Wednesday, August 3, 2016

One Day

A ukulele player is covering the song One Day written and performed by Matisyahu (gift of God)  who was at one time an orthodox Jew who incorporated elements of rap, reggae, beatbox and alternative rock. A well known song of his is titled Man Without a Crown. He is adored by his followers. For example, from YouTube comments.
that last part where he was saying " I look to the sky where my help come from " all the hairs on my body raised up and eyes watered.... powerful powerful shit. 
I like that, one line totally got her.

The Ukulele player in Hawaii is unaware that Matisyahu renounced his religion in 2011 and changed his appearance dramatically. He does not know the man singing along is Matisyahu himself and says so, "You look different."

Fans love this. It's all over the place. I think it's funny when the player greets the man singing along and learns it is Matisyahu he says, "Jesus Christ!" It's a flat expletive to a Jew, I imagine. It's funny.

Comments begin: "Something something vertical video.

Answered: "Something something 240p"

"Looks different"

"Less Jewy?"


It's a catchy tune besides. Looking for the video on YouTube I notice dozens of covers of this song and several with a ukulele. Girls singing it on benches, couples singing it in automobiles, kids in their home studios, groups in parks, men wailing it, choirs singing it, women being emotional with it, hippies adopting it, famous names covering it. 


Trooper York said...

When I was last in Hawaii I met a "speed ukulele" player in the mall at a Sam Goody. Yeah that is how long ago that was. There were still record stores.

Anyhoo he played a couple of tunes and I got his CD. He had played with IZ and had a bunch of cool stories. I play that CD every so often. It is a unique brand of music.

rcocean said...

I'm always amazed how people get worked up about music. It really, really affects them.

And I feel guilty too, because sometimes they say "Hey, listen to this it will rock your world", and I think, oh man, its going to be equal to Beethoven or Mozart or some great Jazz music, or even Elvis singing "Jail Rock" but no, its not even that. And I don't want them to feel bad, so I lie and I say "Wow, that was great".

I mean, I list to Paul Simon and you'd have to PAY me to listen to him, yet people worship him and pay HIM money.

So, I envy people who are so "Into" music, because most of them time, I'm just scratching my head at their enthusiasm for that kind of music.

rcocean said...

Which doesn't make me better only different. I mean, I wish like Ann Coulter, who followed the Grateful Dead around the country listening to their music, I could care that much.

But I listen to the Grateful Dead and I just don't want to listen to anymore of them.

rcocean said...

Last Comment. Once my wife and I went to Caribbean resort and went to an expensive restaurant. And some local talent come up and wanted to sing to us. I wanted them to go away, but the wife was just thrilled by it.

And they sang - it was some crappy pop song -and I hated it. But my wife loved it, and gave them a big tip and bought their CD.

I mean, if it'd been Elvis or Doris Day or Frank Sinatra, I would've cared. But whatever.

Trooper York said...

Well music is all about what makes you feel good. If you listened to a lot of different stuff you might find something that moves you. It could be jazz. Or pop. Or rock and roll. Or stuff like IZ does. It is all up to you. What moves you.