Tuesday, August 2, 2016

toy gun

Yesterday in line at the grocery a boy with his parent walk by holding a plastic gun with cartoon cross-connected extension arms the type with a boxing glove on the end except his had two black suction cups at the end. It was a toy grabber with a hand grip shaped as a pistol. Aim it at something a short distance and gently grab it. Not at all useful but amusing.

I want one.

It hardly extends at all but when it does it becomes a cartoon. Similar to this. It was funny seeing him idly playing with it. Boys will be boys.

(We actually have a label for toys)


Lem said...

I thought this post was about Apple doing away with the gun emoji and replacing it with a toy gun.


AllenS said...

When you get old enough, you'll need something similar to put on your socks.

Chip Ahoy said...

That explains Grandpa's shoehorn on a stick.

Chip Ahoy said...

I think those baby gate extension things are fantastic. The cartoon boxing mitt extender is hilarious.

And it's not just me thinking it in isolation either. Looking for the gun I saw pictures of all kind of fantastic toys along this line.
[toy grabber] Behold.

* grabber with a gauntlet at the end that can grasp a ball
* with shark head gray or white
* with t-rex head
* tiger head
* entire thing a whale
* giraffe head
* short ones
* wide grabbers
* grabber inside a box
* bend in half grabber
* green ghoul hand
* crab claw
* flamingo head OH MY GOD I NEED THIS ONE
* emperor penguin head
* three claw grabber
* dinosaur set (4 different type dinosaur heads)
* alligator head
* steam shovel grabber
* this type baby gate extender with two hands on the end
* an insect body and claws
* mickey mouse glove hand
* three claw techno grabber
* lobster claw
* rhino head
* lizard head
* baby gate extender with fist on the end
* baby gate extender used as scissors
* " " " with goofy cartoon hand
* lightning bolt pinchers
* leopard
* fox with a tail
* set of 4 halloween characters, dracula, frankenstein, ghost, biting pumpkin
* big foot furry arm and monkey hand
Okay, you know what? Now they're just getting weird.