Thursday, April 8, 2021

Body positivity?


Body positivity is in the news a lot these days. It is the movement where women are encouraged to accept how they look and not lose their minds if they are not perfect. Of course some people like Lena Dunham take it too far but what are you going to do.

Look at our shop we encouraged everyone to look the best they could. We sold clothing that enhanced their bodies and strategically helped their appearance. They didn't look foolish. However the plus industry went in a different direction.  They designed clothing that flaunted every bulge and exposed more skin than you would at Jones beach. I guess that is ok for young girls who want to make a statement but for older woman not so much.

Now Khloe Kardassain is in the news. She is trying to suppress a photo that was not retouched. It shows her how she really looks. Which is fine. I mean she looks like a real woman and not like her plastic siblings.  Most of her photos are retouched to eliminate any cellulite or other blemishes. I think she is crazy but then most celebrities.

At least she come by it honestly. After all her Dad was OJ Simpson.


Some Seppo said...

I have hated the Kardassians ever since they occupied Bajor.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

billionaires ... how? I just don't get it.

edutcher said...

The next Trek spinoff - Keeping up with the Karadassians.

Some guys freak over Kim's ass like most women don't look that way, not because they're fat, but because most women carry their weight there.

Same guys will drool over a broad that's flat and narrow everywhere, but has a couple of boulders slid under her chest that could have every President of the 19th century carved on them.

Go figure.