Friday, November 11, 2016

those dirty rats

Several uploads of this, they all say the rats scramble when the cameraman opens the door and flicks on the light, but none say which restaurant this is.

Now YouTube thinks I have an interest in rats and they served up the rat related videos including the incident at KFC/Taco Bell and customers outside peering in at the horror of rats running around, but they're not as interesting at the video above. Onlookers say, "Well you can be certain I'll never eat here again." 

Thank you for that guarantee. I was worried.

There's another video of a giant rat walking right up to a group of cats and when confronted it jumps in the air and freaks out the cats that do not engage it, titled, This Rat is Too Hood. And it really is hood. 

If that title were studied by any of the hieroglyphs groups that I'm following, they'd argue about whether the term "hood" is nominal, stative, or adjectival. That's their own hood. 

But I like this video the best.

It precipitated an unusual dream.

A large southern house where I never did live was invaded by a species of vermin, only one, larger than this rat and a lot tougher and faster. My younger brother at about eight years of age came out screaming the thing had taken up residence and would not be evicted. It was my duty to get rid of it, but it would not go. We chased it all over the place. The size of a capybara but faster and tougher and stronger like a cross with a wolverine. Eventually I decided I must slam a rake into its back and kill it, a garden rake, not a leaf rake, this kind:

And I did. But that didn't kill it. I must really slam the rake thoroughly into the animal and gouge it until it dies. But even stuck with the rake in its back punctured securely it still tugged backward mightily nearly ripping the rake from both my clenched  hands. Like the cat in the video I had to hold on tight for a very long time as it struggled and tugged and fought to get free, digging the rake into its body all the way through smashing it with my foot so the tines dug all the way through its body and pegging it into the ground, and it still struggled to free itself. It simply would not die. I stomped on the rake killing it 10 times over and finally it stopped moving and I must bury it right there on the spot where I killed it, but I was afraid it would be like Dracula and dig itself out and return to terrorizing my household again. Boink. Woke up. 

I got that rake picture from the first one that showed in results, turns out it's about what rakes mean in dreams. 

How do they know what my rake means? It was the handiest thing around. We don't have guns in our house. Never did. A knife requires close contact. A rake provides distance and power of leverage. I could nail that little monster from the distance of the handle. 

How presumptuous to assume they know what rakes symbolize for all individual dreamers. 
Rake in the dream, is a bad sign, foretelling unfinished important business that must be completed as fast as possible. If you ask someone to do something for you, better delay the deal. Do not trust anyone, and do your business alone.
Oh, shut up. I choose to have Best Buy geek squad take away the old television. And not me. At $15.00 it's $145.00 cheaper than 1-800-GOT JUNK. And it'd be nice for them to ensure proper hookup of high-speed modem/router and Roku and antenna while they're at it, delivering a new t.v. instead of me doing all that myself. See? Delivery instead of pick-up. Television removal and disposal for me. At a low cost. 

Clever, eh? 

So don't give me this crap about doing my business alone.

Never trust an online dream interpreter. 

What? There's more? I thought they went away.
If you dream of a broken rake, is also foretells misfortune, often it means health problems, accident that affect your future plans, events, etc.
From a scientific point of view, after seen such dream, you shouldn’t relax or panic, you just need to manage important business alone and don’t reveal your secrets. Only in this case, you will have confidence that you are doing well and that no one is hurt, because there will always be detractors who try to spoil everything. In order to avoid such situation, try to do what was mentioned above and you will succeed. 
Dream in which you used a rake to do some work in the garden or vegetable garden, warns that you should not rely on the responsibility and zeal for the work of other people, but independently perform your important tasks. 
There is no scientific point of view. You're making this all up, pulling it all out your butt. And I told you to shut up. You know nothing about my television needs. You see, cable had to go, and so did the old t.v., and it's too heavy for one person and the complexity involving Comcast has unique risks. I'll take the assistance of pros. Pros with strong backs and ability to dispose technological waste. Globeview, one last thing, you're a dope, but thanks for the rake photo I stole.


AllenS said...

I've got about 10-12 cats that live outside. They would make short work of a colony of rats. Cutie Pie will rub up against your legs until you pet him, and then when you tire of petting him, he'll still be by your feet, then he will untie your shoes. Every. Single. Time. Every. Single. Day.

ndspinelli said...

We had a rat get into our house. I set traps but they didn't catch the fucker. We knew where it was our basement pantry where there was food. So, I set up one of my motion video cameras. It was spooky. When the camera activated[this was after midnight and dark] the rat froze and looked @ the camera for a solid minute. I had it focused on the pantry and 2 traps. Well, the fucker just jumped over the traps. I called an exterminator and showed him the video. He laughed his ass off saying this was a first. He said, "Well..we got us a jumper." So, he set the traps so that when the fucker jumped he would hit another trap. First try got him! I sent copies of the video to friends and family. It got a mixed response.

ndspinelli said...

AllenS, It's moving day. This afternoon I'll no longer be a Badger. I'll be a Gopher. But, not a rat.

AllenS said...

Nick, I used to be a Gopher. I worked in the Gopher hole. A friend that I worked with lived his whole life in So St Paul, and this summer moved over here.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

@ Allen. Your story make me think of this.

We have large "rats" aka Ground Squirrels all over our property and the whole area around. They are destructive, dig huge burrows in the ground, leave holes that horses and cows often break their legs. But....more annoyingly, they steal the bird seed that I throw out for the Quail and other birds, and go into the workshop building and steal the dry cat food that I leave out for our outdoor cat.

These little bastards!!! They are the size of big rat. About 12 to 15 inches long. In the summer we sit on the deck and try to pot them with our wrist rockets. I don't want to waste 22 ammo on them. Ground squirrel shooting is a big passtime in our area. Get a suitcase of beer and go shooting! Many people just trap them and then drown them, in the trap, in a big barrel full of water.

Our outdoor cat (we only have one now thank God) is a really big boy (18+ pounds) who came up to us one day a few summers ago when we were on the deck, enjoying the sun and cocktails. Obviously was someone's previous pet and like your cat rubs up against us, purrs, wants to sit on your lap, follows us all over the property (getting really anxious when we get close to the road), helps us rake leaves by swatting the rake, jumping into the leaf piles and if you put your shoes off of your feet immediately will flop on your shoes and pin them down.

He has earned his keep by killing and eating (yuck) the ground squirrels, gophers, moles, mice and some of the birds too. The quail and he seem to have a pact or truce now. He watches them eat the grain, they watch him warily and when the ground squirrels show up he pounces on the rat/squirrel. Good boy!!!! He also seems to keep the other strays away from his cushy home. MY PROPERTY...HISSSS!!

The mice that have invaded our home, as they try to do every fall, have been eradicated by basic mouse traps and it seems that they love bacon. Bacon! is there anything it cannot do.

Life in the country.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Oh. I forgot. We call our big boy Oscar, because his markings are a big "O" on each of his sides. We have zero idea what his name was before. He has no idea what his name is now. Oscar. But he sure understands "kitty kitty kitty" want your dinner???

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I love me some cat, but it's good to bear in mind that we all get along mostly because we are much, much bigger than they are.

Chip Ahoy said...

"lager" to "larger"
"burry" to "bury"
"our butt" to "your butt"

Man oh man, I'm the worst proofreader. I see mistakes all over the place but only much later.