Monday, November 7, 2016

This is crazy enough to be true

Do you remember that case a few years ago about that little English girl who was abducted from her parents hotel room in Portugal?
"Madeleine Beth McCann should have celebrated her 13th birthday with her family in England this year, but she vanished from her bed during a family vacation to Portugal in 2003. The case gripped the entire world, becoming one of the most high profile missing persons cases in history. Coverage of her kidnapping was comparable to the press interest in the death of Princess Diana.
Her parents had been out with friends at the hotel restaurant approximately 200 feet from where the child had been sleeping. When her mother Kate McCann went to check on her around 11 pm, but she was gone."
Well here is the really, really weird thing. Police composite sketches that were drawn up in 2013  have an uncanny resemblance to the Podesta Brothers and Anthony Weiner. I know it has to be bullshit right? Here is a pretty comprehensive discussion of the matter.
Could this possibly be true? I don't put anything past these people. I mean just reading the WIkileakes emails and Weiner's texts you get a pretty good idea of how low they can go. But this seems just too bizarre. Too baroque. It can't be true. Can it?


bagoh20 said...

"Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter."

Trooper York said...

Hey I investigate the bowels of the internet so you don't have too. Just sayn'

edutcher said...

That's going to be the big question, post-election.

If you remember the Eddie Murphy movie, "The Golden Child", he gets involved in the case through similar circumstances. I don't doubt stuff like this happens.

ampersand said...

Janet Reno, The incendiary of Waco is dead.

Methadras said...

ampersand said...

Janet Reno, The incendiary of Waco is dead.

Good riddance to this sack of offal. I hope her soul is being rent asunder by Lucifer himself.