Saturday, May 25, 2019

Brigitte Bardot vs Claudia Cardinale

Adventures in ASL

Today a woman approached me and ask, using sign, if I know ASL. I signed back "ASL baby, me". That made her laugh. This was the first time since I started learning ASL late last fall that I have had occasion to use it with anyone other than my classmates who are either hearing or hard of hearing. This woman is deaf, and while I have not asked, I assume that she has been deaf since a very young age.

Anyway, we signed our names to each other and Donna wants to talk to me about doing a custom order for her, something involving a tree design. She expressed interest in CAD and how I take a drawing from the computer and make a wooden object out of it. I look forward to interacting with her more in the future - she has already taught me a couple of new signs and she is very patient with my slow fingerspelling and botched signing.

A week from this coming Monday I have to tell a story in class. I have mentioned this before and have been working on putting together a proper story to tell, but after today I think I will have to include signing with someone new as part of my story. It really was a good thing. A big deal. I liked it very much. And where better to relate that story than in the ASL class that made it all possible, right?

I made some bud vases based on yet another request:

I had to bore a 1" diameter hole 8" deep to accommodate the bud vase itself - apparently those are nothing more than test tubes, but I ordered them online before finding out that they are available at a nearby junk shop. Next time I leave home maybe I will go over there.

While driving home I heard this piece - it is an American weekend, after all:

I missed the intro and was puzzled by how narrowly the melodies were passed among the instruments, then the announcer said it was a piano trio - well there you go - only so much you can do with that palette. 


Palisade peach harvest schedule. (Hint: starts at the end of June)

And that's when you can freak out and buy a ton and load up your backpack and pass them out to everyone that you meet.

Mismatched fight, conservative speaker embarrasses liberal professor in front of her students

"I don't know where you're getting your information, I happen to be on the faculty."

Logical fallacy. Respect mah authoritah. Argumentum ab auctoritate, or verecundiam, argumentum ex cathedra (papal.) I don't know about your diplomas, Redneck, but I'm a professor so my feelings are superior to your silly facts.

Children: Yay!

The whole thing is terribly annoying. Don't watch it, the thing can only annoy.

Trump greets servicemen in Alaska while his plane refuels

Youtube [trump] filter [today].

Man, there's a bunch of insane crap.

There is not much to this video. Trump could stay comfortably onboard while his plane refuels but he chooses instead to greet servicemen/women at Elmendorf-Richardson combined AFB/Army Fort in Anchorage. He merely greets people. That's it. While from their point of view it's all, "Honey, Honey, you'll never guess. Today I shook hands with the president!"

And that got me thinking, now this is a service person's president. They love him.

And that got me thinking. 


Obama evoked this same response in the people who loved him too. 

Trump asked his man for a pen to sign the guy's hat, then gave the guy his hat back and the pen. A token he'll treasure the rest of his life.

But Obama could do that same thing too.

Can I open my heart to accept that Obama did for his supporters what Trump does for these people and me?


But Trump is still a lot better.

When I visited my parent's grave the visitors center at Ft. Logan had Obama's portrait displayed prominently as they do everywhere on military installations, and I was appalled. But I shouldn't have been. I chided myself for being disgusted.

I can imagine people having the same feeling seeing Trump's portrait replacing Obama's on bases everywhere all at once schwing just like that. Major change. And the people who work under the portraits are supposed to feel nothing as if they don't even notice.

Clever Trevor, Ain't No Mountain High Enough

He does "mountain" differently from what I've seen.

My way
His way. Combines her way with our way.

His "honey" is actually "sweet" or "or substitute sweetie" A variation of "cute" and really cute

Usually the sign for "sweetie" as in "lovers" or "boy/girlfriend" is used. 

Bamboo craftwork

Flour tortillas, breakfast tacos

Has anyone heard from Rabel lately?

If so, ask him to check in - we need to look out for our fellow Lemmings.

Not a fan of the late David Bowie, but I could not find a song with "Rabel" in the title.

Friday, May 24, 2019

In honor of Jerry Nadler

By way of encouragement.

I love this song. 

It tickles me that it was written by an orthodox Jew. 

Greenbaum says in interviews that real inspiration for the song was Western movies. He liked the way the bad guys wanted to die with their boots on. It wasn't so much Jesus that connected him, rather, the spirit in the sky. 

Whatever. Jesus, God, Spirit in the Sky, it all works. 

Greenbaum wanted to die with his boots on.

Boots, sneakers, hippie sandals, flip flops, whatever, it all works. He wanted to die walking around and still active. He's still alive. Born late November 1942, so that's what ... 58 + 19 = 77 check, 2019 - 1942 = 77.  I think he's 77. And still performing.

Some fifteen years ago I looked up Norman Greenbaum and found a site of his in which he posted a picture of his betta fish's bubble nest. He said he woke up and saw this in his betta's bowl. I cannot find it now so I reproduced what I saw back then. His was a child's goldfish bowl. 


What a fake out. 

But this shows where he comes from.

The sites that I read are mostly Christian in nature. Their comments run along the lines of forgiveness and leaving retribution to God and praying for the soul of the individual. 

I have that same Christian training. And I've also have quite a lot of friends, very good people die young who never meant harm to anyone. Good creative constructive loving fine people. Although I admit their wit could stab like a shiv. Good people who suffered terribly and then died with only one third or one fourth their life lived. So my attitude toward vicious troublesome people who support the deaths in great numbers of innocents is go on, suffer harshly already and die. You will not be missed.

Maybe Norman Greenbaum with his orthodox Jewish training is a better Christian than me.

Incidentally, I watched 3 versions of this song translated to ASL but I don't care for any of them. 

Jerrold Nadler taken to hospital

House Judiciary Chair Nadler suffers a health scare while attending a press conference with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. When de Blasio asked if Nadler was feeling well Nadler was heard to say faintly, "no" while putting his hands to his face.

He was rolled onto a gurney by forklift and rolled out by a team of twenty burly EMTs to waiting ambulance and taken to hospital where he was hydrated with fifteen gallons of orange juice. He is reported to be feeling much better.

Video recorded at the scene.

Trump presser

These things on the way out to something important with the helicopter noise interfering are the best and he does them constantly. Whenever he goes somewhere. All off the cuff, all from internalized comprehension so no notes are necessary, he simply answers questions from his understanding and he's facing straight up hostility.

A picture formed in my mind of jackals and hyenas. Then cobras, scorpions, wasps, crocodiles, noisy koel birds, coyotes, braying asses, screaming frogs, Trump faces all that noise, walks up to the chaos.  What animal would Trump be? Bear, badger, yak, yeti, then I thought, this analogy is out of control.

These things are why Trump is the most assessable that I've ever seen. He's open to reporters on his way out, to people he doesn't respect. And he tells them that as he explains himself. He tells them how they can be better, but of course they cannot listen. And when they do listen they get everything wrong.

I'm cheered by comments on YouTube. They show that the people who watch these things see what's going on. They're swayed by what they see for themselves and not by the stories submitted by reporters. They see the reporters being handled by the subject of their reporting and YouTube commenters determined "fake news" is a fine term to describe it.


Late Thursday evening, President Trump ordered several agencies to cooperate with Attorney General Barr's investigation into the origins of the RUSSIA-collusion hoax and gave Barr the authority to “declassify, downgrade, or direct the declassification or downgrading of information or intelligence” as he sees fit.

The White House statement reads:
Today, at the request and recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States, President Donald J. Trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities during the 2016 Presidential election.

The Attorney General has also been delegated full and complete authority to declassify information pertaining to this investigation, in accordance with the long-established standards for handling classified information.

Chicken fried chicken, sausage gravy

Commenters on YouTube are unanimously complimentary. 

None of them mention the pounder is now coated with chicken moisture and growing bacteria profusely, the chicken not covered with plastic when flattened so it splattered in a 360° pattern all around including his arms and his apron, the work surface was not wiped with bleach water after he flattened the chicken so it too is now growing bacteria, and and no mention of the flour used for things besides this chicken with the chicken sitting in it, the flour reused for the next items. His fingers holding the chicken then pinching the salt and pepper.

His fingertips touch the butter, the chicken, the mallet, the pan handle, the spoon, the salt and pepper. 

Health Department would close this place down. 

No they wouldn't. They'd simply mark him up poorly.

A cheap place similar to this in my old neighborhood I went to quite a lot. The Health Department Inspector wrote, "The cook flipped hamburgers with the same spatula he used to swat flies." 

Maybe it was a cockroach. I forget. 

At any rate, I cracked up laughing.

They were poorly trained.

I knew beforehand the place is a dump. But that was hilarious.

Slugs and ducks

Batman and Robin


Trump just now gave instructions to declassify documents bearing on abuse of government to obtain FISA warrants to search unlawfully into his campaign, and beyond. He gave instructions to a list of executive departments to declassify information.

He gave instructions for Executive agencies to declassify documents to the extent that they can. Notably these agencies include The Secretary of Energy and the Secretary of the Treasury.

It appears that including the Treasury Department means Trump is having documents declassified regarding Clinton Foundation, or else possibly documents relating to Papadopoulos money tracking or possibly the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

And it appears that including the Energy Department to declassify documents would relate to Uranium One and to Clinton.

This is what observers are hoping.

You might reasonably ask why Trump doesn't simply declassify all these documents himself.

The president has power to declassify documents because he is so often engaged with foreign governments. If the president had to be concerned about his ability to discuss classified intelligence then the president would be hamstrung in doing that. So the laws protect the president so that he can be effective discussing sensitive matters with foreign leaders.

When it comes to declassifying documents that are deemed in the public interest it is assumed that there is no national security involved. In these cases the process allows review of the documents by the agencies involved.

You can see how it would backfire if Trump declassified them unilaterally. There will already be backlash, it would be a lot worse if Trump did all this himself.

So Trump has given ownership of this process to Attorney General William Barr. This is to facilitate DOJ review of how the intelligence agencies were used in the 2016 election. Barr is arbiter on points of conflict as Trump was the subject of investigation.

Trump's Memorandum specifies the agencies with documents that the Attorney General will review. The list of agencies gives an idea about the documents they're interested in seeing. With the departments of Energy and Treasury sticking out among them.

* Secretary of State, Pompeo
* Secretary of Treasury, Mnuchin
* Secretary of Defense, Shanahan
* Secretary of Energy, Perry
* Secretary of Homeland Security, McAleenan
* Director of National Intelligence, Coats
* Director of CIA, Haspel

And of course, the Attorney General, William Barr.

The memorandum does not allow Barr to delegate authority.

The timing appears to be to coincide with the release of Inspector General review. Although a lot of information might not have anything to do with IG review, the timing of release of any extraneous documents will be up to William Barr.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Space aliens

I have been watching The Outer Limits on Prime - there were two episodes I wanted to see - the Harlan Ellison penned episode "Demon With the Glass Hand", filmed in the Bradbury building in L.A., and "The Invisible Enemy". The former was pretty entertaining, at least by TOL standards, and the latter had Batman - who knew? I remember watching the second one when it was first broadcast and based on the fact that the monster traveled through sand (oops, spoiler alert), I thought that Frank Herbert had used some elements of that episode in his book Dune. Turns out he probably didn't, so it goes.

But back to space alliums - mine are sprouting out nicely this year:

And they are bursting forth:

Some are ahead of others:

Soon they shall flower nicely and another summer will be here.

My leopard lilies are down to two plants - they are doing okay but I still have had zero success in propagating them further. More work needs done.

Telling the bees

It was a custom among families that kept bees that whenever there was a death in the family someone must go out and tell the bees. Or else further calamity will follow such as another death in the family or the bees swarming or dying out completely.

There was a relationship with the human family and the bees. The bees were informed of important events, deaths, marriages, and births. There were associated customs such as cloaking the hives with either black or white cloth, and of leaving out cake for the bees. And failing to inform the bees caused all kinds of problems for the family and for the bees. Books were written recounting such stories, beehives failing because of not being informed, then put into mourning by placing a black cloth over the hives and the bees recovering. Stories of beehives dying out are recorded in books, and in songs, and in poems.  Paintings reflect this custom of telling the bees.

Duckduckgo image search [telling the bees]

The Celts believed the bees were the connection between the spiritual and material worlds. If you have a message to transmit to a spirit then you would tell it to the bees to transmit. 

Man, those guys had imagination. 

This was all before movies and radio and television, and way before cable and Netflix, Hulu and the internet. 

How in the world would such a custom develop?

There would be a practical side to it. 

When the head of household, often the beekeeper, sloughed these surly chains, the family must pick up the bee tending. The custom forces the issue. The family cannot be so overtaken by loss that the apiary functions are neglected. So get out out there and verbalize your loss, then pick up fully where the beekeeper left off. The practice reinforces the relationship between the family and the bees. 

Searching for images by [tell it to the bees] leads to a British drama about a woman and her son who form a connection with the town's new doctor. The doctor introduces the boy to beekeeping and invites him to tell his secrets to the bees. The female doctor and the mother form a taboo relationship. 

Comments on Rotten Tomatoes are hilarious for their presumptuous critical insight similar to descriptions of wines.  

Also this unrelated: 

That's exactly how I felt. What do birds defying nature and doing it with bees unproductively, or birds incubating fertilized eggs outside their bodies, or a queen bee producing a hive full of female worker bees and a few uni-task drones in any way help explain human sex? The phrase never did make any sense.

Korean street food

Devin Nunes asks Britain questions that cannot be answered

Nunes developed a list of questions for President Trump to ask Prime Minister Theresa May on his visit to Britain.

They're rhetorical questions for public consumption, not intended to be actually asked by Trump nnor answered by May. Besides, May resigned.

This is to show British involvement in the American collusion delusion. That is, actual British collusion.

Here are Nunes' questions. The list is rather long. 


* Did Steele inform any British intelligence officials about the allegations that he made in teh dossier?

* Did British intelligence discuss with the Steel the possibility of writing additional memos?

* Did U.S. intelligence inform any British intelligence about Steele's allegations?

* Did British government participate in surveillance of Trump campaign?

* Did British intelligence relay information to U.S officials about contacts between Trump associates and Russian intelligence?

* Describe communications between Joseph Mifsud and British intelligence.

* Did British officials provide assessment of Steele to U.S. officials regarding his credibility or motivations?

Well, things happen fast and she's not there to ask. Let's have a song instead.

Incidentally, an excellent song to practice ASL. It has very nice repeating emphatic phrases that give you the chance to really show it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Too Soon?

Food forest, no fertilizers, no pesticides.

He made me laugh when he ate the peach.

That's how I feel about peaches around here, but his feeling is more intense because he grew them.

In Louisiana we had two pecan trees that were part of a pecan plantation. Everyone in the development had two pecan trees. That's how the lots were plotted from the plantation. They were all very old trees. Like scary Halloween trees in the fall when the leaves fell off them. 

There was also a large wisteria that was actually the most beautiful thing back there. A mockingbird built a nest in the wisteria and attacked us whenever we went into the yard, while her little babies were growing. She was a dive-bomber. 

In the back of the lot at the edge of the property were fourteen small peach trees. We didn't know what to do with them. So we didn't do anything with them. Their production was disappointing. Tiny peaches not worth the trouble. Although the caterpillars were interesting. And looking back, I just wish I had been more interested. If only we had something like YouTube that could just tell us what needed to be done. 


Amusing: Those codgers playing along lyrics talking about giving head. And he got paid double! Herbie Flowers was nowhere as prolific as say, Carole Kaye was, but hey, he was stuck in England.

Caladium bulbs as gifts

They make excellent gifts.

I knew that already by the people who live here. They responded more strongly than I anticipated. But they were all people who I've already spoken to, or people I haven't met but who I saw growing things on their balconies. People trying to grow things. Nobody around here is any good at it.

I did not know they'd be so enthusiastically received by strangers who haven't shown any indication at all of an interest in gardening. So in each case I began tentatively, "I have a present for you if you accept it." And "You can give them away if you like and I won't care."  But instead each person flipped out. Genuinely surprised that somebody cares.

I visualized all this first. Mentally practiced my approach. These are professional people doing their jobs. They're focused.

Their reactions all exceeded anything that I had imagined. That's not just a phrase, I actually imagined and they exceeded in actuality. Far exceeded. The first young woman was thrilled and she showed it. And so did the doctor. The other two women were well pleased but less effusive, a little closer but exceeding what I had seen in my mind.

Apparently, it's not done in a doctor's office. That's a place where the transactions go all one direction. Sick people come in, they're seen first by a nurse and then by a doctor, drugs are prescribed, insurance is billed, and that's it. Nobody comes in with plant bulbs.

I showed them photos on my phone so they can see what they grow into. They each asked extensively about planting. They each formulated plans for them. They each thanked me profusely.

What a trip.

Each bag contained bulbs for a largest size, and two bulbs each of three types of regular size.

Except for the doctor. Because he is king. And kings get more. Three of the largest and several each of the three regular size.

All of them are quite large, actually. Some are white, others pink, and others red. Everyone gets a variety.

It was a lot of fun. Much more fun than I expected. It's so much fun that I'm going to keep doing it year after year. And I still have quite a lot to go this year. I've only just started.

In each little brown paper lunch bag I wrote on an index card.

See YouTube video for planting instructions.
(Hint: you stick them into dirt)
Water and wait. Patience. Nothing
happens until nights are warm.

Trump mad, Trump smash

Trump was scheduled to meet with Pelosi and Schumer to discuss infrastructure. Trump knows they're not interested but they do need to show some constructive work to their base besides pure resistance. Immediately preceding the meeting Pelosi told reporters that Trump is trying to cover up something, and sabotaging like that that meant she is really not interested in working with Trump on anything. Trump said a few sharp words then dismissed the meeting walking out on them. Then he gave this presser to reporters. 

A bit of drama in the White House this morning.

Wild Wild Life

Marlon Perkins had become obsessed. He was a full time zoophiliac. Of course he dabbled in many species but he kept coming back to the apes. He had a long time live in relationship with a young chimpanzee named Bubbles. He lived with Bubbles and his wife for many years.

Finally he decided he had to be true to himself. Marlin divorced his wife in Mexico and arranged to marry Bubbles. Unfortunately Bubbles was male and gay marriage was not yet legal. So he had to settle for common law status.

Marlin's actions lead to the cancellation of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdon. Marlin tried to market a series based on his life with Bubbles called "I Married  a Monkey" but it was too far ahead of it's time.

It was later produced as "Good Times" starring Esther Rolle.

( Don Meier, Talk into this with the Animals...The E True Hollywood Story of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom)

Mac and Cheese in ASL

He spells "cheese." Here's the sign for cheese.

He spells "seasoning." Here's the sign for seasoning. ("taste" + "shake")

He could have used the sign for "powder." 

Notice "milk" is pantomime for milking a cow. Squeezing an udder, ew, gross.

He thinks the packet of powdered cheese is seasoning. And that's why his mom bought a box of macaroni and cheese instead of assembling basic ingredients from the pantry. They don't think it's possible to replicate the mysterious spices. When it's just powdered cheese.

The kit gives you macaroni and powdered cheese. That's it.
You add your own butter
You add your own milk
You add your own bacon  
You add your own jalapeño (hot chile)

He could have used a colander. 

You might as well add your own cheese. That way you can upgrade to excellent cheese. You can combine various types of cheese.

You can add sour cream, Philadelphia cream cheese, mozzarella for stringiness, cheddar for intense flavor, Parmigiano-Reggiano for quality. You have the whole world of cheese available to you. 

Chefs usually start with a béchamel sauce to carry the cheese. The kits rely on the starch in the noodles. 

Kraft cheese sauce mix ingredients list: 
whey, milkfat, milk protein concentrate
salt, sodium tripolyphosphate,
citric acid, lactic acid, sodium phosphate, 
calcium phosphate, yellow5, yellow 6
cheese culture enzymes.

Regular cheese is milk, salt, culture (and time, except for the fresh cheese types.)


I going to use this in real life.


Good kid


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Thin spaghetti

Angle hair pasta.

I was preparing a late night snack. Early morning, actually, but the exact time is irrelevant, sensible people were already asleep hours previous to this.

I don't know why I had the very thin spaghetti measured onto a flexible cutting surface.

It was there. That's why.

Those surfaces are for cutting up food that you want to channel into a tube-like surface to pour into a pan or a pot, things like diced onion or chopped vegetables. They're handy cutting surfaces, not for delivering pasta that needn't be cut. But that's where I put the pasta strands, on the flexible cutting surface.

Moving the pasta from the work surface to the pot the pasta strands slid right off onto the floor. Correcting the tilt made them spill out the opposite side. Now the entire load is dumped onto the floor. It looks like pick-up sticks X 1 million. Hay strewn across the entire kitchen floor.

I actually thought I could salvage it.

For about 2 seconds.

The water was boiling away full blast.

Lost cause. I swept them up. Except the strands wouldn't sweep up, they barely rolled the direction being swept, they settle into the texture of the floor, and they're criss-crossed together so they don't sweep into the dust pan, and worse, they stick like needles into the broom. Each element of sweeping them is complicated by them being stiff needle-like strands. They need to be broken to be swept into the dust pan but breaking them makes them even more difficult to sweep. Vacuuming works but they need to be broken even more.

The water is boiling like mad. And it's two o'clock in the morning. It took a very long time to clean up the mess and no small amount of vacuuming noise.

I did invent a new pasta technique. New to me anyway.

Cook garlic briefly in butter and olive oil.

Add shallow water for pasta into the flat pan.

Cook the thin pasta. It doesn't fit, but so what, in one minute it bends and can be forced to fit.

Its starch begins a thin sauce. And it cooks quickly.

Grate some hard cheese.

Off the heat, the water no longer boiling, break an egg into the water and stir vigorously and thoroughly so so the egg cooks evenly in the water and thickens the sauce further smoothly without scrambling.

Add the cheese, and now the pasta starch + egg + cheese all form a very nice sauce.

Altogether an excellent early morning snack.

Physics, work smarter not harder

Never give up

Announcer catches fly ball

There's actually several of these on YouTube.

Poor Man's Feast

Depression era cooking.

The video has 1.7M views. 570+ comments are all positive and tender.

None of the comments that I read mention returning the cooked meat to marinade that soaked it when raw. They all talk about how much they like this woman and who she reminds them of. The channel is popular.

Monday, May 20, 2019

A day in May

We had a sunrise:

I got some work done - I finished a silver maple bowl:

This is the tree I made that bowl, and many others, out of:

It was cut down in 2015.

I kept seeing some mockingbirds flying into a nearby red mulberry tree, and sure enough, they are building a nest:

Then we had a sunset:

Somewhere in the middle of all of that I went to ASL class. Next week is a holiday so I have two weeks to prepare the story which I will sign to my fellow students. We are getting pretty good at this and are now so full of confidence in our skills that we want to play charades - we could crush some non-ASL players, just sayin'.

I am roughing out my story - the premise is a rhetorical question - do I have time to work all week and still do my ASL homework and keep improving my skills? The answer, while yes, will also touch on time management (points at imaginary watch on my left wrist), finding the proper training materials (stories for young ASL students work pretty well) and also a review of how far I, and my classmates have come in just a couple of months. (Signs self-congratulatory pats on my own back.)

Montoursville, Pennsylvania

Montoursville is a borough to Williamsport at the mouth of Loyalsock Creek on the West Branch Susquehanna River. Its history has to do with an important Indian path and early missionaries. The principal historical character is a female interpreter of French Canadian birth who was kidnapped by Indians and served as interpreter to the British. Important to the whole area for her mad language skills, she spoke French, English, Algonquian and Iroquoian languages. She was influential in New York by becoming the personal interpreter for Governor Robert Hunter.

She and her husband moved to Pennsylvania. Her husband, a war chief, was killed in a raid against the Catawba people. She continued to have influence with British representing the Iroquois. She was hospitable with whites who were migrating to areas along the river and she had influence with various tribes who were taking the pressure of colonial expansion.

The small town of under 5,000 suffered inordinately from the disaster of TWA flight 800 losing 16 High School students and their 5 chaperones on their way to France as part of a student exchange program.

A memorial was erected on the grounds of the high school composed of a statue of an angel on a base engraved with the names of the victims. The memorial is a circular grove of 21 trees. An angel was chosen because onlookers believed a cloud seen above the high school on July 21, 1996 looked like an angel with 21 small clouds at its feet.

Picture it. One person notices the clouds in temporary formation, exclaims and points, "Hey, look at that cloud!" Another nearby says, "Yeah, it looks like an angel!" Then another onlooker comes up and goes,"What are you guys looking at?"And the two original people go, "The clouds, Man, look at the clouds, it looks like an angel standing on rocks!" And the third guy counts them, "Hey there's 20 clouds, no 22 clouds, no 23 clouds, no 21 clouds! Just like there's 21 people killed in that crash." And all three get excited as the cloud formation dissipates and changes into rabbit stretched out above 13 bushes, and then changes into a whale with a bunch of remoras stuck to it, and they race away from each other and tell their wives and everyone else that they encounter in the town over the course of a few days and the event goes down in Montoursville history eventually realized as memorial statue.

It's a small place. There isn't much going on. Life is sports and the school and exploring the natural area surrounding the town. Not that many people pin photos to Google Earth. And the photos they do pin make the town look a bit sad. One of a fat guy in a kayak. Other of plain ordinary commercial concerns. Nearly zero architectural interest.  When you zoom down to street level you see all the neat tidy houses are all very small. The economics of the whole place is quite tight. The thing that sticks out is the airport.

It's a rather small airport.

The airport serves Williamsport.

And that's where Trump will be tonight. A high energy rally is expected. He's anticipated to address the airliner tragedy that has not been satisfactorily resolved.

Incidentally, you can see the memorial clearly in Google Earth. The high school sticks right out by its football field. And the memorial sticks right out for its trees planted in circle.

Wild Wild Life

Marlin was insatiable. We couldn't stop him from fooling around with the animals. It didn't matter what kind. What species. What gender. He would screw any of them.

The worst were the pigs. He loved the moist little piglets. They were so pretty and pink and sweet. He would always come along and help with the feeding. He would get them used to him holding them lovingly as he stuck something into their mouth for them to suckle. Eventually he would make a substitution. The zoo keeper was never quite figured out what was going on.

Marlin Perkins was a pervert.

( Don Meier, Talk into this with the Animals...The E True Hollywood Story of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom)

James Prigioni harvest 2017

This harvest would be okay if he only had some tomatoes and cucumbers.

My favorite video of his because there isn't any talking. 

Plus I like his music. Downloaded the song, Lay My Claim.  

Garbage man is boy's hero

Billionaire Denverite pledges to pay student loan dept for Morehouse College class of 2019

Robert F. Smith grew up in Denver, 3rd generation. Morehouse College is in Atlanta. The article is a bit confusing because it mentions that Smith delivered a commencement speech at CU two years ago.

Denver Post. 

Eat more chicken

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Kimberley Strassel: The “Mindset” of the “Coup” is more alarming than Partisanship…

Wall Street Journal Kimberley Strassel discussing the scale and scope of the government weaponization during the 2016 election; and the willful assistance by an ideological U.S. media.

ASL is not easy for me

I have watched this story twice now and I am starting to get it. No sound, closed captioning off, full speed, just me trying to see what is being said. It is a very nice story.

Cooking greens

Overcooking greens is more like it. 

I like this couple. I like this whole family. I like what they're doing. 

I like the thoroughness of rinsing the vegetables. 

But I don't like their stupid little knife and they're killing these vegetables. 

My parents did it this same way. Chef knives scared them because of us children. They simply could not have large sharp knives in the house. And they always overcooked all of their vegetables. 

The idea is cook them minimally as possible, to denature them and that's it. 

My own approach started like this because this is what I saw, but it evolved to its opposite.

Start with the bacon. Cook that first in the same pot until it renders its fat. The fat becomes half the dressing, vinegar the other half of the dressing after the greens are placed into the pot. Dumping in the vinegar steams up the whole pot and cooks it entirely in an instant. 

Mix the greens there is no point to keeping them separate. 

Stir the greens with each addition so the new greens are at the bottom of the pot. The idea is cook them until they wilt then get them off the heat. 

My approach developed from cooking Swiss chard. I was removing the central stems, because I was told to, then realized I actually like their crunch.  

One day the only red chard available was already cut and pre-washed. The central stems had not been removed. When I cooked them I realized the texture makes them more interesting. Their red color makes them more interesting. 

And I realized that undercooking them was much better.

I was cooking them way WAY WAY too long. I was cooking the life out of them. I was killing their nutrition. All these greens are much better when they are barely cooked. 

Cooked in bacon fat supplemented with butter or olive oil. The water still on them from rinsing and their own internal water is enough to steam them. Plus rice vinegar sprinkled over. Salt helps them release their own water, and pepper. Oil, vinegar, salt pepper make a very nice dressing.

You can add whatever you like to alter the dressing that cooks with the greens. Something sweet will counter any of the bitterness in some greens. Brown sugar, honey, even fruit preserves in small amount will alter the whole thing. 

Nuts are good with these greens. My favorite are pecans. So are apples. I like raisins. The giant kind. Cranberries work very well too. Blueberries. 

Actually, the very best way to prepare and consume leafy greens is to juice them. But I realized I really don't like juiced greens. They're terrible tasting. They must be heavily disguised with better tasting things. I'm just not up to changing my whole taste-tolerance for that sort of thing as dedicated juicing people do. Juiced kale is the worst. When you buy prepared juiced kale it is heavily adulterated with other more powerful things like fresh ginger or fresh turmeric with pepper. 

The most innocuous green is spinach. It's light enough to be adulterated with lighter things. 

But then you run into color combinations. The sweeter tasting things must also be green, like cucumber or celery, green apple, or something neutral color like pear. Because anything else with opposite color turns the juice to horrible off-putting shades of tan and mud-browns. And since the flavor is not that pleasant, nutritional powerhouse notwithstanding, the whole time you're drinking it you're going, "Ugh. I hate this crap." 


This place is on my block ↓ down at the corner. The pint bottle is $8.00 and knowing the amount of what goes into it, the cost is nearly worth it. It gives your body such a jolt of nutrition, such a rush, that if you're not used to it, then you're sent directly to the bathroom. Your body goes, "What? What? Don't do that to me without warning. GAWL! And let this diarrhea be a lesson to you. Warning next time, stages, 1/2 cup at a time. Until I get used to the blast." 

Amazing Grace

This video is better than that one down there ↓.

This is the first song I learned in ASL a long time ago at age fourteen. I showed it to my High School class who had no connection with deaf or the language. We each had to do something and that was the thing that I did. I picked it for its simplicity and its slowness. 

Since then, though, I've turned against it because of all the police funerals and bagpipes. I really do not like this song anymore. Way overdone. But this one got me. Pow, right in the cheeks. I love everything about this video. 

I wonder how she got up. 

400 students gather to sing for their teacher

Lots of copies of this event. All of them are goofed up in one way or another. This is the least goofed I can find.

Conservatives win stunning election in Australia

Stunning because Australian media misled Australians all along so it was expected the liberals would win. The same as in the United States.

The conservative party is called the Liberal Party in Australia who equate with American Republicans, because they're upside down, and the party of political liberals is called Labor who equate with American Democrats. So, regular liberals and extreme liberals.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison fairly won this election on his own as his cabinet colleagues were considered too toxic to appear in public while campaigning. He made the election about him, the trustworthy daggy-dad Australia needed.


Daggy. You might be interested to know the term equates to American "dingleberry"

It refers to dry poop in the fur around the anus of sheep. How gross! Did you even know sheep are this gross? It's an affectionate insult applied to unfashionable people lacking in self-consciousness with poor social skills but still friendly and amusing.

3 year-old Russian drummer with orchestra

His name is Lyonya Shilovsky and there are many more videos of him on YouTube.

Kathy Bates as Stewart's grandma