Monday, August 22, 2016

Alleged thief: "I, and any other American who is against Mr. Trump, am better than you in every single way imaginable"

Walpole MassA thief who climbed a tree to steal a Donald Trump campaign sign from the front yard of a home allegedly left a note insulting the homeowner for their support of the GOP candidate, saying they’d continue taking the signs if they replaced them.
“As you may have noticed, I have stolen your sign for a third time,” the note reads.

In a letter addressed to “Dear Mr. or Ms. Trump supporter,” the person who stole the sign–and had stolen Trump signs from the same yard twice before–insulted the homeowner for thinking that moving the sign ten feet up into a tree would deter them.

“I can only believe you thought that you were outsmarting me when you put the sign on the tree,” the thief wrote. “This is clearly false, because there is no way that a Trump supporter can outsmart anyone.”

The note continues, insulting the homeowner for their support of the Republican presidential nominee.

“People of your kind are in fact, the most dimwitted, low level, simpletons that any well-developed nation has to offer,” the thief wrote.

“I, and any other American who is against Mr. Trump, am better than you in every single way imaginable (especially in the areas of intelligence, reasoning, and problem solving).”

At the end, the thief threatens to strike again, saying, “Not even a great wall will stop me.”


AprilApple said...

Boobie trap the sign.

smear it with something foul.
Rig it. (get it - rigged?) with a noise-maker and an automatic call to the police.
Video cameras - stat.

Punch back twice as hard.

Shouting Thomas said...

Minor shit, yes.

But it exemplifies an attitude that the left is now buried in... anything goes against the enemy because he is a bigot.

Dirty tricks are OK. Faked outrages and news stories are OK. Inciting race riots is actually a good thing.

You've got to break some eggs!

Amartel said...

Get a bigger sign, put lights on it. Blinking neon lights. Then put a trail of government cheese out to the sidewalk lined with signs with arrows on them pointing toward the Trump sign. Motion detector video of the whole thing, of course. Multiple angles if possible.

Methadras said...

This is war. Fight like it.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

As much as a booby trap would be pleasing, no doubt authorities would go after the Home Owners for that.

Best way is to put the sign back with a hidden video camera and try to identify the thief. Then press charges.

This strangely gives more attention to Trump (and a negative inference to those batshit crazy enough to steal and trespass) than any sign on a lawn ever would. So embrace it with humor and let the games begin.

edutcher said...

Sounds like someone here.

They're wrong, too.

And people do booby (as opposed to boobie) trap signs and such with razor wire and other things that would incriminate any prospective thief.

AprilApple said...

The sign should be rigged to explode into a million tiny Hillary dolls wearing orange prison jump-suits.

Trooper York said...

Well at least we know what bags does in his free time.

Methadras said...

Trooper York said...

Well at least we know what bags does in his free time.

Making the signs? /sarc

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Razor wire? So they should build a wall and get the Mexicans day laborers in town to pay for it?

I see it as an opportunity to mock this Hillary supporter and give Trump some free publicity. This is actually an gift to Trump if played right.

Amartel said...

Evi's right, the homeowners should be careful. In Clintobama thieving for the greater good is not indictable (its backwardsupsidedown world so the greater the sum, the less likely you are to be held accountable for it). In addition, smug arrogant ignorant little shit points are awarded for taunting people for their accursed common sense (a/k/a wrongthink). So woe betide you if you interfere with either of the aforementioned approved activities, and it's jail time if someone gets injured in the process.

ricpic said...

So I guess this means Trump supporters are untermenschen. With all that follows from stripping your enemy of full human status. It's amazing, like clockwork that when men "free" themselves of The Ten Commandments hell follows.

ndspinelli said...

If I lived there I would donate my surveillance services and some retribution would be swift and painful.

virgil xenophon said...

Surveillance services hell! LANDMINES!