Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Who's got time for this? 

And I was racing the pizza guy. I had no business stopping for nonsense. 

I called the pizza shop before walking to the patio and plant shop, a nifty little area boutique, a corner property always stocked with plenty of interesting things that's located between my place and the pizza shop. So it's on. The plant shop is not expecting anything and I want to be there to tip the guy when he gets there. It's a real race. And I have no business stopping to pick up a dime.

It's an effort. 

I cannot just swoop down and snatch it without breaking stride like an eagle snatching a fish from a lake. No. Just stopping, orienting and bending is a bit of a production. And never worth the effort. 

Except for some reason it makes me feel great.

It's not just me. A friend of mine makes more money in interest on his trust funds in one year than I'll make my entire life. I think. One night at a club I said to him, "There's a quarter on the floor." He went over and picked it up. He came right back and said, "I don't care. I always grab money."


MamaM said...

A two handed reality:

1. Wanting to be there to tip the guy, which is a form of letting go and offering up. The motive? To bless? affirm? connect? relate? buy favor? look good? feel good?

2. Pausing and inconveniencing oneself to pick up and take something in, is a form of noticing and finding value in a small thing.

I wonder if the two might be different forms of the same act? I believe our whole and holy purpose in life is to Give and Receive Light.

ricpic said...

Found money! There's nothing better.
Except an IRS "We owe you" letter.

Rabel said...

When I was 8 or so I lost my billfold which had three dollars in it. I'm still pissed.