are “all strategic” in nature, “not crazy,” as many observers believe.

Lakoff has written several books on political speech and is an expert on the concept of idea framing, which has become an influential technique in the art of political persuasion. He asserts that Trump’s tweets embody one of four strategic communication tactics: preemptive framing, diversion, deflection and trial-ballooning.

“In general, if you frame first you win, and Trump knows that,” Lakoff said. “The media is having trouble with the truth because the truth doesn’t sell – and they could sell it if they went about it the right way,” he added. “Right now they can’t help themselves, having the entertainment elements of their job take over for the news element.”

If Lakoff’s theory is true, the failure of the most influential elements of the U.S. media to exercise proper news judgment when assessing Trump’s tweets has had a greater negative impact on the country’s political discourse than is appreciated.

(Link to more)

"Did the FBI have evidence of a breach larger than Snowden?"

Via InstapunditA former U.S. intelligence contractor tells Circa he walked away with more than 600 million classified documents on 47 hard drives from the National Security Agency and the CIA, a haul potentially larger than Edward Snowden's now infamous breach.

And now he is suing former FBI Director James Comey and other government figures, alleging the bureau has covered up evidence he provided them showing widespread spying on Americans that violated civil liberties.

The suit, filed late Monday night by Dennis Montgomery, was assigned to the same federal judge who has already ruled that some of the NSA's collection of data on Americans violates the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, setting up an intriguing legal proceeding in the nation’s capital this summer.

Montgomery says the evidence he gave to the FBI chronicle the warrantless collection of phone, financial and personal data and the unmasking of identities in spy data about millions of Americans,.

“This domestic surveillance was all being done on computers supplied by the FBI," Montgomery told Circa in an interview. "So these supercomputers, which are FBI computers, the CIA is using them to do domestic surveillance."

Documents obtained by Circa outside of the lawsuit show that the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington in 2015 approved a grant of limited immunity for Montgomery so he could explain how he managed to walk out of his contract and the buildings he worked in with the classified material.

(Link to more)

David Coffin, Roll the Old Chariot

David Coffin's Wikipedia page.

I like this a lot for some reason I don't understand and in spite of several solid prejudices having to do mostly with shoes. Also pants, shirts and loose jackets. But that's my problem and nothing can be done about it. 

Makes you want to sing along, doesn't it?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Homeland Sec Kelly: Courts Have Blocked Me ‘From Doing Those Things I Know Would Make Americans Safe’

Via Twitter:  “It has nothing to do with religion, or skin color or the way they live their lives, but all about security for the United States, nothing else,” Kelly said. “These are countries that either unable or unwilling to help us validate the identities or backgrounds of persons within their borders.

“I can tell you right now, because of the injunction, I am not fully confident that we’re doing the best we – all that we can to weed out potential wrong-doers from these locations,” Kelly continued.

“The injunction also prevents me from actually looking into the information that we need from each country to conduct proper screening – not just from the six countries identified in the executive order, but from every country across the globe.”

Kelly said the injunction also prevents him from studying ways to improve the security of the refugee program.

“Bottom line, I’ve been enjoined from doing these things that I know would make Americans safe, and I anxiously await the court to complete its action one way or the other so I can get to work," Kelly said.

(Link to the whole article)

Reality Winner

She looks nice.

She has a strong online presence, putting it all out there. Like us. 

And like everyone I'm pleased the government finally stopped a single leaker but this case doesn't signal they're beginning to manage all this.  Rather, this case is one of being so obvious her activities could no longer be ignored. She made the clumsy mistake of not disguising her email contact with media. Investigators matched the names of people who printed secret material with email contacts with media. Her activity didn't pass the merest investigation. She gave herself away.

She is patriot, you see. As all patriots she is deeply concerned with Russia interference with U.S. elections. She had top clearance and she worked for a company that tracked voter registrations. She had information about Russian interference with that. While nothing to do with actual voting machine programs. Her work was tangential to all that. Still, she had information, and being passionate patriot, and passionate anti-Trump as well, she knew what she had to do.

She had to do it. 

More interesting to me than all that is how she had her top clearance. How did she learn four languages so quickly? How was she rated by government for those languages, her age defies how that is done, in government, one at a time and she's not old enough for that process.  I don't know. It might be so simple as passing a test. Still, she was rated for those languages, qualified as interpreter, and that was her path to security clearance that she used later in the private sector. And I find all that exceedingly clever. I'm compelled to form an affinity with her. I admire all this. 

All that while being so intensely politically misguided. Her mum says she's passionate. 

I hope they lock her up forever. And throw the key in a cesspit.

Related to this, sort of, Drudge linked to a NYT report the flood of such leaks has diminished to a trickle. But I don't believe anything like that anymore. Tomorrow Drudge can link another report the flood of leaks in increased. They're just links to questionable media after all. 

Here is a list of links to PJ Media covering various aspects. Duckduckgo [pj media, reality winner]

"At What Point Is Islamist Rhetoric a Crime?"

Via InstapunditYesterday on Twitter, Sam Hooper gave me a little grief – perhaps deserved – for my comments on the day’s Three Martini Lunch podcast generally supportive of U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposal of new measures in response to the recent Islamist terror attacks.

Hooper asked, “should someone be arrested for saying ‘I want to overthrow the US government and establish an Islamic state?” Not for actually doing it, mind you, but merely for saying the words. Are saying those words aloud a crime? If so, aren’t we getting unnervingly close to the concept of “Thought Crimes”?

It’s fair to ask that question; it’s entirely possible that my perspective on terrorism right now is emotionally clouded by the thought of those ten children, and 22 people overall, went to an Ariana Grande concert one night and never came home. Indeed, it would be odd and unnerving and inconsistent with our traditions of free expression to arrest and imprison someone for the mere expression of the thought.

(On the other hand, if you’re going to have a hate crime law the way the United Kingdom does, it’s pretty ridiculous to not apply it to someone who’s preaching violence against infidels.)

But when we’ve witnessed and endured Islamist terror attack after Islamist terror attack in one Western city after another, isn’t it fair to ask how many who call for an Islamist overthrow of the government and imposition of Sharia law are truly harmless?

(Link to the whole thing)

"Cancel Donald Trump state visit, says Sadiq Khan, after London attack tweets"

Via Drudge: The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has called on the British government to cancel a planned state visit by Donald Trump after being criticised in two tweets by the US president.

Trump initially criticised Khan for his response to the London Bridge terrorist attack; though, in doing so, he misquoted London’s mayor. Khan’s office pointed out Trump’s error later but the president responded by accusing London’s mayor of making a “pathetic excuse”.

Appearing on Channel 4 News on Monday evening, Khan said Trump was wrong about “many things” and that his state visit should not go ahead.

“I don’t think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for,” he said.

“When you have a special relationship it is no different from when you have got a close mate. You stand with them in times of adversity but you call them out when they are wrong. There are many things about which Donald Trump is wrong.”

(More at this link)

Link to video

Biggest march in Poland's history.

According to the video information by YouTube member Komorusan714 this march in Poland was staged a little over a year and a half ago November 2015 against Islamic invasion of Europe and in defense of Christianity. Comments on YouTube to the video are recent.

This video is noticed in comments to another related story about Sadiq Khan, London's mayor, calling for an official U.K. Bank against President Donald Trump. He's calling for an open border policy for all Muslim immigrants and a ban against any visit from U.S. president. 
“I don’t think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for,” 
Full article and great comments at Conservative Treehouse

Works for me. And reciprocated on similar grounds. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

"Movie studios are blaming Rotten Tomatoes for killing movies no one wants to see"

Via Reddit:  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Baywatch were never going to be critical darlings. The former is the fifth film in a franchise that should have been retired years ago, if Hollywood had any mercy at all. And the other is an action-comedy about lifeguards. Enough said. Both movies led the domestic box office to its worst Memorial Day weekend showing in nearly 20 years.
In the fallout, are Hollywood producers blaming the writers? The actors? Themselves? (Of course not.) No, they are reportedly blaming Rotten Tomatoes.
They say the movie-review site, which forces critics to assign either a rotten or fresh tomato to each title when submitting reviews, regardless of the nuances of their critiques, poisoned viewers against the films before they were released. Deadline reported that:
Insiders close to both films blame Rotten Tomatoes, with Pirates 5 and Baywatch respectively earning 32% and 19% Rotten. The critic aggregation site increasingly is slowing down the potential business of popcorn movies. Pirates 5 and Baywatch aren’t built for critics but rather general audiences, and once upon a time these types of films — a family adventure and a raunchy R-rated comedy — were critic-proof. Many of those in the industry severely question how Rotten Tomatoes computes the its ratings, and the fact that these scores run on [the movie-ticket buying site] Fandango (which owns RT) is an even bigger problem.
As of four weeks ago, Pirates was reportedly expected to rake in $90-$100 million over the four-day holiday, and Baywatch was projected to gross $50 million over five days. Those estimates were slashed after the Rotten Tomatoes scores posted. (In the end, Pirates made $77 million and Baywatch grossed $23 million in the US and Canada.) But Dwayne Johnson, who stars in Baywatch, publicly called out critics and then schooled them on movie economics.

(Link to more)

Latest London attacking jihadist appeared in a documentary espousing his radical views

Link to video

"The goal of women's studies..."

"Man on run for 24 years caught running a red light"

Via RedditA 63-year-old Taiwanese man, who has been wanted on fraud charges for 24 years, was caught running a red light in Kaohsiung City on Monday, just one year before the statute of limitations on his alleged crimes runs out, the police said that day.

The man, surnamed Chang, was arrested in Lingya District after running a red light on his scooter, Kaohsiung police said.

The man said he ran the red light because he could not see the traffic lights clearly, the police added.

Chang initially told the police a fake ID number, but on checking officers became suspicious when the picture did not match. Asked again for his ID Chang pretended to faint, but banged his head on the floor and was left bleeding. The police rushed him to a nearby hospital, where on further questioning he revealed his real identity and was found to be a criminal wanted on suspicion of forging securities since 1993.

At the time of his arrest there was just one year left on the statute of limitations to file charges against Chang.

(Link to story)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pro-imigration propaganda produced on London street following terrorist attack

Some news crew carefully arranges their shot then reports they chanced upon a random scene of  Muslim Mothers showing support for UK electorate.  Staff places teddy bears and flowers to improve the scene.

Teddy bears. Always Teddy bears.

(If anyone would tell them the origin of Teddy bears the practice would cease immediately.) Flowers and stuffed animals are empty signals where reassessment and introspection and definitive action are required, but instead they leave huge messes for city employees to clear out.

Video provided by YouTube member Mr. Pinko on his channel Best Political Videos.


One flew east, One flew west, One flew over the cuckoo's nest

PM Theresa May statement...

Link to video

What do you SWEAR you saw, but don't have any proof of?

Reddit top voted comments...

I saw a bunch of crows, around 20+, gather around in a circle. I was like wtf and took a closer look to see 3 other crows in the middle of the circle, all on their backs. And some crows from the circle would hop in and try to peck at the 3 crows, while they cawed and tried to defend themselves with their feet. I know crows are smart and all but didn't expect this level of social behavior. It went on for a while before a kid ran in and scattered them all.

As a child I touched some weird pest plant in our garden, I think it stung me. Then I saw everything in inverted colors for short time. And then back to normal. I was in such a shock, I couldn't explain it to my mom. I just went to her crying.

A man dressed as a confederate soldier walking down my street as I was heading home from work. There was a school bus coming and he stopped on the other side of the road, as if to let the bus pass before crossing, and I stopped at the stop sign. We looked at each other, the bus passed, and then he was gone.

I saw Tom Jones in a back street in Santiago, Chile, going in the back door if a club.

Once when I was a teenager I was watching a movie by myself. The tv room then had two chairs separated by a couch. I was on the chair to the right, and at one point I laughed really hard at the movie. I heard someone else laugh and saw what seemed to be a girl my age double over in laughter in the other chair. The weird thing is it didn't startle me; it just felt nice to share laughter. Then I realized that I was alone in the whole house and the chair was empty. So I turned off the tv and went outside

When I was about 7 or 8, I was at my grandmother's house in WV to spend the night, along with my brother and sister. It was Friday night and we were watching old school TGIF. There was a knock on the door and I jumped up to answer it (my grandma was in her bedroom and didn't hear it. I wasn't supposed to answer the door by myself, but I really liked to do it).
I opened the door and no one was there. I stepped out and looked to the left and right. To the right, beside the door, my grandma kept a small table. Sitting on that table was a Mandrill. One of those primates like Rafiki from the Lion King. I don't remember it moving, I just saw it sitting there staring at me.
I freaked out and slammed the door. My grandma came running out and I told her there was a monkey outside. She ran out my brother and sister ran to the door to see the monkey. I'll never forget when I ran out and that table was empty. My grandma told me I shouldn't tell tall tales and not to open the door when she wasn't around.

This happened when I was around 4. I was sitting on my grandparents' porch alone. There was a little piece of rubber sitting on the floor (imagine a rubber circle that had been cut in half). I was completely sure that I had seen it stand up and walk away. I started screaming and crying, completely inconsolable. I remember this so vividly but no one else was there to see it.


Photo by Sixty Grit
Are you cirrus, Sixty?

"The people of London fought back"