Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Missing Clayton teen hid when spotted by searchers, police say"

Via Twitter:  She apparently walked into the sprawling Glassboro Wildlife Management Area, which spans Clayton, Glassboro and Monroe Township, police said.

Her disappearance sparked a massive search involving more than 100 first responders from 25 emergency service agencies.

Fish and Wildlife Officer Wes Kille spotted Sylvester walking along Carpenter Avenue in the wildlife management area around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

She fled into the woods when she was spotted, police said.

Searchers set up a perimeter around where she was last seen and found her hiding in briars.

Sylvester was conscious and uninjured and was transported to a local hospital for minor scratches and exposure to the elements, police said.

Authorities have not indicated if she explained why she took off Monday or why she ran from Kille.


Rabel said...

I wonder why?

edutcher said...

Glassboro is a pretty nice area in South Jersey.

Lem said...

Elvis is Bigfoot.