Saturday, June 3, 2017


The last couple of weeks we have had Comedians get smacked around for their jokes. First Kathy Griffin self immolated with her ISIS inspired Trump joke.

Then smug scum bucket Bill Maher used the N work as if he were a rapper or something and the whole world is coming down on his ass. He is caught in the social justice warrior dilemma. He is always  quick to attack anyone who had anything to say that was not politically correct. He thought he could make a joke. She thought she could make a joke. They don't get it. They are a joke.

The days when you were able to make a joke that is outrageous and nasty are really over. You can lose your job...your family.... all over something you said. There are sacred cows. The blacks. The gays. Women. Muslims.You can expect a firestorm of criticism unless you are mocking straight white males. Or Christians. They are the only acceptable targets.

What the left does not get these days is that the cultural war is heating up to the point where it will become a shooting war. Their attacks on speakers at colleges and professors have gotten to the point where they will receive a violent response in turn. You reap what you sow.

These assholes are too busy excusing Muslim terrorists and offering sanctuary to illegal immigrant criminals to realize that the deplorables are not going to take their shit anymore. It is war to the knife. Or the guy. And guess which side has the most guns.

Fuck these assholes. They need to get two behind the ear. Along with Joy Behar and Joy Reid and all the joyous cock holsters that infest the media and Hollywood. It is time for a cleanse.


ampersand said...

Another attack in London. Perhaps multiple attacks.

Leland said...

I suspect the discussion will focus on London, but on Troop's post; I don't see this as winning. Sure, the left are starting to have to live up to the rules they set. But down this road leads a loss of basic rights, such as free speech. I also agree that violence between ideologies will become more prevalent. I'm good for the fight, but I rather not have it.

As an example, the clash of ideologies with the muslim fanatics is becoming unavoidable. That certainly isn't us winning. But we will win. I'm sure of it.

edutcher said...

What we're seeing is what always happens. The Left devours its own.

Robespierre. Stalin. The Cultural Revolution.

In the end, (and I'm talking waaaayyyyy down the road), defeat is inevitable.

Leland said...

I don't see this as winning.

When you consider it was real Americans, not SJWs, who destroyed Griffin; yeah, we're winning.

ampersand said...

Another attack in London. Perhaps multiple attacks.

3 plus bomb scare on Malaysia Airways.

Trooper York said...

The fight is here Leland. We can't avoid it. What conservatives do is they want to be "better than that."

Screw that. Lets be worse then them. Lets make them fear us. The way they used to fear us.

We need to punish them.

edutcher said...

Londoners threw chairs at the cutthroats.

Why, you ask?

Because the unarmed Bobbies ran away.

Or maybe they were just (cough) Asian diversity hires.

Leland said...

Troop, I'm not saying rise above it. I think many of my previous posts over the past few weeks should be clear on it. I just don't see this as winning. Not yet. And I'm not intending to be philosophical here. I just recall a certain someone cheering Griffin's firing as winning. I'm happy she is canned, she should have been fired long ago. But her firing isn't a win. As another person pointed out elsewhere, a rodeo clown makes national headlines and loses his job just for wearing an Obama mask. He loses his job instantly, though he wasn't a household name in a career that doesn't attract many potential employees. That's how easy the other side gets there scalps. We aren't winning when it takes Griffin doing what she did to lose her job.

ndspinelli said...

I have this vision of the left represented by a large group of Buddhist monks self immolating.

edutcher said...

Stick around.

Leland said...

I just recall a certain someone cheering Griffin's firing as winning. I'm happy she is canned, she should have been fired long ago. But her firing isn't a win


you'd have to go back to Eisenhower to find another time when a Lefty would have been ruined for something like this. From the mid 60s on, the Left has been getting away with worse and worse. Nixon, Reagan, Dubya all got the same treatment and no consequences. In fact, if somebody spoke out, they were the ones broken on the wheel.

For the first time in a long time, you're seeing Lefties getting their own practices thrown in their faces and suffering the consequences. Yeah, the rodeo clown was just another working stiff and they could throw the racist label at him, the the Gestapo isn't as powerful as it was even a few years ago.

When you consider the Libertarians were always saying we can never move the goalposts, that the Lefties could never be beaten and people bought it because it seemed so, not the Overton window has moved and that means winning.

We're still a long way from victory, but we've finally started in the right direction.

Leland said...

you'd have to go back to Eisenhower to find another time when a Lefty would have been ruined for something like this.

Pardon me for not being excited.

I'm interested in bigger game. For example, ESPN death spiral is the type of winning I want to see. See, ESPN gets to say what they want. I like those rules. And people get to turn them off. And they are costing their liberal investors millions. That's winning. The NYTimes having layoffs. That's winning. WaPo almost went bankrupt just a few years ago (that happened during the Obama years). Bezos saved them, but I expect to see more winning there, don't you?

Kathy Griffin is like Keith Olbermann. And like Olbermann, she'll find another job. Heck Bill Maher got fired after 9/11 and now the hope is he might get fired again? You know what all three of these people are? Losers. Beating them is not winning. Calling that winning is like defeating the blind dumb anemic kid and then doing a football touchdown dance. I mean, have you seen Kathy Griffin? Congratulations on your winning victory Ed. Throw that ball down and dance in the end zone, like you haven't been there in awhile.

chickelit said...

Griffin and Maher aren't comedians; they're tragedians. That's why we're not laughing.

It's Hellas. You're soaking in it, Madge.

William said...

It's the jokes that aren't made that I object to. Outside of South Park and, to a far lesser extent, Veep, there is no mocking of the various absurdities of the left... The left lives in a mockery free zone which is, perhaps, why they have become so increasingly ridiculous.......Griffin is a marginal figure. They can throw her under the bus and thus convince themselves that they're fair minded. A comedy like Seinfeld is more central to their identity. That's why there were no calls to boycott the show after the Richards' meltdown. After a brief apology tour on Richards' part, there was no further protest.........Every so often a Dem figure like Weiner achieves such a level of absurdity that jokes have to be made about him, but, then, after a decent interval, the jokes stop and he is allowed to fade into obscurity. Weiner and Huma are getting back together. Surely that's worth a joke, but it will never be made by any comic you've ever heard of.

Leland said...

I agree William. The joke being made is less the problem than the jokes not being made. If we could poke fun at politicians on the left, like is done on the right; then I think that would be winning. It's happening at a low level on the internet, but out in the open, in the national or even state spotlights; it is not.

rcocean said...

"Screw that. Lets be worse then them. Lets make them fear us. The way they used to fear us."

I agree completely. When i was in 4th grade, a kid started to bully me, and my Mom said "Just ignore him, you're better then he is". And he kept bullying me. So i then i punched him, knocked him down, and kicked him when he was down. My Mom and Dad didn't like that.

But he never bullied me again.

rcocean said...

You know we can do more than 1 thing at once. We can attack ESPN AND get kathy Griffen fired.

For some reason, the Left never has people saying "We need to save our ammunition for..." or "We need to go after bigger game..."

They are attacking on all fronts - big and small - constantly.

Amartel said...

For the millionth time, these people are not comedians. Comedians are funny or at least original and thought-provoking. Maher and Kathy Griffin, and Rosie O'Donnell, the one that has her tits out all the time, the asshat on Twitter, the sad late-niters, etc. etc. None of these people are funny. Or clever or original, or thought-provoking (other than the thought of 'how can I avoid this person in the future?') in any way. They get people off by being mean and snarky and making them feel like they're in the "in" group. And the snark isn't rarely funny. The severed head thing wasn't funny (or as people have pointed out, original, as Islamists have been doing this act for some time now), just gross. The monkeys clap and laugh because that's what they've been trained to do, applaud their "thought" leaders automatically, regardless of merit. These sad people are performing monkeys. That's all. Performing monkey fails when the greater public becomes aware of how awful they are. They can be switched out for a different monkey. Sometimes the clapping monkeys fail - like when Colbert announced that Comey had been fired and they all started applauding. BAD MONKEYS!! NO!!!

Kathy Griffin's not wrong that she's being oppressed by ridiculous, oppressive, ugly old white men, BTW.

Amartel said...

Weiner's got the goods on Ma and Pa Clinton.

Amartel said...

In his "insurance" file.
Which is why he will never do prison time for his pervert ways.