Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Best wishes to the Happy Couple! Mazel Tov!

Wedding Registry Set Up for Joe Buck and Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber

 Breibart News by ROBERT J. MARLOW31 Oct 2016

Sports broadcaster Joe Buck lavishes so much praise on 23-year-old Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber during this year’s World Series, it prompted one fan to open up a wedding registry for the two at Bed Bath and Beyond.

The much maligned Buck often criticized as detached and robotic in his announcing displayed enough flattery about Schwarber’s performance during the Cubs-Indians contest, fans began mocking him, according to NBC Sports.
Purchased so far, a $10 sugar bowl, will serve as practical accouterments for the unlikely and certainly reluctant couple. For those who just can’t decide on what to get them, flatware and some Riedel wine glasses are still available.

Actually, Schwarber deserves plenty of praise for his production so far in the series. Expected to be out for the year with two torn ligaments in his knee after playing just two games in April, the 2014 first-round pick became the first position player in baseball history whose first hit of the season came in the World Series. Serving as Chicago’s designated hitter, Schwarber scorched a double off of Cleveland ace Corey Kluber in Game 1 and backed it up with two RBI and a walk in Wednesday’s victory in Cleveland.
The outfielder and sometimes catcher has only four months of major league baseball under his belt but already enjoys monumental postseason accomplishments. Schwarber became the Cubs’ all-time postseason home run leader in 2015 by hitting five homers in just 27 at-bats.
According to MLB.com, one of Schwarber’s homers in last year’s NLDS, was nominated for the Best Play, Offense for the Esurance MLB Awards. The four-bagger, according to Statcast, landed on top of Wrigley Field’s right-field video board. The Cubs left the ball there, enshrined in plexiglass, for the remainder of the post season.


Lem said...


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

IIRC, it was Pee-Wee Herman who would say "If you love it, why don't you marry it?"

I think maybe he was supposed to be funny because he was a full-grown man with the emotional maturity of a bratty little kid.

ricpic said...

Schwarber hits 3 homers in game 6, 3 homers in game 7, leads Cubs to 1st World Series title in 108 years! returns to Chicago, literally throws Rahm out of the Mayor's office, declares himself King of the City to the thundering applause of all the "communities" from Polish to Irish to Black, lives happily ever after.......White Sox sulk.

edutcher said...

It's probably just shock.

Shouting Thomas said...

If Schwarber hits a HR and the Cubs win the series, I'll offer up my virgin butthole to the great Schwarb!

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Joe Buck is fucking annoying.