Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bill Clinton helps exhausted and stumbling Hillary at Philly Airport

Via Gateway Pundit here, with video. Eh. I don't see her exhausted and stumbling. And he's helping her into a car, not onto the plane, and people help me this way all the time, but I cannot do anything with that, and it's more fun this way.


Adamsunderground said...

Will her Hoveraround scooter be named "H-Force One"?

ndspinelli said...

I do surveillance for a living. This video is a nothingbuger.

AllenS said...

Me too, Nick. All to often what you get from Gateway Pundit is stuff like this. I don't see it.

edutcher said...

Neither could I.

This was on Drudge, originally.

Wishful thinking.

Chip Ahoy said...

Gateway commenters see a lot of things. They see her dazed and confused, they see her drunk, shuffling, looking around disoriented, being led by Bill, being directed by bill, they "hear" Bill say, "get in the van."

Instead of walking directly with purpose. They see someone who doesn't know where she is. "Well, what next?"

But I don't see any of that. Regular people linger after a great party. They do all the time.

ndspinelli said...

I am very pleased to see objective analysis. Kudos to all.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Come on Nick, you know the Dems, the Media, and Bill will drag her across the line one way or the other!

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Stephen Green is drunk blogging all day. Maybe Hillary got an early start with some Mimosas...but with a few added shots of vodka to help kick them off. Stay hydrated.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

WE are waiting to imbibe,out here in California, until after 4pm otherwise we would be unconscious by 2pm. Just like Hillary seems to be doing.

Since there is nothing we can do to affect the outcome, other than vote, and my certainty is that Hillary and her crew are going to cheat their way to the White House ...we might as well get hammered and wake up tomorrow to the bad news.

Have a nice bottle of scotch and have a Mexican dinner to cook. I would do margaritas, but hubby doesn't like them and I don't feel like making just for me. Plus tequila gives me a hangover. No point in inflicting even more pain on ourselves...Hillary will do that just fine without our help.

chickelit said...

Great turn out at my polling place this morning! It was at a garage in the neighborhood. Right next door was a "Fuck Trump" yard sign. I went home and hung my American flag in protest.

chickelit said...

Stephen Green is drunk blogging all day. Maybe Hillary got an early start with some Mimosas...but with a few added shots of vodka to help kick them off. Stay hydrated.

I recommend that everyone pick up a bottle of champagne to celebrate just in case, and also a bottle of bourbon to drown in in case it goes the other way.

Sixty Grit said...

I like the town I live in - it reminds me of the town I grew up in - old buildings, streets laid out on animal paths from the before times, and today I was reminded why I dislike leaving my house. I waited until 10:00 to drive over to the polling place, and my mind was on what I might encounter there. I was so preoccupied I drove right through a stop sign. Sure, the sign was in the middle of a curve, from my perspective, but there were other streets coming on from various odd angles, on hills and whatnot and I just blew right through my stop sign. All my fault, and wouldn't you know it, there was a police officer sitting right there and she witnessed the whole thing. Oops. She got behind me, lit me up, siren, too, and I pulled over. I got out my license, registration, concealed carry permit and waited. Another officer pulled up. Great, I really don't like drawing attention to myself. Anonymity is something I really like.

I kept my hands on the wheel, 10 and 2, the little bitty officer with the neck tat approached my window, asked for my license and registration, I gave her those and told her there was a firearm in my vehicle. She was not concerned about that but she did give me a stern lecture about all the damage that I might have caused, I agreed with her, she returned to her car, ran a check, then came back and gave me a warning ticket. What? She had me dead to rights - she witnessed my transgression. I didn't argue with her assessment, then she asked me if I was going to vote. Yes, and I added that I was kind of focused on that to the detriment of my driving. She congratulated me on taking advantage of my franchise and sent me on my way.

So, that was that, I used my turn signal, pulled back onto the street and proceeded to the polling place.

I parked, and headed in. "Hey Sixty" a local commie called out "Do you want a democrat sample ballot?" I ignored him and walked inside. The woman who checked the voting roll asked my name and address, then looked up "Oh, you are Sixty!". She lives across the street from me. Damn this small world crap - where is my Guy Fawlkes mask when I need it?

Filled out the ballot, put it in the slot - I guess they fired the guy who used to do that - he was like a washroom attendant - in the old days he would take the ballot, read who you voted for, look at you, make a mental note, smirk, then feed it into the machine. Now I had to do all that myself, other than the smirking part.

I was the 211th person to vote at that precinct this morning. I can remember times when I was the 6th or 8th, but different time of day, different elections. I have no idea whether that is good or bad. At least I didn't have to wait in line.

Got back in my car, drove home, observing all the traffic signals and laws, and here we are. My big day out. May such a thing never happen again.

One more thing I saw - the polling place was crawling with police and sheriffs - I mean they were all up in there, thick as thieves. I don't know whether they are expecting trouble or not, all I did was get the flock out of there - I sure didn't want to stick around and find out.

AllenS said...

Alden township, Polk County, WI had a huge group of people for the first hour of voting when I was there.

Last evening, my old pressure tank in the basement sprung a leak, and I had to shut the water off. Waiting for people to come out and put in a new bladder type pressure tank. Problem is, the well is old and there is probably a bleeder in the bottom of the well, and the new tank might not work. If so, I'll have to then (after the new tank is in) call someone and have them pull the pump, and plug the bleeder.

Might have to buy a 12 pack. I can always pee outside.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Congratulations on your day out Sixty. Glad you dodged a ticket.

edutcher said...

oopsy, the fact she cancelled the fireworks puts the thing in doubt.

PS Funny how many websites accept the "stumbling" idea without question. That she's exhausted, I don't doubt.

Third Coast said...

Here in Michigan, I drove past several voting locations this A.M. and can honestly say that I've never seen so many people in line. Hillary signs are non-existent in the area I live in. Don't know what it all means, but I have a stockpile of my favorite beer & a little bourbon just in case.

ricpic said...

Voted! Very pleasant surprise in this semi-rural area: paper ballots so no hanky panky.

Rabel said...

Serpentine, Hillary! Serpentine! Just a little flashback to the hard days in Bosnia.

edutcher said...

FWIW, the Trump campaign has set up a voter hotline to report anything fishy.

Whatever you think of him, name any other R who would dare do such a thing.

The number: (844) 332-2016

And the email: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/landing/election-issue

This is why I love this guy.

Darcy said...

Trumpdity, trumpdity, trump, trump, TRUMP!

I feel good (like I knew that I would).

john said...

Why, voting early, sometimes you lose out.

I just got back from voting. I usually vote mid-morning as lines are small. As I biked into the parking lot, Martha McSally, who is politicking for HOR, walked over and asked for my vote, which I gladly told her she had. Then I told her my joke: "In this election, there is good news and bad news for everyone. Either the bad news is Hillary wins and the good news is Trump loses, or, the bad news is Trump wins and the good news is Hillary loses."

She laughed like she didn't hear that one before. I like that in a person.

Then I mentioned that we got hit by Clinton canvassers 3 times in the last week. I talked to all 3 (away from my wife) and told them that no way could I support Clinton. The male canvasser told me he completely understood. One of the female canvassers recommended I write in Evan McMullen instead; but not Jill Stein because she is an idiot. The other female canvasser didn't want to talk.

Martha said that to her knowledge Clinton canvassers had been trained not to get into arguments and to always suggest a 3rd party candidate to those who hate both major candidates, under the assumption that if they can change a vote to a 3rd party, it would primarily benefit Clinton.

McSally, if she prevails this election, could be a formidable presidential candidate soon. Lookin' ahead.

Methadras said...

When you are a drunk and have parkinsons, this is how you walk.

Methadras said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
edutcher said...

OK, batguys and batbroads, you did so well yesterday, riddle me another.

What's the meaning of this email from Podesta big government solutions for 6+ years haven't worked, . Now she promises more of the same. We need a change in direction...?

Doesn't that sound like she goes if elected? Or is my batscan just picking up the topless feminists that stormed Trump's polling place?

(that was for you, Troop)

john said...

Martha said that to her knowledge Clinton canvassers had been trained not to get into arguments and to always suggest a 3rd party candidate to those who hate both major candidates, under the assumption that if they can change a vote to a 3rd party, it would primarily benefit Clinton.

I read somewhere not only Stein, but Johnson as well, were drawing away from the Beast.

Rabel said...

Ed, that's from early 2015. They're planning a focus group to probe Hillary's vulnerabilities to various attack lines from Democrat and Republican challengers. Using the focus group responses to those attacks they can concoct the appropriate lies in response.

Methadras said...

Okay, so guys, this is probably going to be my last post if The Cankled Harpy wins. I told you all that if she wins, you will never see me again. I'm sticking to my word. I will retract in my life and simply no longer be involved in politics ever again. So I want to send some shoutouts to the people of this blog that have been a part of my life for the last few years.

To Lem. Thanks for setting this place up for us to go when The Other Place became a refuge for the weak-minded. I'll always be grateful to you for that and I wish you nothing but love and success. Be well.

Trooper York. Your acerbic nature is something that I had a great affinity with and appreciated. Your stories always gave me a chuckle and I admired your tenacity for living in NYC, the greatest monument to what living in an overpopulated rat cage looks like.

DBQ, thank you for your advice when I needed it. You didn't realize it at the time, but I was a little desperate for some of that advice considering the situation I was in. I've always viewed you here as someone akin to being like an Aunt. Wise, sage advice with a little sassy-ness just to make the point stick. We've never met, I wish we did. Your husband is a lucky man. Don't let him forget that. :D

Bags, You're a richard, but my kind of richard. Bobbing and weaving in and out of conversations like an expert dodger getting arrows to miss him as they come his way. Sticking to your guns is an admirable quality and getting to read the snippets of your life story here and there made gave me some incite as to why you are the way you are. Also, thanks for looking out for those guys and gals that come through your shop. Teaching them skills and letting them know they have something within them that no one can take away, pride, creativity, self-respect, and being better day by day. That means something. Don't stop.

Spinelli, you have my phone number and email, if you ever want to talk, hit me up. You know how I think, you know what I'm about. No varnish at all. No pretense was necessary when we met. Just a grizzled fucker who's seen too much, but enjoyed every minute of it and had some fun getting there. Next time you're in town, call me and don't forget to wear those sandals. Same place too.

AprilApple, I always had this inkling that you were like the little sister that always followed her big brothers around, needling them for attention, but in a good way. You stuck to your guns too like Bags, but for some reason, your words compelled me to somehow try to change your mind like a need rather than a obligation. I hope you stay in CO, but if you leave, go to Idaho. I'm probably headed there sooner than later if HRC wins. It will be one of the last free states left. The only thing in California for me is my kid and my job. Otherwise, that's the only thing anchoring me here. I see CO becoming CA lite or at least trying to compete for that title. Don't let the leftists there get you down. Fight if you can, retreat if you have to. Be well. :D

Methadras said...

Edutcher, you’re a tenacious motherfucker and I loved that about you. Eye on the prize and never let up. Frankly, I've always envisioned you as a sort of human bowling ball. Knocking down bullshit daily. Don't stop please. Even after the Harpy wins.

Chip. What the fuck do I say about you? I deliberately avoided your posts because they were wacky and they would have sucked me in and I would have gotten nothing done. Your creativity is par excellence and I wish your work would be more publicly accessible. Your creativity deserves to be seen by a much wider and broader audience. If you have a blog, I haven't seen it. You should make one and dedicate your artistic endeavors there for everyone to see. Thank you for your stream of consciousness eccentric posts. They put a texture into this place that would be diminished if they ever went away. So don't let them.

Darcy. Girl, if there was another time and another place. Yeah, I think you know what I mean. You are a gentle soul in a brew of chaos and you come out unscathed. You wear your heart like a shield against it all. I can see that. I don't know if others can. Don't ever lose that gentleness, it is your greatest quality. Well, aside from your eyes. :D

EBL, you are like cold water in the face while I'm asleep. I read your posts and sometimes I feel like I got smacked. A lot of times I say, "Fuck, why didn't I think of that?" you are like mental spackle, filling in the gaps. Thank you.

AllenS. While DBQ might be the aunt of Lem’s. You are its uncle. Thank you for being the quiet overseer and making sure you dropped a bomb of knowledge on us from time to time, just to keep shit in line.

Sixty Grit. Like the name implies, you read and feel like Sixty Grit, but in the vein, you are a palate cleanser in a soup of words that can get muddled. I love your stories. You are like the guy in the tailor’s shop who sees another guy walking on the sidewalk and you are hanging outside and look at him and say, “hey, come in for a cup of coffee. Want to hear a story?”

Rabel, I could never get past your avatar for some reason. That look of sheer lunacy juxtaposed by your rational and cogent thoughts left me askew at times. Smart, witty, precise is something I could always characterize you with being. Thank you.

Methadras said...

Amartel, thanks for being the lawyer of the group or at least the one that would admit it. :D

To those I’ve forgotten or neglected to mention. My apologies. This isn’t easy for me, but know that you had an effect on me and one of the reasons I came here to begin with.

To my enemies foreign and domestic. Fuck you. You know who you are. Believe me when I tell you, I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands now. Look over your shoulders because I’m going to start cashing in my frequent flier miles.

Also, if Trump wins, the just ignore this entire treatise as if it never happened because at least some amount of bullshit will be righted and I won't have a need to leave. :D Otherwise, be well all of you and pray that our republic will survive the next come times ahead. I will miss you all and our talks. Much love and God bless you all.

Darcy said...

Oh, Methadras. I am very touched. Thank you!

I hope you don't go. This place needs you. And leaving allows HER to win.

Consider that many of us (from TOP) have gathered for years now and for GOOD reason. I am profoundly grateful.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Oh Methadras don't go. Thanks for the kind words and I do hope my advice was of help....or at least didn't hurt anything.

If Hillary does win, we will all need a place to continue to bitch, kibitz, joke, commiserate and share. A sane haven in a really murky internet.

edutcher said...

Rabel said...

Ed, that's from early 2015. They're planning a focus group to probe Hillary's vulnerabilities to various attack lines from Democrat and Republican challengers. Using the focus group responses to those attacks they can concoct the appropriate lies in response.

Yeah, but they went with same old, same old, didn't they? Something odd there.

Meth, thanks for the kudos.

And don't give up the good fight. Always remember their whole pitch is it's hopeless. If you resist, it's futile. If you follow, we will take care of you.

Both are lies. It took 800 years to throw the moslems out of spain, so you gotta take the long view.

Hang in.

AprilApple said...

I don't blame you Meth. It's a 'stop the world I want to get off' moment. Unlike any other. I'm pretty sure they have internetz in Idaho. Plus - we will need your snark to get us thru the dark years!

bagoh20 said...

Perfect, Methedras. I've often said I can't be insulted and I never am, but I can be complemented deeply, and you just did it. Thanks. I think your comments on everyone in here are all right on target. If anyone cares what I think about them, just read what Meth wrote. I can't do better.

Drove past my polling place on the way to work at 7am, and it was packed. Very unusual. I hope that's bad for Hillary, but this is L.A., so I don't know what it means.

Meth, you've always been compelling and fun. I hope you stay regardless, but I really hope you do because Hillary goes down... wait that's disgusting, but you know what I mean.

Sixty Grit said...

Meth, it is an old saying, but applicable in this case - Illegitimi non carborundum. Hang in there, bro.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Methadras, Thanks! I did your stuff too.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

And Meth, even if Cankles "wins" remember this is not just politics. We can talk about other stuff. Don't completely withdraw.

ndspinelli said...

Meth, I will call you when I get out there in January. Folks, Meth is just how you visualize him, a force of nature. He is, in person, engaging, funny, smart, tough, and as he said, not an ounce of pretense. A man very comfortable in his own skin. I did my part in helping him stay, and I know you all did as well.

ricpic said...

Meth, you didn't mention me but that's okay, you prick. The thing that got me about your posts is that whenever I posted something that I thought was strong you posted something stronger and truer. Short version: you never held back. Don't go but if you have to......

Darcy said...

I hate it when someone from our gang disappears. My email: tennistari@hotmail.com

I was thinking of Palladian today. And Bissage. There are many more I've thought of off and on and wondered about.

I've forgotten the name of the hothead from TY that I had a heart for that disappeared. His moniker escapes me but it was western movie-themed.

Remembering the goodwill and heart of Aridog, too. Life is short. Friendships make a difference.

I'm going to have too many beers if Hillary is crowned tonight. Actually, that is probably true if Trump wins as well. Except if Trump wins, I am going to be one obnoxious brat winner on Twitter. I've been saving it up. The other side of Darce.

chickelit said...

Was it Cody, Darcy?

Darcy said...

Yes! Cody. :)

ricpic said...

I thought Eric the Fruit Bat might be Bissage. But probably not. Not dark enough. Bissage had a wicked nihilist sense of humor.

edutcher said...

If you go up on Drudge, a lot of the states that are in the balance are either Trump or too close to call. Only PA seems to go Beastly, although there's a headline saying evening voters will tell the tale.

If that means people getting off work...

Darcy said...

Eek. I'm nervous. I really didn't think Trump had a chance and I prefer to not get my hopes up. But that's dumb.

edutcher said...

You've got lots of company, kid.

Darcy said...

Come on Trump. Win one for the Gipper...er, Methadras. For 'merica.

AllenS said...

Methadras, no go.

Darcy said...

Anybody got any more news? It's only 3:49 p.m. here, but I'm thinking we should be getting some idea of returns.

MamaM said...

I thought Eric the Fruit Bat might be Bissage. But probably not.

I keep wondering if Laslo Spatula over at TOP is ChipS. Laslo appeared around the same time ChipS disappeared. I miss ChipS and the person who writes for Laslo is one clever SOB with deep insight and a playful bent toward perversion and a tongue in cheek (or tongue in wherever else he can find an opening) approach that I enjoy even as I cringe.

I don't know what's worse. Trump winning, bumbling along for four years while being endlessly crucified by the media, or Hillary pulling down a dishonest win in her condition, to reign as queen until she topples over and saddles the nation with Kaine.

I listened to Trump's last rally speech last night and he was all over the road, but he made me laugh with his, "Used to be cars were made in Michigan and you couldn't drink the water in Mexico. Now cars are made in Mexico and you can't drink the damned water in Flint." I appreciated the up-side-downness expressed.

What came through is this: He loves this country and would like to do his best to fix or address some of the underlying problems plaguing it.

Politics are only one facet of life shared here and Sixty isn't the only one with good stories to tell.

Methadras's account of verbally taking on irresponsible parents in Lowes or wherever it was,
made the whole Mfamily laugh, as it was good reading and it made a clear and much needed point. He was also clear and ruthless in addressing bird shit.

I'm unclear as to why you are saying goodbye, Methadras, unless it is to keep yourself safe and under the radar of whatever evil Hillary might hatch up or endorse. Your voice matters and is appreciated and enjoyed and I would be sad and disappointed to see it silenced by darkness, fear or despair. A faithful journey matters, as does light wherever it appears, and I hope you'll stick around for a while to add your unique thoughts and stories to the mix.

Amartel said...

I voted first thing this morning then buried myself in work all day. I live in deep blue Cali, heart of the beast, so I have no idea what's going on out there in the real world and the media is focused on keeping viewers as long as possible so they're no help. Not that they ever are. Though it must be amusing to watch them try to hang onto viewers whilst engaged in their quadrennial GOP turn off the vote demoralization campaign. I'd so love them to lose.

Amartel said...

My polling place was in the brand new super-expensive public library. The usual cheery old retired socialists were in charge. Wrong name associated with my address though I've lived there over a decade and voted in every election. Uh oh. They were using electronic voting machines so I just turned in my pre-voted mail-in ballot that I didn't mail in time then made them cross the wrong name off their list. Red drop in the blue bucket.

AllenS said...

I don't think that any results are known until an hour or two after the polls close. I believe that is around 7 pm here in WI, CST. Info will start from the east first.

I have enough beer to either ease the pain or start the WOO HOO!

Darcy said...

Eek. I'm reading some dreadfully negative tweets regarding battleground states. Hope they are wrong.

Sixty Grit said...

Don't do that.

Sixty Grit said...

According to Drudge:

15% Of Accounts On TWITTER Discussing Elections Are Bots...

edutcher said...

Allen's right, so nobody panic.

Could be a long night.

Darcy, keep in mind those twats want to depress the number of Trump voters coming out, so you're going to hear a lot of negativity. In '80, the nets called the race before polls closed on the West Coast and a lot of Lefties stayed home, allowing the Rs to sweep up a lot of Congressional seats. I don't doubt the Demos have forgotten that.

They'd like to do the same now.

PS Gateway has a couple of posts of black people reporting vote fraud in Philadelphia. I'd say that's not good news for the Beast if one of her core constituencies isn't putting up with any chicanery.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

We voted first thing this morning so we could go to the next town over and pick up a prescription, eat breakfast and get my car's oil changed and serviced.

Being such a small town, when we go to the polls to vote, we know everyone and they know us. People we have known for 30 years. We spent a bit of time chatting with each other, small talk and it is really a social event. The was already page open to our names before we even get to the table to get our ballots. They ask our names, for the record, what street do we live on and what is the address. The likelihood of voter fraud in our itty bitty polling station is pretty nil.

There was one guy who said he forgot his mail in ballot at home and wanted to vote anyway. He wasn't on the rolls or in their magic book. The lady patiently explained that he could either go home and GET his ballot or....they would do a provisional ballot which "would not count until they verify that he didn't vote twice". We have never seen this dude before so we suspect that he is trying to double dip. Mean ole lady wouldn't let him get away with it though.

I don't know how they can possibly call a winner with so many mail in ballots, provisional ballots and in places like ours where we vote with paper ballots that have to be transported to the county seat which is at least 1 1/2 hour drive away. Yet...they declare a winner even though many votes are not counted.

Of course....it's California so our votes as red county republicans don't count in any election.

Chip Ahoy said...

I took a bunch of pictures of people, wanna see 'em? They belong in a museum. They're over there on the food blog.

I said, they belong in a museum. They were taken at the restaurant inside the museum of art.

And man, was lunch ever good. If I could have licked my plate I would have.

But that would be rude. And It's a classy place.

Here's the thing. They make ravioli with ricotta inside it and an egg yolk. Three raviolis, three egg yolks spilling out into the bowl. Then they slather it with butter sauce. and pile parmesan flakes on top. And you sop it up with crostini, which means little crusts, but is actually just artisan bread.

*whispers* Tuh d-i-i-i-i-i-i-e for." And I mean it.

And along the way a young thin tall fellow stopped me to ask me a question. Right by the horse on a chair.

"Say, can you tell me if they serve meals over there at night?"

He pointed to a group of vagabonds collected at the base of columns. I told him that I have no idea. Sorry. He had a "been out in the sun" look to him.

I could see that he could use some help. But I wasn't fast enough with my wits. I could see that he honestly needed a meal, and there I was on my way to lunch. Although he was not dressed for it, so what, a lot of other people aren't either. I should a, should a should a invited him. But I didn't think of it.

What a dope I am sometimes.

It would have been a fine act. But alas, I'm a dope.

I mean, come on! It was only fifteen dollars. That would have been so ace, had I only thought fast enough.

Sometimes I could just kick my own ass.

The thing was, he asked me a specific question. And I didn't think beyond answering it.

Then I had a question of my own. Where do you vote around here? I wanted to take pictures of a long hairy line. And he carefully explained where I must go. He made sure that I understood. He knows the importance of voting and he wanted to make sure that I got there. He told me there is no line. No problem for me to vote. And it's very close. Very easy to do. He urged me to vote. (but I already did by mail.)

Do you comprehend what a good person he is? A bit down on his luck. And what a dick I am? Thick and slow.

Eh. Live and learn, innit. I just wish I wasn't so stupid.

He would have really liked that ravioli.

That used to be my favorite thing. Out of a tin. As a kid I thought, man, this ravioli is brilliant.

Then as an adult I bought a tin to relive those precious childhood moments, took one bite and said, "aw fuck, this stuff is pure shit!" Threw the whole thing away.

But this egg yolk ravioli with ricotta is very very good.

Darcy said...

Dare we hope?

MamaM said...

Hope and Change!!! 2016 Version With a majority in Senate and House.

Darcy said...