Friday, August 5, 2016

"A black social worker called 911 because she was afraid of a cop"

"A violent arrest followed."
Nervous and distraught, Earledreka White did the only thing she thought she could to allay her fears after being stopped by a police officer in Houston: She called 911 to report the traffic stop and asked for police backup.
White’s voice was so shaky that she stuttered when trying to give the emergency dispatcher their location, a medical plaza parking lot outside the Loop 610 near downtown Houston. Next to her stood an officer with Houston’s Metro Police Department, waiting while she made the call in the doorway of her sedan.
“He’s saying I crossed over a solid line and I did not,” White told the dispatcher. “I got out of the car to ask him what the offense was. He raised his voice at me and threatened to arrest me. So I’m really confused. And I would like another officer to come out here.
“My heart is racing. I’m really afraid.”
Less than two minutes later, the officer reached for his handcuffs, then for White’s left wrist.
Soon, the two began shouting as White begged him to stop.
After a violent struggle, the 28-year-old African American woman was arrested, sobbing.
The charge? Resisting arrest. (more)


edutcher said...

I guess using the word psychotic would be racist.

Lem said...

I don't know.

One could be primed into thinking cops are out kill black people... if you hear that said enough times.

The press, Obama and BLM bear some of the responsibility in my opinion.

Sixty Grit said...

Got out of her car, got yelled at, but neatly omitted what he was yelling, which was probably along the lines of "GET BACK IN YOUR VEHICLE!"

Crazy is as crazy does.

Amartel said...

Exactly, Lem. Victim of the MSMBLMAMA divisive fearmongering propaganda.
Or B.S. for short.
Everyone used to know to stay in the car if you get pulled over. It's common sense. The cop wants you contained for his or her own safety and it's not safe for you to be running about next to the roadway in any event. Now the grievancemongers insist that it's still 1953 and cops are gonna beat your ass unless you're a white guy and poor rubes accept that because they want to be aggrieved and/or they're enormously ignorant, stoopid, and/or hateful.

The progressives are the real regressive reactionaries. They are the ones that want to go back to the 1950s. A/k/a the good old days of the Democrat Party.

Leland said...

I'm happy to read some of the commenters to the story. They noted what Sixty did, stay in the car. She escalated this when she asked for backup and got out of the car. The officer has no idea what her motives are, but he does know that she is making a simple traffic stop far too complex then it needs to be. His options are either to retreat (reward the suspect for being aggressive) or take control over the situation (put the suspect in handcuffs, which is an arrest). We, society, gave the office the ability and authority to do the latter. I understand #BLM thinks society is wrong about this, but take it up with the elected officials, not the cops.

ricpic said...

It stuns me that cops stay so disciplined in the face of this kind of daily dreck.

Chip Ahoy said...

Lem +++

I leaned something today about YouTube suggestions. If they keep suggesting videos you don't want, you do not have to erase your entire history. You do not have to disable the suggestion function.

Open the unwanted video and don't watch it, just vote it down and leave. This tells YouTube you don't like that crap. Sad, because it tells the uploader, the artist, and everyone else viewing that somebody doesn't like it, unnecessarily harshing their mellow, but too f'n bad. What must be done must be done.

Methadras said...

Blacks have escalated police hatred now for years. Cops will think twice about stops, but when they do and they run into a precious snowflake like this woman, then you have a problem on your hands. Cops will circle the wagons. However, her fears were totally unjustified on a traffic stop and she promoted her own escalation towards the officer, who then in turn absorbed that escalation and sought to arrest her, but the resisting arrest charge is almost always a tacked on bullshit charge. Looking at an officer the wrong way could be construed as resistance. The idea of resisting arrest is actually quite infantile really.

bagoh20 said...

Don't pull people over just for crossing a white line.

Don't get out of the car when stopped.

Don't start a fight with a cop.

All seems obvious to me if you want to avoid making a mess out of nothing.

Sixty Grit said...

Especially if that "white line" is the border, right?

ndspinelli said...

In The People's Republic of Madison a black councilwoman said she didn't feel safe having the white police chief sitting behind her in a council hearing. It's WAY out of control.

AJ Lynch said...

Bago: White Lines Don't Matter?

Sydney said...

I blame police unions. Around here they make it impossible to get rid of bad cops.

ndspinelli said...

My bride and I watched the Obama presser yesterday. She started checking court records and has found over 14 inmates so far whose sentences were commuted that had weapons involved in the commission of their crimes, contrary to the criteria stated by Obama. On an amusing note, one of the inmates is named, Reba McIntire. I don't think Trump has the focus to do the background and leg work on all these shitbirds. Hopefully the RNC has someone working on it. Not only keeping track of all those commuted, but doing some surveillance and getting video of them back to gang banging and dealing. They should be able to make a hundred Willie Horton type ads.

edutcher said...

It wouldn't be to his advantage. The big issues are what he's hitting. Devoting a rally to it is not going to pay any big dividends.

PS Willie Horton was the work of an unaffiliated group.

Sydney said...

I blame police unions. Around here they make it impossible to get rid of bad cops.

The same is true in any occupation.

bagoh20 said...

"Any occupation with a union"

Which is another reason why public employees should not have unions, because customers (citizens and taxpayers) can't just go to the competition to improve service and get rid of incompetence. Monopolies breed corruption and poor performance. I think public sector unions are the single biggest problem in the nation. There are thousands of them with millions of members who negotiate pay, benefits and policy with politicians, rather than with the people who pay for them. Unlike street crime and terrorism, this hurts each and every one of us everyday.

Result is busted budgets, dumb citizens, no money left for anything else, abusive service, and lost opportunity on a huge scale. It's a cancer on the nation that has metastasized leaving us unable to accomplish even the simplest of public works, while simultaneously sapping the private sector of vitality and resources. We get handouts, hashtags, and phone apps where we used to get real jobs, skyscrapers, highway systems and Moon landings.

Still nobody has ruined FRIDAAAAAAY!

rcocean said...

"We, society, gave the office the ability and authority to do the latter."

Exactly, I'm getting tired of this crap. Do you want to be a police officer? I don't. So we need other people to do it.

Its hard enough to get qualified, good people to be cops and all this fucking 2nd guessing, and police bashing makes it even harder.

And why are people always getting these black troublemaker assholes the benefit of the doubt. She was scared? I don't think so. No one's that stupid. She either wanted to cause a confrontation and get a big $$$ payout or she has a political agenda.

rcocean said...

"Which is another reason why public employees should not have unions"

Theoretically, I'd agree. However, Government employees need protection against abusive bosses, just like everyone else.

US Government employees can't strike and don't negotiate their salaries/benefits with the Federal government. State and Local employees should do the same.

rcocean said...

I assume that state/local employees are allowed to negotiate their salaries/benefits because the state/local politicians thought it would win them votes. The the Dems know that the Unions will put the union dues in their pockets.

I know in California, there was a racket whereby the Unions would fork over $$ to the Pols election coffers, the Pols would give the Unions $$$, the Unions would then fork over more $$$ to the Pols. The only one hurt was the taxpayer.

ndspinelli said...

It's becoming clear. ed is simply a fucking contrarian and makes shit up in that role. ed. Lee Atwater is the one who said, before ANY ad was run, "By the time we're finished, they're going to think Willie Horton is running w/ Dukakis. Yes, a group made the ad but Atwater orchestrated it. Did you listen to "Law and order" numerous times in Trump's speech?? WTF is wrong w/ you. Breaking records letting out hundreds of dangerous criminals is a target rich environment. I learned yesterday through someone I know in the local US Attorney's office that a career criminal prosecutor was taken off putting criminals in prison and has been working the last 5 months reviewing cases to find inmates TO RELEASE! This has happened in every US Attorney office and they are pissed. You tie this horseshit to Clinton/Obama/Holder/Lynch. LAW AND ORDER MOTHERFUCKER!

bagoh20 said...

"Government employees need protection against abusive bosses, just like everyone else."

Employees have extensive protections without unions, and government workers have by far the most, while the citizens have virtually no protections against the unionised workforce they pay for.

Today even non-union employees can openly lie and steal from employers and their public controlled accounts like unemployment and workers comp virtually without fear of repercussion, and there is an entire legal industry devoted to making big money off of that corrupt system. I've had many employees do just that, and many others have begged me to break the rules designed to protect them, because they actually rob motivated people of opportunity. The cost of all this is in the trillions of dollars, not to mention the lessening of people potential and level of happiness.