Monday, April 26, 2021

More News From the World Of Scients

So, ya think you're safe?

Ya had the shot(s).

Ya can go out and be with people.


In the latest in our series of posts for Mama, we bring you the real news about the shots.

Turns out they more dangerous than advertised. Just as legalizing marijuana has proven it's not just a harmless little high, so too is the latest on the "vaccines".

It's been found that mRNA vaccines, such as  Pfizer and Moderna, could trigger Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and other neurological and cognitive degenerative diseases.

Add that to the fact that over 50 percent of  the new cases of the Brown Bilharzia involve people who have already been vaccinated and you have a real indictment of the push for the shots.

You heard it here first.


Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Information. Just some.

The Dude said...

UMBC - AKA, You Made a Bad Choice. Also, UCLA - University of Catonsville in Lower Arbutus.

Those are local jokes made at the expense of a second-rate state school in a low rent location, not that College Park is any better, mind you.

bagoh20 said...

Is this CNN?

edutcher said...

The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) is a pro-industry science advocacy organization.

Good point, Medusa, but, consider a rebuttal. The founder used to work for Pfizer. As my dear old Irish mum used to say, "Consider the source". You may want to Google them. Granted, the Lefties don't like them, either, but that doesn't necessarily mean somebody is OK.

Gateway has been right about a lot of things over the past few years, enough to make me give them the benefit of the doubt. They were the first to push HCQ and have nailed the Steal from the start.

edutcher said...

One other point of which I was not aware until recently. The mRna vaccines are the gene therapy ones I mentioned in an earlier post, so Classen may be onto something.

Not dismissing Medusa's point, but just because somebody doesn't like you doesn't make you wrong.


MamaM said...

I appreciate the posts. The truth is no one yet knows what the long-term effects of having (and recovering from) a severe case of The Virus or taking the Shot will be.

I do need a clue with Bilharzia, as looking it up yielded a different dose of unpleasantness! Is it used here as code for covid?
If so what brought that particular disease to mind?
The fact that "many people with schistosomiasis don't have any symptoms, or don't experience any for several months or even years"?
The fact that more than 200 million people have Bilharzia worldwide?
The fact that there is no vaccine available yet, but it's being worked on?

edutcher said...

MamaM said...

I do need a clue with Bilharzia, as looking it up yielded a different dose of unpleasantness! Is it used here as code for covid?

Named after Kate Brown, sister of Jerry, governor of OR. Several of the names I use with Demo governors' names came from other sources, so why not harpoon the rest?

I heard about bilharzia in 5th grade, but got a better appreciation after a long excerpt of Churchill's The River War.

Just being silly, Mama. Where do you think Troop learned it?

MamaM said...

I thought as much, yet needed to check in, knowing it had to track back to something current or remembered. With talk about the use of Ivermectin for Covid, I wondered if there was a link to that
The list of facts wasn't intended to dun, they were the only similarities I could find. I was amazed at how many people have it and how long it can take for more symptoms to show up. Also no vaccine yet. Knowing your grasp of history, I'd wondered if there was a historical link, and it turns out there was!

MamaM said...

Dun's not the right word. Flog with facts? I'll trust you get my drift. I'd no clue as to the extent. Nor how long it's been around

The earliest known case of infection was discovered in 2014, belonging to a child who lived 6,200 years ago.

It was a common cause of death for Egyptians in the Greco-Roman Period.

edutcher said...

Dun is fine. I know you mean it constructively.

As for Ivermectin, be prepared to be confused with facts.

WHO says don't use it outside of clinical trials.

FDA says don't take it at all.

A number of hard hit countries use it and say opposition is political.

You're also right that bilharzia is of the same genre as the diseases Ivermectin treats.

Hope this helps because it all seems like the same runaround we've gotten for the past year.

Let me know what you think.