Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Five Don'ts


Poster from the village of Wancheng, Hainan Province; later withdrawn, with an apology, by the local government. From this post at the Language Log blog.

1. If you don't get vaccinated, when you go out to travel there will be no cars for you.

2. If you don't get vaccinated, it will be hard for you to enter markets, supermarkets, and hotels.

3. If you don't get vaccinated, you will not be permitted to operate catering, hotels, supermarkets, and other service industries.

4. If you don't get vaccinated, your name will be entered on the black list according to the village rules and social contract, and you will not be able to enjoy preferential government policies.

5. If you don't get vaccinated, in the future, your children’s schooling, work, military enlistment, and housing applications will all be affected.


chickelit said...

The Chinese invented snitch culture: Coming to Western nations sooner than you think.

edutcher said...

Might work in Old Cathay.

Sounds like the last straw.

chickelit said...

The Chinese invented snitch culture: Coming to Western nations sooner than you think.

How do you think the NKVD and the Gestapo worked? And here, it's name is Karen. Doxxing and SWATting are hardly new.

Ron Paul said yesterday these vaccine passports may be the last straw.

He may be right. for a change.

Lem said...

A list I’m interested in... how many US big wigs are in the Chinese payroll. A list the media is not going to compile for us.

MamaM said...

these vaccine passports may be the last straw That and the changes being pushed in regard to voting protocol.

It's a good thing I'm learning to look at the links for the rest of the story before commenting. Even though this was set up as real, I first read it as a joke, thinking all the activities listed as requiring a voting passport also require an ID of the kind that according to the left absolutely cannot and must not be required to vote.

edutcher said...

Many a true word is spoken in jest.

More to the point, a lot of mass shootings, ODs, etc.

The country is at the breaking point. Glad I'm not a Democrat, Lefty, Deep Stater, or Fake Newsie.

PS FICUS (Fraud (could also be Flunky) In Chief of the US) is about to start a big gun control push. Bridge too far?

MamaM said...
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MamaM said...

Shortages are going to start showing up.

In addition to lumber and wire prices going through the roof. Mr M bought a spool of wire for personal use last week for $120 dollars (double in price from a few months ago). And he felt lucky to find it at Menards as it wasn't even on the shelf at Home Depot or Lowes. Also, no plastic electrical outlet boxes to be found at all three stores. He said copper, aluminum, steel and conduit prices are all going up, along with electricity in the quotes he's putting together now for future industrial installations (after holding relatively steady for the last two years.)

Plastic is also becoming difficult for manufacturers and providers to acquire. According to my farm store source, the buckets used to hold kitty litter are in short supply (with companies attempting to bag it), also the plastic containers Sheba cat food is sold in. Human food prices are going up too, along with gas. As I said in a previous thread, people are buying what is available like gangbusters (with sales through the roof for chain stores that supply home goods and building materials) while replenishment is currently at 60%. The stuff that's going out isn't being replaced. On another front, skilled workers in construction and service are hard to find and becoming more expensive to hire.

While that may seem small and bearable for a time, if pricing continues to rise and availability trends down into more limited or non-existent supply, people are going to notice. Fear of scarcity is going to kick in big time.

MamaM said...

Another example of the small stuff that is going to start adding up. A bag of Floor Dry, which previously sold in retail stores for $3-$4 a few months ago, is now costing retailers upwards of $7 to buy direct in order to replenish their stock. How much does that kind of price change affect the average shopper who doesn't burn through a ton of Floor Dry? On the surface, not much. Who uses a lot of Floor Dry? Car mechanics and repair shops who'll begin to start passing those price increases on to their hapless customers who know nothing of the small changes with large-scale implications that have quietly been taking place right under their nose.

On a side note, using chop suey typefaces is now being considered downright racist, particularly when deployed by non-Asian creators.
Don't use racists fonts.