Monday, April 12, 2021

This is why public education should be abolished and the teachers union destroyed.

This is the true face of the teachers who mis-educate your children. They are a cancer and need to be cut out of the body politic. 

Remember Albert Shanker the head of the Teacher's union who said: "When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children."

They indoctrinate children with left wing ideology and try to turn them into members of the Borg.

End public education now Vouchers are the only answer to claim back our country.


ampersand said...

I had a teacher, a middle aged white guy, that would go off the deep end often. He would start ranting, demanding to know if we thought he was a clown, jump up on a desk and do what looked like a Flamenco dance.

I also had a black history teacher that would openly insult white students, brag about leaving to becoming a private dick and sometimes lining up bullets on his desk, I suppose as a warning.

My school became majority minority during my time there. Shortly after it did we had an assembly presentation with black kids in white face, speaking in what amounted to gibberish, also insulting whites. The skit was written by a teacher.

This was all back in 1967-1970. There was no one to turn to. Parents, teachers and administrators were indifferent or fearful or as one teacher admitted "You get what you deserve." This has spread to schools nationwide and nobody says boo. Maybe parents and students can form their own union.

edutcher said...

The decline of teaching started with 2 things.

First, Selective Service decided that the only grad degree that would exempt you was a teaching certificate.

Second, because a lot of people went into teaching because it was the only way out of the draft, the teacher unions became huge because teaching no longer was a calling but an out.

Same thing happened to doctors because of Medicare. Hard to believe if you came later, but, until then, most doctors were not rich men.

chickelit said...

That is the face of UC professors as well. They are all in hock now to the Chinese who foot their bills. It will not end well. But it will end.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Defund police?

No - defund teacher's union leftist teachers.

Amartel said...

Defund everything and start over.