Saturday, November 12, 2016

Here is the white guy who got a beat down because he was white.....and we are told to ignore it and stop reading stuff on the Internet.....because ....I don't know why....I just know it is baloney!

‘What’s Happening to America?’ Trump Supporter Beaten by Chicago Mob Speaks Out by KATIE MCHUGH11 Nov 2016

The victim of a brutal mob in Chicago is explaining how he was caught up in Democrats’ anger over their huge defeat on election day.

“What’s happening to America?” said David Wilcox, as he showed his wounds inflicted by the mob. “You’re supposed to be able to vote in peace! It’s supposed to be part of our democracy. And what happened is, I vote for somebody, and I get beaten, robbed, and my car stolen, and I have no way of getting my wife to and from work safe anymore,” he told the Chicago Tribune’s news crew.
The attack came as Democrats lashed out at Americans for their surprise defeat on Nov. 8. For example, retiring Nevada Democratic Sen. Harry Reid said Friday that Trump has “emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry” and “has directed crowds of thousands to intimidate reporters and assault African-Americans.”

Wilcox, 49, said the shocking attack happened after a black Sedan scraped the side of his vehicle on Wednesday.
“What’s your reaction as you watch this?” a Chicago Tribune reporter asks Wilcox as he’s shown the cellphone-recorded video of the attack.
“I was scared,” Wilcox said. “The car pulled up next to me. We side-swiped each other. But they hit my car,” he continued. “I put the car in park. The light was red. I got out of the car.”
That’s when Wilcox says he was targeted for the violent beating and carjacking.
“One of the guys, an African American at the bus stop, said: ‘Yeah, that’s one of those white boy Trump supporters,'” he said. “And I said: ‘What does that have to do with this accident? I just want to exchange insurance.'”
“Next thing I know, the guy said, ‘Don’t worry about it, we’re gonna beat his ass!’ And then punches were thrown, and the next thing I know, I have five people on me. And I fell to the ground; I was kicked in the head. They were in my car, stealing all my stuff,” he said.
“I tried to go to the car. I got hit some more. I tried to get into a defensive stance to ward off them off a little bit, hold them back, and then another guy said, ‘Get the car! Get the car!'” Wilcox continued. “And then when he started up the car, my driver’s window and my childproof back window was open, and I put my arm around it. The guy took off—he took off and he was doing 70 or 80 [miles per hour] down Roosevelt [Road], swerving.”
“He was trying to get me to fall off, and I knew if I somehow let go, I was gonna die.” Wilcox said. When the car slowed, Wilcox let go, and rolled into oncoming traffic several times.
He was stunned that he was profiled and targeted for what the mob assumed was his private decision in the voting booth.
“It’s a predominantly African American neighborhood,” he continued.
They started yelling things like, ‘Oh, there’s one of those Trump white boys.’ And then, I did make a comment and say, ‘What does that have to do with it? So what if I support Trump?’  You know, he might not speak perfect—I didn’t say that to them, but he might not speak perfectly politically correct, but he’s the best man for the job. He’s the one that’s going to bring back jobs, the trade, get the people that are here illegally out, bring back jobs for people that deserve the jobs that have been there their whole lives, that might not have a full education and can’t get a job.
Breitbart News has previously reported how the press has portrayed Trump and his supporters as racistsexistIslamaphobic, a demagogueHitlersubconsciously Hitler, and not Hitler but Mussolini. Meanwhile, even conservative sites attack his working class white supporters, saying “deserve to die,”  and “deserve to be beaten.”
The press scoffed at the countless death threats made at Trump, gave generous airtime to would-be assassins, in one instance calling an illegal alien who stole a cop’s gun to take a shot at Trump “a good guy with a gun.”
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton denigrated Trump’s supporters on the campaign trail, calling one half of them “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it,” who belong in what she calls “the basket of deplorables.” Some of his American supporters are “irredeemable” and “not America,” she added.
(This is the reality of America. Not the phony bullshit of attacks on Muslims and women and all the nonsense peddled by the corrupt mainstream media. You need to read about it on the Internet because the media hides it and covers it up.
President Trump has stated that he is the Law and Order candidate. He needs to make good on his claims. The first step  is to cut off Federal funding to Sanctuary cities by Executive order. He has a pen and a phone. Then he has to make blocking a bridge or a highway a federal crime and have the new FBI arrest these protesters and throw the book at them. I would also direct the Justice Department to institute a civil rights violation case against the savages who attacked this guy because he was white.  Obama weaponized the government. We need to use these weapons against our adversaries. They would do it to us. No mercy. )


rcocean said...

Driving while white.

Trooper York said...

It is a clear hate crime and a civil rights violation. I expect Giuliani's Justice Department to prosecute.

edutcher said...

Same old.

The Lefties criticize the right for all the things the Lefties do. Racist, sexist, you name it. This is a tantrum, much like the Vietnam War "protests" were a tantrum. They were supposed to get a participation trophy and Hillary was supposed to win because they're the only ones entitled to "rule".

And now the yoots, whose reign of terror ends in 2 months, are mad because this was supposed to go on forever.

And the "deserve to die" is pure Uncle Joe. Hey, they want purges, fine. Left's purge about 50 million Lefties and see what honest elections feel like again.

Trooper York said...

It is a clear hate crime and a civil rights violation. I expect Giuliani's Justice Department to prosecute

Screw that, It's assault and that's a felony. I want Rudy to nail 'em for that. Send them up for 5 to 10.

Trooper York said...

We have to use their efforts against them ed. It is a pure hate crime and a civil rights violation.

bagoh20 said...

Completely inexcusable for those who did this, and I hate it as much as anyone else, but is there anyone in here who would not have voted for Trump if he didn't insult Mexicans and Muslims. He could have made the case against illegal immigration, and admitting unvetted people of any kind without doing that. I for one still would have voted for him, and I bet a lot people who didn't might have. It was an unforced error, that cost him votes as well as support now as President. It will now be an obstacle to peace and moving ahead for our new President. Discuss.

ampersand said...

The Local News media was quick to pounce on the fact that this was an auto accident and it had nothing to do with the election, despite the voices babbling about Trump supporters.

Bags , No Mexican or Muslims were harmed in the making of this video.

bagoh20 said...

Trump needs to find a Black Mexican Muslim Lesbian with Cerebral Palsy who voted for him and make that gal HUD Secretary.

Trooper York said...

Telling the truth about criminals is not an insult. It is a fact. Facts are stubborn things.

You want the same politically correct pap that the JebMcrubio has been feeding us for decades.

Trooper York said...

Trump needs to double down on telling the truth. He needs to arrest the thugs who are rioting and not give a shit about the whining of the media and the rest of the pajama boys.

That was why he was elected. Not to worry about insulting illegal immigrants and criminal thugs.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

but is there anyone in here who would not have voted for Trump if he didn't insult Mexicans and Muslims.

Trump didn't insult Mexicans and Muslims. He told the truth.

We are being flooded by illegal aliens from Mexico and all over the world. Some of them ARE rapists, gang members, killers, criminals. Truth.

We have no controls on our borders and Muslims and others from Muslim countries are also flooding into our nation. Muslim countries which are hot beds of terrorism and have been proven by the recent atrocities to be radical Islamic Terrorist. TRUTH.

We need to halt immigration until we can figure out who is coming in. Screen them and verify. TRUTH and common sense.

If people can't handle the truth and get all bent out of shape and consider the truth to be insulting.....well.....tough shit.

The truth may hurt, but it IS the truth. Deal with it.

edutcher said...

bagoh20 said...

Completely inexcusable for those who did this, and I hate it as much as anyone else, but is there anyone in here who would not have voted for Trump if he didn't insult Mexicans and Muslims.

Is it an insult to remind people the current Administration would not deport known felons? Is it an insult to remind people the current Administration would not bend the slightest effort to vet people from terrorist nations? Is it an insult to remind people the current Administration wants to bring in low-lifes to stack the political system by asking no more of them than that they go on welfare for life?

bag, you're sounding like Ritmo.

Leland said...
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edutcher said...

Well, that didn't take long. You want an insult?

Pissy has yet vacated his public housing and already the border looks different.

The Border Patrol is back.

As someone said, it is better to be feared than loved.

AllenS said...

More of this, and it will be 8 years of Trump.

edutcher said...

And 8 more of someone like him.