Monday, April 26, 2021


 As promised, I'm going to try to keep an opera theme going, even if it tangential. 

I've loved that movie since I was a kid. I read the Gaston Leroux novel and paid respect to the Opera House when I first went to Paris. But I wasn't really into opera then.

Lon Chaney, Sr. was a gifted actor in his day -- probably the best actor in his day. If they had given out Oscars then, he'd have had a couple few.  

I recall Chip Ahoy's reaction to Chaney's life story here. I don't recall who hear was first interested in ASL, Chip or Sixty. They both posted on it. They both knew it. How fascinating. 


The Dude said...

Chip knew ASL, I studied it, but classes ended due to masking before I could become fluent. I just signed "fluent signing in ASL", but should the madness ever end I will resume my studies.

For me opera and architecture, and by association, sculpture, have always been tied together. I saw Tosca at the Sydney opera house, and some might suggest that entire building is one huge sculpture.

When I was in Paris I stopped by the opera house to see what was playing - oh good, it was a French opera I had never seen. Excellent. "Je voudrais un billet pour l'opéra de ce soir, s'il vous plait", but, and here's the part that pisses me off to this day, the opera house was closed for repairs and they were performing the operas over at the Place de la Bastille opera house. Well screw that - I had just walked by that place and I'll tell you what, it's no Paris Opera House, that's for sure. Not a Carpeaux in sight. No grand staircase, no foyer magnifique, no painted ceilings, no nothin'. Forget about it!

So I walked on.

Next up in opera houses I will never visit - La Scala! And while I have been to Carson City Nevada, I neglected to take in an opera there. More's the pity...

ndspinelli said...

It took me a second or two, but I got the "who hear" diddy.

ampersand said...

The 2021 release features the famous unplugging scene

XRay said...

Those pics are great!

MamaM said...

Is there an easy way to search through archives by topic rather than going post by post? If so I haven't found it yet.

However, a brief search shows posts on ASL going back to Dec of 2013, the year this blog was formed. In the years that followed numerous stories were shared about ChipA's use of ASL with friends while working in Denver, with later posts including extensive commentary on the comparable and incomparable virtues of different ASL signs and signers. To my recollection, SixtyG's posts about signing up for a local class in order to learn sign (after his ears turned down the volume?) started a year or so prior to the advent of Covid.

ampersand said...

Try using the following in your search browser

site:// "medical procedure"

MamaM said...

Yes! & Thank you, ampersand!

Over a 100+ posts on ASL.

Am going to look up Caladiums next