Friday, April 30, 2021



Sixty's talk about his beloved big bamboo put me in a mood for some vintage Cheech and Chong. Their second album, called "Big Bambu," hit the record shelves in 1972, just around the time I hit middle school. It was perfect puerile fodder for imitation. I used to know these skits by heart and could recite them doing all the voices. Good times. 


The Dude said...

"Oh wow, man, I hit the horn by mistake!"

I had never heard this before today. Thanks for posting it, I think.

Lem said...

“New Jersey beats out New York for ‘Best Pizza’ title” - via NY Post

“ According to Food & Wine Magazine, the best pizzas don't come from New York after all. Instead, recommendations include pies at Bread and Salt in Jersey City (left) and at Sally's Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut.”


Trooper hardest hit