Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Homeland Sec Kelly: Courts Have Blocked Me ‘From Doing Those Things I Know Would Make Americans Safe’

Via Twitter:  “It has nothing to do with religion, or skin color or the way they live their lives, but all about security for the United States, nothing else,” Kelly said. “These are countries that either unable or unwilling to help us validate the identities or backgrounds of persons within their borders.

“I can tell you right now, because of the injunction, I am not fully confident that we’re doing the best we – all that we can to weed out potential wrong-doers from these locations,” Kelly continued.

“The injunction also prevents me from actually looking into the information that we need from each country to conduct proper screening – not just from the six countries identified in the executive order, but from every country across the globe.”

Kelly said the injunction also prevents him from studying ways to improve the security of the refugee program.

“Bottom line, I’ve been enjoined from doing these things that I know would make Americans safe, and I anxiously await the court to complete its action one way or the other so I can get to work," Kelly said.

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edutcher said...

This will go to SCUS.

Thank God Gorsuch is there.

Pray for the retirements of Notorious, Breyer, and Kennedy.

rcommal said...

OK, then. Done. It's the only thing to do.

Having read the original post and how General Kelly testified.