Saturday, April 10, 2021

WKRLEM Where is everyone?


chickelit said...

I've been caught up in real life. This part of the world is just awakening from a long public slumber. Time step away from the keyboard a little.

chickelit said...

If I were to post something, I would turn off comments and ask people to email me so that I could cherry pick comments.

Trooper York said...

Everyone who posts here had their cherry picked long ago!

edutcher said...

Some longer than others.

I see the Ubersturmbannfuhrer is finally getting yelled at by Fake News for lousing up the Inslee Itch. After hubris comes nemesis.

Bet Mama's laughing up her sleeve.

MamaM said...

It's on its way, edutcher!

Meanwhile, Michiganders are being asked to "double down on smart precautions" while she/Herself "monitors the trends".

We're in another "temporary" two-week shutdown, suggested this time rather than mandated, as MI's Covid numbers keep on arisin', with MI second in the nation behind NY! All that mask-wearing and previous doubling down hasn't been paying off; and now, she's having the same hard time procuring enough vaccine with Biden as she had procuring enough PPE with Trump. Imagine that!!!

What could be the problem??? How were other states able to get what they needed AND open up the availability of the vaccine to everyone several weeks before MI's April 5 opening of appointments to all?

Plus, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer faced a new controversy Friday amid rising coronavirus case numbers, after a top aide posted family photos on social media from a beach in Florida, apparently acting against Whitmer’s advice to Michiganders...Whitmer's office did not deny the report but dismissed it as a partisan attack...Whitmer said April 2 she was concerned about spring break and people traveling. She specifically mentioned Florida... Detroit Free Press April 9

I'm not able to piece together the reference to the Inslee itch, but am sort of ready to laugh up my sleeve some more, in between frowns of dismay and disgust behind my required mask, if you'd explain it.

ampersand said...

Ed that reads like something out of Nostradamus. I'm curious too.

edutcher said...

Mama, Jay Inslee is governor of WA. He was the first to ship patients to nursing homes, a la Cuomo.

Unlike the East Coast govs, he's flown pretty much under the radar, but, as people come out from under, I think questions will be asked.

They locked us down because the Commies learned from the Krauts and Nips in WWII. Don't give people a chance to get together and plot.

Nasty little bastards, aren't they?

ampersand said...

Ed that reads like something out of Nostradamus.

Just good ol' Greek tragedy. At one point in my misspent youth, I had a long commute on public transportation, so I decided to read all the books I should have.

Phaedra, Oedipus At Colonnus, and the Orestiae do have something to teach.


MamaM said...

Nostradamus! Yes. His prophesies went out the door during our last book purge but I held onto Rosemary Sutcliff's Black Ships Before Troy and The Wanderings of Odysseus, for the sake of memory and the hope of grandchildren, as they were one of our first purchases and reads when we started to homeschool. That, and the Lion in the Gateway by Mary Renault, geared toward children and young people, opened me to those stories (both missing from the curriculum in the parochial school I attended).

Thanks for the update, edutcher. Though I'm still not clear on what the itch is about!

To add to the saga of Whitmer's procurement difficulties, she was also unable to get enough tests and had to restrict their use and dole them out like gold long after other states had the supplies they needed to start open testing. While sonM in Atlanta was able to walk in to get a test whenever someone at his job site was positive for COVID, SonM in Mi was required to contact his physician and go round the barn on the phone with them before he could be referred for one of the limited appointments available that day to receive a test. And that was two months after the GA walk-ins were available to anyone who needed one. None of her fumbling responses make sense within the larger picture.

MamaM said...

Today's link on Insta leads to this post at Hot Air:

The backdrop for this polite but escalating fingerpointing exercise between the Biden White House and a prominent Democratic governor is far too grim for partisans on the other side to enjoy, but just because it’s not fun doesn’t mean it’s not newsy. Both sides are now openly accusing the other of incompetence even if they’re careful not to use that word.

ampersand said...

You say incompetence
And I say incontinence
Let's call the whole thing off.