Monday, August 22, 2016

Clinton Cash

Kate has the movie posted on Small Dead Animals here. Also posted to YouTube here. The full film is available.

Now, this is an interesting and valuable movie to see with important information to know. It begins with Bill Clinton delivering his perspective on the world by his worldly axioms that everyone should accept and live by and adjust their personal attitude to fit his view of required geopolitical balance. Followed by Hillary's voice. Hillary's voice. Hillary's voice. Hillary's voice. Are you irritated yet? Because I am two minutes in. Her voice, her strident delivery, is simply intolerable. And unnecessary. Nobody, and I mean nobody should subject themselves to that woman's intolerable voice. Yet the movie producers subject their audience to it with the admonition you really must watch this vitally important and deeply researched film.

From my point of view, colossal fail right from the start.

The information can be imparted without inflicting that irritation. It makes me angry. The film making does, more so than the content that's supposed to anger me. And even more so that I'm, that we're expected to take it. So I don't. I couldn't make it past seven minutes. I'm just flat not going to be that cruel to myself. And they're crazy to expect it.

Maybe you can stand it. Maybe you'll like it. Maybe you think that I'm nuts. I don't care.

It is interesting. It is important information. It suffers another adolescent conceit. They are showing the thoroughly corrupted leaders of African nations selling the exploitation of their nation's natural resources to American interests and to European interests, themselves corrupted. They are showing the details of corrupt African leaders working with corrupt western principals in important positions to the benefit of a very few elite at the expense of populations of entire nations. These are the points the filmmakers are driving; the horror of abject poverty that suffers while  hundreds of millions go to insatiable greed. They name the people involved and discuss their histories and their complicated associations, the distortions of justice required for that, how millions are exchanged for billions with each other. They cite amounts exchanged, people involved, histories of the people, their specific activities, their crimes, their indictments, their positions in government. The film is a real treasure trove of damaging information.

Here's the thing, its fatal flaw that I found too irritating to bear, the sort of editing that liberals do to suggest subliminally, but here actually too obvious for that, they do this attempting to be artistic about it but fail, so the subliminal suggestion is actually blatant and overt insistence. Since it is Africa and they have footage of the natural law, they show the exotic animals of those nations, a jackal challenging a vulture, then a politician's face,  a lot of vultures tearing at a carcass,  another African politician, they show an African leader double exposed and fading into a large coiling snake. Fine already, we get it, right off in the first minutes, they're saying these people are vultures, these people are jackals, these people are snakes. Come on! For some reason they felt it necessary to be so obvious. What is this trying to be, Inconvenient Truth or what? The movie is produced and edited for ten-year olds and  I am duly offended watching it.

I wish they hadn't done that.

But they couldn't resist. Conservative are terrible filmmakers. If only they would present the material straightforwardly and drop the attempts to be artistic, drop the jackassery, then the film would be watchable. But they don't. So it's not. That is my opinion. I'm just not in the mood for this nonsense mixed with important material.

This movie is made for other people. Not me, and most likely I'm guessing now probably not you either. And if I had paid to see it, I'd have walked out. There you go. My very unfair review having endured seven minutes of an hour and five minute film like this: skip, skip, skip, skippity skip skip skip over all the unnecessary segments of Hillary's intolerably strident glass-cutting voice. And I don't care what I missed by not watching. Give me the text and I'll read it. And my advice, don't attempt making another film. I doubt they learned anything worthwhile about filmmaking. They indulge far too much silliness that ruins their serious content. All that with dramatic menacing music. Give up the film making, or outsource it. Learn from masters like Michael Moore. They are not cut out for the task. Apologies, maybe I should leave reviewing political films to somebody more patient.


edutcher said...

This beginning to get some traction.

Even Puffington sees it as a growing liability.

AprilApple said...

Read the book.

Hillary is corrupt. We know it. A movie doesn't help those of us who already know. The movie "is" for others, indeed. Let us hope it works.

Chip Ahoy said...


Great idea. I will. I'm sort of curious about what I missed by being so put off. There's some great details in there. Just slathered with conservative idea about what makes movies compelling and it just doesn't work.