Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Irony Alert: Gender Bias Study by Women Researchers Suffers From Gender Bias

Via InstapunditInternet feminists are outraged after a scientific journal told a group of female researchers that their work on gender bias in academia was gender biased.

Two female evolutionary geneticists collaborated on the piece, which claimed that fewer women Ph.D. candidates were published by established scientific journals, leading them to believe, based on interviews with women across the scientific fields, that the publishing industry was biased against female scientists.

When they submitted their article to a journal that specializes in publishing research on diversity in the fields of science and medicine, a reviewer suggested that the women include a male voice in their study, just to show that they, themselves, were not coming at the issue from a position of gender bias.

The Internet immediately exploded with outrageous outrage.

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edutcher said...

This has been happening since the Hite Report.