Thursday, November 10, 2016

FIrst Head of State to Visit..........Bibi.....Anti-Semtic Democrats and Media Hardest hit.

Trump Invites Netanyahu To Visit White House ‘At First Opportunity’

DEBORAH DANAN10 Nov 2016   Breitbart News

TEL AVIV – Donald Trump on Wednesday invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit the White House at the “first opportunity,” according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

The prime minister and president-elect “who have known each other for many years, had a warm, heartfelt conversation” over the phone, the statement said.
President-elect Trump invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to a meeting in the United States at the first opportunity,” it said.

Netanyahu responded by saying that he and his wife Sara were excited to visit the incoming commander-in-chief and his wife Melania.
According to the PMO, regional issues were also discussed during the phone conversation, though no details were disclosed.
Earlier on Wednesday, Netanyahu congratulated Trump on his election victory, saying the Republican is “a true friend of the State of Israel.”
“We will work together to advance security, stability and peace in our region,” Netanyahu said in a statement.
“The bond between the U.S. and Israel is based on shared values, shared interests and a shared future. I am sure that President-elect Trump and I will continue to strengthen the unique bond between Israel and the U.S. and we will bring them to greater heights,” he added.
Netanyahu released a video congratulating Trump later in the day.
President Reuven Rivlin congratulated Trump on his election win, which he said proved the U.S. to be the “greatest democracy.”
“There are many challenges that lie before you as president — at home and around the world. Israel, your greatest ally, stands by you as your friend and partner in turning those challenges into opportunities,” he said in a statement.
(I can't wait. It will be so sweet to see the New York Times and CBS/NBC/ABC and all the rest have their heads explode. You know who will be first in line to get an invite? Chuckie Schumer. Trump is gonna wrap him around his finger. Watch and see.)


bagoh20 said...

I Love it. Obama treated that Jew like the Vegas bosses treated Sammy Davis Jr. in the 50's: "Use the back door, son."

edutcher said...

The real reason there was no photo op.

All the real Moslems would have expected Pissy to kill them both.

and he hasn't got the guts.

Moochelle does, but she can't stand to be near a good-looking woman.

Trooper York said...

The bitter tears of the New York Times and the Arabists in the State Department will be so sweet.

ricpic said...

It's all Ivanka's doing!

Trooper York said...

Ivanka is the best friend Israel will have in the White House since Eddie Jacobson.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Mazel Tov!

Rhythm and Balls said...

Four of Trump's five kids are married to or dating Jews.

Something the (((media))) won't tell you. Nor his Klan fans.


AprilApple said...


AprilApple said...

But Trump is a Nazi. I'm so confused.

AprilApple said...

I hope Trump holds true on his promise to dismantle that horrible Obama-Iranian Mullah agreement. I want our money back.

bagoh20 said...

" I want our money back."

Yea, that ain't happening. One thing Obama has a real penchant for is making money disappear for good.