Friday, November 11, 2016

Shogun plans to display obeisance to the God-Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne!

Japan's Shinzo Abe to meet Trump on Thursday

Politico Blog By YOUSEF SABA


The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, will be one of the first world leaders to meet with President-elect Donald Trump after his stunning victory over Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s election.

Abe called Trump on Wednesday night — Thursday morning in Japan — and arranged to meet with him next Thursday in New York, according to the New York Times, which quoted Koichi Hagiuda, a Japanese deputy chief cabinet secretary.

The Japanese leader likely seeks to clarify some of the Republican’s most controversial remarks about the Asian country that he laid out on the campaign trail. Trump has said that Japan needs to pay more for American military protection, or should defend itself.

Abe also likely seeks to discuss Trump’s planned pull-out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact between the United States and several east Asian countries, which he said he plans to scrap.

Hagiuda said that such specifics were not discussed in the Wednesday night phone call, but rather, Abe stressed the importance of a strong American-Japanese alliance, and how critical it is for peace in the region.

It is not immediately clear whether the Japanese head of government will push to discuss these details with the president-elect, but it seems likely, given the haste in setting up a meeting following Trump’s surprise win.

Abe will meet with Trump next week, as he is scheduled to stop over in New York before he heads to Peru for an economic forum on cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.


edutcher said...

Funny how all the world suddenly respects Honorable US of A.

Leland said...

It's interesting how many world leaders are reaching out to Trump to work with him. At the same time, the supposed loyal opposition is either in the streets rioting, beating any Trump voters they fine, and putting assassination attempts out on social media.

Rhythm and Balls said...

That's good to know.

So when will the rest of us be required to swear allegiance oaths?

Trooper York said...

You have until Inauguration Day.

Of course the God-Emperor is merciful and kind.

He offers the option of ritual Seppuku.

Trooper York said...

You have until Inauguration Day.

Of course the God-Emperor is merciful and kind.

He offers the option of ritual Seppuku.

ampersand said...

How's Angela of Death Merkel gonna pawn off all them "Syrian Refugees" now?

bagoh20 said...

Reagan...................51% / 59%
Bush Jr..................53%
The LightWorker..........53% / 51%
Slick Willie.............49%
The Cuckservative/Mormon 47% = (60,934,000)
Princess Pantsuit........48% = (60,467,601)
The God-Emperor..........47% = (60,072,551)

chickelit said...

Bags: the average of your 11 data points is 50.4

I'm not sure what sort of standard you're implying is deviant, but it ain't Trump.

MamaM said...

The only percentage that matters to me right now is the one relating to the number of voters who showed up to vote for Trump.

bagoh20 said...

Just listing some facts to supply some perspective about the "landslide". Especially the bad rap Romney's been getting even though he got almost a million votes more than Trump with less registered voters against a popular incumbent that was a far stronger candidate than Hillary.

My contention is that much of Trump's success in the election is more a function of how bad Hillary did. It's clear that she lost votes much more than he gained them. I just think people should understand that America is not a changed place. A majority do not like the President Elect, and it's pretty passionate. I think he can change that be being decisive and effective, but I expect him to pivot, as he already is on Obamacare, unfortunately. The healthcare system we had before was superior to what we have now, and you can't do much of Obamacare without keeping the bad outcomes. He needs to get more creative than just tweaking it. Will he or will he cave to the overwhelming political pressure he's gonna get from fully half the country?

Trooper York said...

More lies as usual from Bags. He is not pivoting on Obamacare. He is keeping two of the provisions that every Republican plan had when offered as replacement. He wants catastrophic health care coverage and to extend having "kids" on the parents health insurance since these worthless millennials assholes can't find their way out of their parents basement. But the mandate to buy insurance will be gone. The exchanges will be gone. You will be able to buy insurance from another state. Plans can be tailored to your specifications and the government will not tell nuns they have to pay for abortions. All sensible adjustments. Framing it as Trump abandoning his campaign promises is more of the mainstream media lies that morons buy into just as they bought into the lie that Hillary would win.

Trump is a deal maker. He is making a deal. He will keep the few good things in Obamacare and disregard the rest. He will get some Democratic votes unlike Obama. Watch and learn.

Trooper York said...

What you are doing is exactly what you did doing the election. Trying to sabotage Trump and discourage his adherents.

I thought Trump was in the race to give it to Hillary. That they were in cahoots. Isn't that what youse guys have been selling from day one.

Trooper York said...

If you were around in 1865 you would have told Lincoln to appoint Jefferson Davis Secretary of State. Jeeeeze.

bagoh20 said...

You actually think what we say here is gonna help or hurt Trump? Is your belief in him that delicate that what some guy on the internet says is gonna trigger you into despair? We can't be critical, or even explore possible truths unless they support the new government? You'd make an excellent commie. Trump is not gonna send you an autographed toady certificate for your support. And how many ways can you call me a traitor? Get that "he's just making deals" warmed up, because it might be the new cuckservative. I'm not going to accept that just because it has Trump's name on it.

It pretty ironic that you make fun of the lefties crying about Trump winning and the first thing you do when someone disagrees with the hype is get triggered and demand I help maintain the safe space here for you.

All the pundits are wrong again because it was not a great upwelling of support for Trump. He got less votes than all those people above. As I said all along, anybody could have beat her. Hillary was the only person he could beat, and he didn't even get more votes than her. She lost them.

I have great hope for his presidency, but I don't have to pretend facts to do that. I'm not that tender snowflake. I can accept that he lucked out, and that probably means we all did. I'm not gonna swallow bullshit like some 18 year old coed for anyone.

Trooper York said...

He didn't luck out bags. He won fair and square. Which you don't want to give him credit for.

You don't disagree with the hype. You try and find things to discredit Trump and his accomplishments. You have been consistent in this throughout the election. You are not being critical. You are trying to undermine Trumps agenda just as you tried to undermine his election effort.

I don't want a safe space. Don't you know me? I revel in the fight. I also think that every little bit helps. That every comment and have blog post has a tiny incremental effect. I don't blow it off. I try to do my part. I just won't let your condescending bullshit slide. Sorry I am going to call you on it every time. It is you that wants the safe space.

That is what you do when you are a cultist and a worshiper of the God-Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne.

bagoh20 said...

"He didn't luck out bags. He won fair and square. Which you don't want to give him credit for."

I give him credit for exactly what he did. The numbers are there, they aren't opinion. I just don't know how you say Romney sucked, but now Trump getting 900,000 less votes against a much weaker candidate is a great accomplishment. You can win fair and square, which he did, and still be lucky. I give the 72 Steelers credit for beating the Raiders with the immaculate reception too, but let's face it, the Democrats were playing their third string quarterback with two swollen ankles.

Trooper York said...

I admire you. You never give up.

When they carve Trump onto Mount Rushmore you will be telling me that it only happened because they had extra room.

Sixty Grit said...

Actually, they don't have any extra room, in fact, they nearly broke through the mountain top when Jefferson was carved - the rock was defective and he kept going back farther and farther until they found sound rock to carve.

Don't think small, Korczak Ziolkowski started work on his Crazy Horse memorial over 50 years ago - that is made out of an entire mountain.