Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Trump Cabinet game

What are your predictions?


deborah said...




treasury...chief liz


surgeon general...carson



Sixty Grit said...

I would hope that he would chose something by Thomas Chippendale the elder, but knowing Trump, he will get some gold plated monstrosity suitable for nouveau-rich displays of bad taste. It will be yuge, the yugest POS cabinet ever built. But it will be ugly.

deborah said...

anything but ikea...i hate you.

ricpic said...

Let's get some gilt on those boring columns! And a couple naked Greeks on the pediment.

deborah stumbled into a good choice with Palin at Interior. As to the others? Meh. And why oh why should Trump reward Kasich?...who made a point of not campaigning for him in Ohio.

Sixty Grit said...

Kasich should become the ambassador to, well, I guess Benghazi is right out, but you get my drift. Do we have diplomatic relations with Hell?

bagoh20 said...

He should fill the whole cabinet with black and hispanic lesbians in wheelchairs.

ndspinelli said...

SOS edutcher

Chief of Staff Trooper York

AG Amartel

Education Synova

Veteran Affairs AllenS

Treasury Ricpic

Interior April

Agriculture Chip

Commerce Bags

Labor windbag

Homeland Security Methadras


Energy chick

Transportation Sixty


bagoh20 said...

Wait a second, I want Interior. That's a sweet gig: traveling the country, visiting national parks, screwing over farmers and ranchers, ending each day with some nice steaks and veggies created out of thin air.

bagoh20 said...

No matter who he picks, isn't it great that the horrible group of un-American incompetents in there now will be gone? It feels like the cops just busted in the door and rescued us from the people holding us hostage. BTW, can Trump get that tax bill collected from Al Sharpton now?

In addition to losing the White House now, Democrats during Obama’s presidency lost 11 governorships, 13 U.S. Senate seats, 69 House seats, and 913 state legislative seats and 30 state legislative chambers.

Great Job, Lightworker! We'll miss ya.

AJ Lynch said...

I heard Richard Grennell may be our UN Ambassador. He'd be great. Media heads would explode because he is a tough, take no BS, gay conservative.

Rabel said...

I'm afraid that Giuliani's age is catching up to him. Not sure if he's up to the AG job.
Christie is damaged goods, unfortunately, too much of a target at Justice. Definitely need a kick ass here to take out the trash.

Newt needs an influential but low profile job. Chief of Staff?

What about a spot for Liz Cheney?

bagoh20 said...

You want to see some fireworks? Put Palin in charge of Education. Leftie heads will explode.

ndspinelli said...

Rabel, Reports are Jared Kushner will get the nod for Chief of Staff.

bagoh20 said...

I'd like Trey Gowdy as AG.

Trooper York said...

Secretary of State: Bolton
Sectretary of Defense: Flynn
OMB: Sessions
Attorney General: Giuliani
Homeland Security: Sheriff David Clarke
Treasury: Carl Ichan
Commerce: Chris Christie
Interior: Sarah Palin
Energy: Bobby Jindal
Health and Human Services: Ben Carson
HUD: Nobody because he is going to abolish it
Education: Nobody because he is going to abolish it.
Labor: Victoria Lipnic
Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus
Minister of Propaganda/press secretary: ed butcher
Head of the Tonton Marcoute: Trooper York

Wait. Did I say that out loud.

Rabel said...

Too young. 35. Too family. SIL.

Trooper York said...

I do think that he should institute a right wing death squad but hey that's just me.

The recent riots across the country just prove my point.
And we won't discriminate. There are a bunch of #nevertrump so called "conservatives" who are scheduled for two behind the ear.

Trooper York said...

Trump will name Kushner and Donnie to something. Ivanka is running the businesses. But Donnie should be given something substantial.

Kushner is going to be the Valerie Jarret of this administration. His influence is already apparent. And it's great. Because of him Bibi will be the first head of state coming to Washington and Jerusalem will be recognized as the capital of Israel. The anti-semites in the media and the Democratic party will lose their shit.

It is also a good way to smoke out the anti-semites in the State Department and purge them once and for all.

Darcy said...

LOL I like most of Trooper's list. Brilliant. I don't think Giuliani wants that job, though.

Richard Grennell would be awesome, AJ.

So many possibilities! But I second the feeling that the most satisfying part of contemplating this is realizing who will be GONE. Loretta Lynch. Comey. The IRS guy whose name escapes me and I should know it because I think he's a Finlander.

All of those assholes are gone. Fired. Yeah, baby.

Trooper York said...

Trump should take a lesson from Lucky when he ended the Castellammarese War. You take out the opposition and you put your guys in place. You don't have to advertise it. You just do it. But you do it. Because you can't trust them. Ever.

Trooper York said...

And remember it is not just the head of the family that has to go. The capos who are loyal to them have to go too. Otherwise they put a remote control bomb in Frank DeCicco's car and then where are you? You get Sammy the Bull as your consigliere and eventually he flips and destroys you. Never would have happened if Frankie Cheech were around.

Amartel said...

Newt at State.
Rudy for AG.
Drain that swamp!

How unenthused was Barri meeting with Trump today?

Amartel said...

And cleanse the place of all those unaccountable commie czars.

Trooper York said...

The Jug Eared Jesus refused to do the traditional photo of the two families turning over power. You know the real reason why.

Moosechelle doesn't want to stand next to Melania. It's that simple.

Sixty Grit said...

We really do need RWDS - Uncle Gunnysack is a good role model. There is much work to be done, and time is a-wastin'.

Sixty Grit said...

Chris Crispy Cream needs to go away, either that or become the Secretary of Donuts. Or he can just join Obama in retirement and spend many happy hours humping O's nicely creased pant leg.

Amartel said...

The Obamas have no class.

AJ Lynch said...

I like Trooper's list especially the last two though I don't know what the last one is!

edutcher said...

Hmmm, a few changes to Troop's list:

Palin RNC

Sessions Defense

Clarke FBI



no Energy

Jindal Interior

COS Newt

For those who never knew (if you don't remember the 60s, especially the early 60s), the Tonton Macoute was Papa Doc Duvalier's Secret Police. Not so much Gestapo or NKVD, more Kempei Tai, but without the warm and fuzzy.

chickelit said...

Spinelli at FBI.

Kasich, Postmaster General

edutcher said...

PS Carson Surgeon General

Amartel said...

I wouldn't let Kasich be dog catcher. The dogs deserve better!

Sixty Grit said...

Carson needs to resume his research on where grain was stored in the pyramids. The man is a walking, talking idiot.

Kasich needs to be fed to the dogs.

Darcy said...

Yeah, no Kasich!

I'm bummed about these protests. Why we can't have nice things.

Darcy said...

Btw, there is a large protest planned here today and they plan to walk right past my building just as I'm getting off of work. I'll probably run into my future stepson as he walks by. I will wave, of course, accompanied by a silent prayer.

Leland said...

Local radio said Rick Perry was tapped for a cabinet level position. They listed several potentials, but I'm not sure about any. Perry might do well with VA or perhaps Homeland Security.

I would like to see various departments abolished, and I thought about including Homeland Security in that, but I'm not sure if I want some of the services (border patrol and coast guard) eliminated or moved somewhere else. They don't fit in Defense per say, State had naturalization and did a crappy job at it, and putting it under Justice would be a scary when a Democrat ever gets back into office. So perhaps just abolish TSA. Also ATF under Justice. I could get behind a single department for law enforcement, such that we wouldn't have armed agents for domestic federal crime enforcement from TSA, ATF, Secret Service, IRS, CBP, Department of Education, Federal Marshals, FBI, DEA, and I'm sure many more. I think the DoJ organizational chart could be slashed by 90% (do we really need both an "Office of Tribal Justice" and "Tribal Justice and Safety" in the DoJ? How about both "Defending Childhood" and "Project Safe Childhood"?).

I nominate myself for the position of Czar for getting rid of government duplication and inefficiency.

Leland said...

I'm torn between Giuliani and Gowdy for AG. I guess the easy thing is Gowdy is already well positioned in the House, so leave him there.

What would be fun is for Trump to pull in some of Ryan's supporters in the House, and then executive order abolish their departments. Charlie Dent for head of TSA!

Amartel said...

Gowdy is rowdy. I like him and he's gotten a lot of recent practice in cross-examining liars. Giuliani is old and had that cancer scare. He may want to be a senior advisor. I'd offer it to him first and let him turn it down then give it to Gowdy.

Sixty Grit said...

Alcohol, tobacco and firearms, otherwise known as a well spent afternoon around here.

Trooper York said...

What did Gowdy really do? I mean did he really nail Crooked Hillary? Did he nail her with contempt of Congress?

The only way it is not Rudy is if he is too old. He doesn't even have to do a lot. He can just hire bright young tough guys to do the work. He can supervise and take the credit the same way he did when he was US Attorney.

deborah said...

i said kasich for education cause he has that earnest hangdog look...would show cooperation within party. carson reeeally carried water for trump and has kickass med cred...he deserves surgeon general.

edutcher said...

The other way Rudy couldn't do it is health.

He's had cancer. That's gotta take a toll.

I want a scalphunter in there and he's the best, but I also want to be around 4 years from now.

Yeah, I've always had a soft spot for him.

Sixty Grit said...

Carson, to correct my previous comment, is not an idiot. He has very deep knowledge in one field. Outside of that field, not so much. Plus, he is gullible and easily led astray.

The position of Surgeon General needs to be eliminated. Axed. Axed and answered. It is a vestigial office.

deborah said...

agree some cabinet depts should be, energy, sg, but that would be tricky, politicall. should be tackled during second term.

chickelit said...

How about Angelina Jolie for Sturgeon General?

MamaM said...

carson reeeally carried water for trump and has kickass med cred...he deserves surgeon general.

Carson did more than reeeeealy carry the water for Trump, he maintained his integrity throughout the campaign. And I reeeeeally doubt he did so for personal reward. To regard or consider Carson as qualified for Surgeon general or a good fit for that job is less smarmy that saying he deserves that position.

One of the moments that stood out for me, happened during the debates, when Carson missed his intro cue/call to come out and stood in the wing, appearing somewhat confused or befuddled as to how to proceed. Trump stood by, treating him with respect and dignity while Jeb pushed on past.

Michael Haz said...

Not sure about many of the picks. My guesses for a few:

Treasury - Jamie Dimond or another big bank president.

Chief of Staff - Reince Preibus. Who knows Congress better?

WH Spokesperson/Head of the WH Comms Dept - Kellyanne Fitzpatrick.

UN Ambassador - John Bolton

Sec State - General Kelly. Puts military muscle in a place where it belongs.

CIA - Brennan stays for two years, gets marching orders to de-politicize the swamp.

Political advisor to the President - one of the polling/analysis guys who worked on Fitzpatrick's team. Dark horse Jared Kushner.

Sec of Commerce - Some hard-headed tough negotiator.

Sec of Interior - Not Palin. She doesn't have enough kilowatts.

Sec Def - Total crapshoot.

AG - some non-political career prosecutor so this job doesn't look beholden to one party rather than beholden to justice.

Homeland Security - Guiliani will be offered this position then turn it down because he can't go 18/7/365 anymore.

ampersand said...

I want Goober Khan as secretary for the department of getting rid of departments. I want to see mountain of skulls of defiant bureaucrats. I want to see Washington DC burned to the ground and the earth salted.

AprilApple said...


I'm draping everyone in velvet. I'm going all Christo on your butts.