Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's all about the pizza!

So there are a lot of crazy theories flying around the internet and Reddit about the content and hidden meanings and symbolism of what has been released so far in the emails of Hillary Clinton, Huma and John Podesta. The most disgusting is of course the one regarding human trafficking and the sex trade specificly related to Jeffery Epstein and pedophile Island. The place where Bill Clinton went 20 times with sometimes leaving his Secret Service protection behind. Also Hillary went there about six or seven times as well.

Podesta has been the subject of speculation because of the "Spirit Cooking" involvement with Marina Abramovic who is the popularizer of this practice. 
 "Popularized by Marina Abramovic, Spirit Cooking is an occult practice used during sex cult rituals, as explained in the book “Spirit cooking with essential aphrodisiac recipes” by Abramovic." There is a post by Mike Cernovich which details this entire theory. 

Questions are especially being raised about the Clinton's involvement in Haiti and the transportation of Haitian Children that were rumored to be sold to perverts in Saudi Arabia where Huma has very strong connections. Could this be what is on some of the those emails that a tough NYPD Captain called evil and something that no one with a child could possibly ignore.

The weirdest part is the involvement of a pizzeria that is termed one of the "hotspots" of Washington D.C. The owner of Comet Pizza James Alefantis is considered by GQ magizine as one of the top 50 powerful people in Washington. You know where they have Senators and Congressmen and Supreme Court Justices.  Supposedly there are "occult" and "pedophilia" symbols on their menu and the walls of their shop. It just seems so crazy. So outlandish. Is it crazy enough to be true.

This whole thing reminds me of two different famous occurrences. The sex scandals and false accusations regarding Day Care Centers that went crazy a few years ago. Several people were prosecuted and jailed and then later freed because of false accusations of child molestation and Satanic rituals. A favorite American past time that goes all the way back to the Salem Witch Trials. So it could all be a big bunch of bullshit.

On the other hand I remember in the early eighties were a couple of drunk cops were in Cody's Bar talking about how the Mafia was running a huge drug racket through pizzerias all over the country. We all said it was bullshit. Pizzarias selling heroin. Get the fuck out of here. Well guess what? It was all true.

So I don't know what to think. I think the worst of the Clinton Crime Family. It could all be true. I put this post for youse guys to decide. Think about it. Could it be true?


edutcher said...

Interesting story.

Back when a lot of African countries in the early 60s gained their independence, the ones that had been Belgian or French colonies had Haitian civil servants come over to give them pointers on governance. Since the Haitians intermingled with the local women, many came back home with AIDS.

Over a generation, a lot of Haitian babies were born with AIDS and, as those children grew up, it was common practice for American homosexuals to fly down there and buy a Haitian boy for the night.

That's how AIDS came to this country.

So the idea of Haiti as a sex tourism spot is an old one.

It also interests me that Palmieri has warned Demos not to believe any bombshell WikiLeaks right before the election.

Trooper York said...

The involvement of the Clinton foundation with Laura Sislby and the New Life Childrens Refuge Mission has never been explored. Which in turns links them to the Dominican legal advisor Jorge Puello.

You can google them. You will be very surprised and sickened at what you read.

None of this has been mentioned let alone investigated. I posted about the millions of charity dollars destined for Hati that were given to the Clinton foundation by people like Carlos Slim the owner of the New York Times. That money disappeared and is unaccounted for. Many Haitians hate the Clinton's and protest the rape and pillaging of their destitute nation. The mainstream media ignores this. As usual.

edutcher said...

Vids are starting to surface, one from InfoWars (they may be right, for a change) with one of the NYPD guys investigating this.

Another purports to show some sort of pagan temple on Sex Slave Island.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

But Comey is giving her a pass again...