Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Five Doo's


1. Dippity Do- the hair styling gel popular with all the girls.

2. Scooby Do- A bunch of nerds who rent a dog to get their fun. (Sound familar)

3. Kattman-do- a place far away and exotic that nobody every goes to. Like Wisconsin. (Just sayn;)

4. Twenty Three ski-doo- a saying that was popular when Joe Biden was a young man.

5. Doo Doo- well you will see about that soon. Just sayn'


Calypso Facto said...

Mountain Dew - hillbilly refreshment
Yabba dabba doo - Fred's vocal appreciation of Wilma
Husker du: a Nebraska hairstyle
Whoopsie doo: Gov. Cuomo's excuse for killing old people in NY
Xanadu: "where Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decreed", and a movie featuring ONJ's shapely pleasure domes

chickelit said...

Hüsker Dü, the loudest band I ever saw. They were from Minneapolis.

MamaM said...

Do wha diddy, and

I do.

edutcher said...

Do it mean what I think it do?

(Troop just smiled)

PS Do the Demos really think they aren't in trouble? Another couple of multiple shootings today and they keep saying it's time to kill several Amendments. Everybody else says kill the lockdown and all the money we're spending for nothing (The Blonde never heard of the Weimar Republic, so much for public school) because they know how it turns out.