Monday, May 1, 2017

secret location

Let's draw a picture.


That's what I said to myself a moment ago, then drew a picture.

Traced one, actually. From a photo I saw by searching [arizona highways, lake mead]. I was looking for something else and found this photo file titled sue-cullumber-flagstaff, so it's not even Lake Mead and the location isn't secret either. The whole effort starts wrongly all over the place.

I dedicate this here picture, from Sue's picture, to you. 

Sue walks through these these trees and looks up. Then to get the best shot she must lay on the ground. As we do all the time in the woods. I bet Sue looks down and under things too. I bet Sue scrounges all around.

1 comment:

ricpic said...

I like your drawing, last stages, better than the photo.