Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ESPN continues it's quest to have no suscribers by the end of the decade?

John Nolte former contributor at Breitbart has an article at the Daily Wire entitled:

Leftist Network BLASTS Democrats: ESPN Host Declares Every 'City In America' a 'Racist City'

The story relates to a recent incident in Boston. Adam Jones an outfielder for the Orioles was pelted by bags of peanuts and a few racial epithets in Beantown. Now we all remember Adam Jones. He is the racial theorist who famously said about why there were no National Anthem protests in Baseball like Kaperdick's in football: "We already have two strikes against us already,’’ Baltimore Orioles All-Star center fielder Adam Jones told USA TODAY Sports, “so you might as well not kick yourself out of the game. In football, you can’t kick them out. You need those players. In baseball, they don’t need us. “Baseball is a white man’s sport.’’

This mook is already a racialist and now he is part of another controversy regarding race and sports. He is now a cause celeb for the social justice warriors at ESPN. Here is the diatribe from Michael Smith star of SC6 who howled:

Why does it take such an extreme act of obvious racism and bigotry to get people sickened and disgusted? You want to know why in 2017 this still happens? It’s because we don’t recognize racism when it’s in our face every day. It’s because the nuanced, subtle, beneath the surface racism every day is argued and shut down because we’re in a “post-racial society,” because we’re past that.But let somebody say the n-word — “Oh, this is disgusting.” What about the people that think it every day, that act on it every day in policy and practice that are saying it, maybe not to players on the field, but are saying it to other patrons in the parks or when they go outside in the streets.
What a joke. I remember when the Yankees and Sox went at it during the 1970's and they had to wear batting helmets in the outfield because they would bounce batteries off of their noggins. Chris Chamblis got hit in the bicep by a dart for crying out loud. What a bunch of pussies. 
Look these guys are never going to let it go. The great grandson of bog trotters who came over during the potato famine have to pay in perpetuity because Thomas Jefferson fucked their great-great-grandmother. Enough with your bullshit you losers. We don't want to hear it anymore. Have a fuckin' peanut and fuck off.


edutcher said...

Well, the Lefties will agree.

Chip Ahoy said...

I just now threw away a whole bag of roasted peanuts. I ate two peanuts. The first one I was all, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! So I ate a second to erase the disbelief and get on with my peanut enjoying life but instead it reinforced the fact that by this sample of two peanuts the whole bag is rancid.

The oil inside the peanuts is rancid, and you can taste it.

Unfresh roasted peanuts are the worst. They cannot be fixed.

Boom! Get these awful things out of my house.

ndspinelli said...

I am glad someone posted on this. A few thoughts, but first some history. A few years back, Adam Jones got on his soapbox claiming someone threw a banana @ him in the outfield. The fan who threw it[Hispanic I believe] stepped forward the next day. He stated it was not thrown @ Jones and not racially motivated. He grabbed a banana off a catering cart and threw it in anger @ his home teams[Giants] shitty performance. His Giants lost the game 10-2. A VERY plausible explanation and the fan did not have to step forward, but chose to since he felt bad it reflected poorly on his fellow SF fans. A stand up guy. I don't remember Jones commenting after the stand up fan stepped forward.

Regarding this Boston incident. I have seen many reporters and a few athletes defending Boston, calling this an aberration. Do you think that would happen if it were St. Louis, KC, Dallas, Houston, etc.?? Well, I have long said Boston has as many racists as any city, and almost all vote Dem. "Nigger" is still used like it's the 50's and it's mostly ethnic Irish and Italians who use it.

Jones is a SJW. He is from San Diego and has a huge chip on his shoulder. He taunted the Puerto Rican team when the US beat them in the WBC in March. Gee, I wonder if Hispanic players get called "spic" "beaner" etc. I wonder if the Chinaman hear slurs. Jews, Italians, ALL hear shit but they don't whine about it. But, what I find most interesting is how black reporters, including that asshole Stephen A Smith, all defend the "liberal" bastion of Boston.

Trooper York said...

Well the fact is the Boston fans are assholes just like us Yankee fans.

But heres the deal. Jackie Robinson heard a lot. So did Willie Mays. Joe DiMaggio was a dirty dago. Suck it up buttercup.

Most of America is tired of this identity politics bullshit. That is most of white America. We are tired of being lectured to by people who got their jobs because of affirmative action. Stephen A Fuckin Smith can't even speak fuckin English. Well neither can I but I still sound better than him.

ESPN is on a suicide mission. It wants to alienate the working class fan who pays the bills. The sports bubble is about to burst. The sports networks are losing subscribers because people are cutting the cord. So there will be less for contracts. Then they will depend more on ticket prices. Prices that are out of the reach of regular fans. Fewer and fewer people will be willing to pay. Cities will not be willing to subsidize stadiums which are big rip offs. Money will be down all across the board. The younger generation is in love with their phones and computers. They don't give a shit about box scores anymore. They better wise up.

ndspinelli said...

Linda Cohn, who has been w/ ESPN almost since its inception, bravely said a day or two ago, ESPN is ignoring and alienating its base of blue collar men. She said that AFTER the on air people were fired. We'll see if she gets canned for having the temerity to speak truth.

ndspinelli said...

San Diego voters said, FUCK YOU to the Chargers, overwhelmingly rejecting a stadium deal in a referendum last November. I was proud of my adopted hometown.

Trooper York said...

There is nothing worse than bad peanuts Chip. I bet you roast your own.

The ballgame has changed so much for the worst. I used to bring big heroes and mozzarella balls and stuff to the game. We would give them the money for the beer but we didn't spend thousands on hot dogs and peanuts. Now you can't bring anything into the game. It just sucks.

Trooper York said...

I think that is the future nick. It started with Long Island when the Islanders tried to get a new Arena. The taxpayers voted it down. It has happened a few times in recent years. I think it is going to happen more and more.

Sports franchises have abandoned their true fans. Pricing them out. Chasing them away. They have contempt for them. Just the same way that most politicians have for the voters.

ricpic said...

Haven't the major leagues priced themselves out of the range, way out of the range of middle class Americans whatever their hue? Plus, this is just hearsay on my part, it's like sitting inside a boom box. Apparently people don't go to a ballgame for the boredom of the whole thing anymore. They have to be "entertained." Ergo the constant cacophony.

Yanks in first place. Mets done for the season. Whoda thunkit?

ndspinelli said...

In SoCal, blue collar Hispanic fans are a major demographic in the stands in San Diego, Anaheim, and Dodger Stadium. But you can tell it's a big deal, just one or two games a year. That's all they can afford. White Sox still have blue collar white and black fans. Of all the stadiums I've been in[27], The White Sox have the most black fans. But, it's still maybe only 2-3%. KC used to have decent black numbers in the stands, but not any more. Baseball has abandoned regular folk and cater to upscale Yuppie assholes. No ballpark is worse for that than Wrigley. Fenway is a close 2nd. Fuck Neil Diamond!!

ndspinelli said...

Growing up in New England, I love fish and chips. The best fish and chips I've ever eaten was at a ballpark. Petco Field in San Diego has local restaurants running most of the food stands. Brigantine Restaurant does a fish and chips that is simply perfect. Folks will wait for 20 minutes for their order. They have a nice outdoor bar to wait for your order and watch the game.

Peanuts used to be good at the ballpark. Now, they mostly suck. There was a Planter's Peanut store in downtown Hartford. When we went there to shop we would always get freshly roasted peanuts. Better than sex.