Saturday, November 5, 2016

De Blasio learned his corruption at Hillary's Knee and it is all falling apart.

Former hospital will be turned into luxury high-rise 

New York Post By Rich Calder November 4, 2016 

A former Brooklyn hospital that Mayor de Blasio unsuccessfully fought to keep open and then suggested be converted to affordable housing is now going to be turned into a luxury high-rise — another policy black eye for Hizzoner.
Fortis Property Group, which owns the Long Island College Hospital site in Cobble Hill, announced Friday it will not seek a compromise rezoning — as de Blasio had hoped — so it can move forward with more profitable market-rate condos in 529,000 square feet of space.
The mayor had hoped Fortis would build a 900,000-square-foot mixed-used development with more than 200 affordable apartments.
“Based on the high demand for community facility space at this premier location, timing and other development factors, an as-of-right redevelopment is the most profitable,” said Fortis president Joel Kestenbaum.

Longtime neighborhood activist Roy Sloane responded: “I consider this a catastrophe for the Cobble Hill Historic District.”
Melissa Grace, a de Blasio spokeswoman, said, “This is not the plan we wanted, and nobody won here.”
The announcement comes as Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara is investigating the hospital’s sale to Fortis as part of his wide-ranging probe into de Blasio’s fundraising practices.
When news of that investigation surfaced last summer, de Blasio backed off his planned “historic” rescue of the troubled facility — blaming the economy.
“The more we looked into what could be achieved and how would the actual economic realities work and the financing work — the specific health-care site that’s there now is the thing that we came to believe was realistic and viable and sustainable for the long term,” de Blasio said then.
But in February 2014, de Blasio was singing a different tune, and lavishly praised a court decision that paved the way for medical services to be a priority at the site — but that didn’t guarantee them — calling it “a truly historic moment, a transcendent moment for health care in New York City.”
Comptroller Scott Stringer had earlier issued a report on the scandalous Rivington House nursing home deal, reporting that 40 administration officials were involved in disposing of the property — but somehow the mayor never knew the property might become luxury condos.
(I was born in this hospital as were all of my siblings and pretty much all of my friends. It was the hospital of the longshoreman and the working class who lived in South Brooklyn. They saved my life when I was having a heart attack and put in a pace maker. It is right on the water so of course the rich motherfuckers want to have a condo there. They also closed Interfaith on Atlantic Avenue where a lot of the other poor people went. Long Island College Hospital was a vital part of the neighborhood. People could walk there to get help. De Blasio sold it down the river. He is the most corrupt Mayor since Fernando Wood who was an actual pimp. He came up with Schumer and Weiner and was a protege  of Hillary and Bill.
This is what has happened to New York. To our country. The rich and corrupt come in and take over with lies and the support of the news media. The working class and of course the poor can go fuck themselves as long as the Eurotrash scumbags and the wealthy can have nice apartments. 
But what can you do. I have signed petitions. I even went to a protest with my cardiologist and the nurse who took care of me. None of it mattered. Money talks and bullshit walks.
It is time for a change. A big change. My time is over. But I hope that future generations wake up and do what has to be done. We have lampposts. We just need to get a rope.)

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