Thursday, April 8, 2021

Ask for Moe!

We decided to give ourselves a treat the other day. After spending hours and hours at the eye doctor we decided to go to lunch at this place called the Pantry Diner. We had been meaning to go for awhile. It was recommended to us as a place that might have gluten free alternatives. So we decided to give it a chance.

They seemed to be operating at full capacity. We came in and sat down and took our masks off right away. Then the ordeal began.

You see the wife is strictly gluten free. So that requires lots of questioning. Is the bread gluten free. How is the food prepared. Do the fries go in the same oil as the fish and the other gluten battered items like chicken fingers. Luckily they had gluten free bread so she could order a  BLT on toast. The waitress assured us that she would check that the fries were made separately which is par for the course in a joint that specializes in gluten free food. She doesn't come by and eventually the busboy brings over the grub. She asks if it is gluten free and he goes yeah yeah gluten free. She eats one fry and the waitress comes over to tell us it was made int the same fry basket as the fish sticks and the chicken fingers. So the wife was a little upset.

Then this little guy comes over. He was the manager. He apologizes and says he can get us some fingerling potatoes that are grilled and he will make sure that they clean the grill. He says ?My name is Moe. Come in and ask for me next time and I will make sure you get what you need for your allergies"

So now we have a friend in Moe.

I guess Larry, Curley and Shemp were iin the kitchen. 


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ndspinelli said...

My family was in the restaurant biz. I was taught that situations like this are a great opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Moe knows service.