Thursday, November 10, 2016

Meltdown over election results

I'm seeing a Twitter post reposted all over the place about a girl having a meltdown over Trump being elected. She cries about dying in the ambulance and and not being able to grasp what just happened. It's horrible. I hate women screaming. But it looks like she's actually crying about Sanders. It's presently being misattributed to Trump. And there are plenty of other Trump related meltdowns to choose from and enjoy.

I also learned that the famous photo of Hillary Clinton crying is sourced from a small meeting she had with undecideds during her primary campaign running against Obama. A woman asked an innocent question about how difficult it is to run and still do womanly things like manage her hair. Hillary began talking about how her concerns are really about the direction of our country after Bush. This was at the same time that her campaign decided they need to show Hillary's human side. So she let it go.

That photo has turned into a meme with various text applied to it because people really do dig seeing Hillary making crying baby faces. It gives them glee.  The source for this animated gif below is frames lifted from an advertisement put out by a Norwegian Insurance company. I just hit screenshot rapidly as it played then picked them up in Photoshop stacked in layers. They're easy to trim that way all at once with no matching up. The Norwegian insurance company has various advertisements for their products using this same setup.

Trump really did stick out his tongue one time, but not this far. I stretched it. Looking for ridiculous Trump photos I found plenty of other politicians being silly too. They come up in search results even though they are unrelated to search parameters. I don't understand that. You might be surprised how many politicians stick out their tongue. It's a thing. 


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

There's some sort of dance some rugby team does which approximates some sort of native dance form.

Ahh, what the heck, . . . haka, All Blacks.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Trump should have a haka for his inauguration

edutcher said...

College kids need a day off to cry over Trump.

Back when, they barely noticed the possibility of nucular annihilation.

AllenS said...


Dust Bunny Queen said...

Haka done by school kids in New Zealand. If this isn't powerful I don't know what is.

YES. Trump needs to do this!!! Immediately.

deborah said...

one of your best ever.

Lem said...

Last night Amy Otto tweet said it was infantile to protest the peaceful transition of power. I said it was worse, it was insulting to infants. But now on second thought maybe I was wrong about infants.

MamaM said...

maybe I was wrong about infants.

Inside, they are children who learned to perform to a set standard and function as part of a group. Knowing how to process emotion and mutually relate is not part of their learned skill set.

As a child:
Did you learn trust?
Did you learn respect?
Did your understand your behavior?
Were your feelings allowed?
Did your parents teach you how to feel and deal?
Were you allowed to be the kid?
Did you learn how to fill your tank?
Did you learn independence and dependence?
Did you learn to take turns?
Can you accept good and bad
Do you know how to wait?

Do you know how to say No?
Can you take risks?
Can you ask for help?
Can you work toward compromise?
Can you say you're sorry?

From "How We Love" by M and K Yerkovich, which could also be titled, How We Live and Relate.

When these lessons and abilities aren't learned through nurture and structure in childhood, they're hard learned in later years.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

ed, back in the day college kids dropped out of college to go join the Army, Navy and Marine Corps. Okay, that was back a while, but they did it.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Trump should tell Roberts to say home and have Clarence Thomas swear him in at the inauguration.

Amartel said...

The emotionally needy have taken to the streets like so many hate-seeking missile sheep in an entirely manufactured reaction to the end of the world as they know it. They don't know about anyone else's world having not deemed it important enough to recognize that uncharted dragon-infested territory. The tolerant and the loving weep and rage in the streets, filled with seething resentment and hate that they project onto their fellow Americans for failing to submit to their will.
Ban the electoral college
Give Barack four more years
Hillary for emperor
Secede from Amerikkka
kill kill kill.

Lem said...

Exellent MamaM thanks

Methadras said...

Crybaby leftist tears fuel me.

Hey Chip, I stole your gif and put it on my gun facebook feed and people are going nuts over it. They love it. I'm telling you, you're work need to go uber public.

rcommal said...

Today, my son got his drivers license. Now, it's provisional. We, as his parents, had to state a sponsor, legally responsible for whatever he does as a minor until age 18, most especially the first six months, then only slightly less in the second six months. This is a very serious thing.


Anyhoo, that's not the point of my comment.

Here's what IS (and this did come as a bit of a shock, because--y'know, I'm old--this is ALSO so NOT how it worked, back when I was my son's age in the very same state), in addition:

My son got to designate, all on his own, his preference as to organ donation, and, also, he got to choose whether or not he wanted to register as a voter in advance of his eligibility at age 18. Now, this did not enable him to VOTE earlier; it just enabled him to set himself up as a legal voter from the git-go.

My son chose to be an organ donator. He chose to register himself as a voter. He also chose--because he also got to choose whether or not he wanted to choose an affiliation for himself--to identify as a libertarian.


Just for the record, while we do live in an absolutely blue state at this time, in order for him to get his provisional license, we had to produce both his certified birth certificate and his social security card. It could have been way more complicated than that had both his father and I not also had valid drivers licenses (for which, by the way, back a few years ago, both he and I had to produce rigorous documentation, including birth certificates, social security cards, our marriage license, our Iowa drivers licenses--all of this, even though both he and I originally got our drivers licenses, decades ago, in Delaware, and the digital record in Delaware absolutely indicated and confirmed this).


Of course, in this blue state of Delaware, you're also required to produce ID in order to vote, which we did just a couple-so days ago, as we have in every election, small, whatever, since we moved back. It's been one of the refreshing things about having moved back, to discover that bit of old school. When we lived in Iowa, for all of those years, such ID was not required and there was a refusal to look at it when it was proffered.


Always interesting, the stuff that makes up reality, isn't it?

rcommal said...

I see that I neglected to mention that, these days, in the state of Delaware, there is a very serious, rigorous, and without exception Graduated Driver License program. The identity confirmation stuff is part of that.

In Iowa, had we continued to live there continuously, my son could have gotten a permit at, basically, age 14--and, yes, of course, there were some responsibilities attached to it. That said, the responsibilities and expectations were different.

Including ID stuff.