Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I think that's a lovely song and video. But ugh, the original Truffaut film looks just dreadful. The storyline, at least. I've never seen Jules et Jim but after reading about it, I'm sure that I don't want to. Plus it's Stephen Hawking's all time favorite film. Double ugh.


Sixty Grit said...

I saw Jules et Jim. I don't recommend it.

I much prefer any Monsieur Hulot movie. So sue me.

Rabel said...

"The three of them stop at an outdoor cafe. Catherine asks Jim to get into her car, saying she has something to tell him. She asks Jules to watch them and drives the car off a damaged bridge into the river, killing herself and Jim. Jules is left to deal with the ashes of his friends."

Feel good film of the decade.

Rabel said...

And naturally Chick's post led me to this song.

I always liked it because of its peppiness and the fact that the album sounded great on the fine ass sound system I had at the time. Pioneer SX-1280 and a pair of ESS AMT 1B Pyramid speakers. Blow your ass right out of the room. Never had anything that would do the highs like those speakers.

And the mother fucker who broke in and stole the Pioneer can still kiss my ass.

Rabel said...

Also, I never had a clue what that song was about. I do now thanks to the internets.