Friday, November 11, 2016

Cucks gotta cuck!

Lace curtain Irish cretin Peggy Noonan has been heard from explaining the Trumpslide to all the poor dumb people and telling them how to act.

"The previous 16 months were, for the Trump campaign, the victory project. What has to begin now is the reassurance project. The Democratic Party is in shock but will soon recover. Mainstream media, tired and taken aback, will reorient soon. Having targeted Mr. Trump in the campaign, they won’t be letting up now. Firing will quickly commence.

There is something I have seen very personally the past few days. The impolite way to put it is the left believed its own propaganda. The polite way is that having listened to Mr. Trump on the subjects of women and minorities, etc., they sincerely understand Mr. Trump and Trumpism to be an actual threat to their personal freedom. Trump supporters are overwhelmingly citizens of good will and patriotic intent who never deserved to be deplored as racist, sexist, thuggish. But some were not so benign or healthy.

The past few days I’ve heard from a young man who fears Jews will be targeted and told me of Muslim friends now nervous on the street. There was the beautiful lady with the blue-collar job who, when asked how she felt about the election, told me she is a lesbian bringing up two foreign-born adopted children and fears she will be targeted and her children somehow removed from her.

Many fear they will no longer be respected. They need to know things they rely on are still there. They don’t understand what has happened, and are afraid. They need—and deserve—reassurance."

Vox Day had the perfect rejoinder and answer to the constant demand that the God-Emperor of the Cherry Blosssom Throne listen to the cucks that opposed him at every turn:

What a terminally stupid woman. What an eminently characteristic cuckservative.
This column clearly demonstrates three things:
  1. Moderates and cuckservatives have no idea how to win, and no idea what to do with a victory when someone else hands them one.
  2. Moderates and cuckservatives are always more concerned about the other side, and what it thinks of them, than they are about those whose side they claim, however nominally, to be on.
  3. Moderates and cuckservatives never stop to rethink their course no matter how often they were previously wrong.
And yet, I hope Mr. Trump listens very carefully to what the likes of Peggy Noonan advise him. Then, he would do well to review his decisions and make sure that absolutely none of his actions are in line with their advice. They are a reliable guide to failure.

Those who fear they will no longer be respected should understand they will not be respected. They will be rejected. The things they rely on will not be there. They will receive no reassurance from the Alt-Right. We are rising, we are winning, and we will not be merciful.

Don't hesitate to fling their failure in the faces of your friends, family, and colleagues who are freaking out on social media and in your social circles. Fan their fears. Encourage them to expose themselves. Stoke their panic. Don't let them think that you agree with them, or respect their opinion. They've rubbed their opinions in your face for years, for decades in some cases. Now it is time to return the favor, with interest.

Remember, you cannot convince such people of the truth through reason. You know that. They cannot learn through information. That is why this is the time to strike, and strike hard. Only now, when they are reeling in emotional pain and confusion, can the rhetoricals be convinced and reprogrammed. And through their need to escape the pain, they will learn to love the God-Emperor as passionately, and as mindlessly, as they once loved the false gods of the Left. 


rcocean said...

BTW, Noonan voted for Obama twice and thought Dan Rather was innocent during "Font-gate" - oh and she hated Sarah Palin.

She's worthless.

rcocean said...
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virgil xenophon said...

Like Linda Greenhouse, Noonan swims out to meet troopships..

Amartel said...

Responding to "fear" which only exists because of relentless media (progressive) suggestion only serves to validate and legitimate that fear. Better to ignore these ridiculous, phony, baseless fears. They were generated in bad faith, bad faith on the part of the partisan progressive media and bad faith on the part of the people who harbor them, too. There's an element in these "fears" of wanting to be a victim, wanting to assume the worst of others, and enjoying being the supposed target of the big mean fascistracistsexistnazi. The Star of the Progressive Groupthink Show about how Trump and Trump voters are racists and sexists and Bad.
Peggy is virtue signalling.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Why in the world would Trump or should Trump "reach out" to those who did everything they could to try and make him lose. Who called him names. Who called all of US names. They are not his friends. They do not mean well. All they want is to try to keep a seat on the train and retain some power. You don't have to make nice with people who meant and mean you harm.

A wise leader will get rid of those who are against him. From the top of the agencies to the mid level and even the bottom. Get rid of those who will be subverting his agenda. Get rid of those who will be trying to trip up, delay, distort and in every way stop the progress that Trump has promised.

You eliminate, in a non violent (not Clinton) way by transferring, firing or otherwise removing those enemies and surround yourself with people who will facilitate your work. This doesn't mean hire a bunch of Yes Men like Obama has done who will never challenge you. It means hire people who will get the job done and who will offer advice. You don't have to take the advice, but you do need to hear it.

Taking advice from the strong women that Trump surrounded himself with in his campaign and those women in his life, are one of the main reasons that he succeeded (despite his own flaws and ego).

Amartel said...

Also, I don't believe these actual people (beautiful lesbian blue collar worker with two foreign adopted children, especially) exist. They're cut outs so Peggy can virtue signal.

ampersand said...

There were three extraordinary Republicans in my lifetime.

Eisenhower, Reagan, and Gingrich .
Eisenhower ended Truman's Korea war and had less than 100 advisers in Vietnam even though revisionists try to blame him for the mess Kennedy and especially Johnson made of it.
He also removed 3 million Mexicans here illegally.

Reagan and Gingrich both ignored the Republican establishment and successfully took over the leadership.

Now Trump has also succeeded. I would hope he will ignore any advice he gets from the establishment. They are always cowardly and usually wrong. And I hope he continues to treat the media as the scum they are.

Trooper York said...

Very good point DBQ. One of the most influential people in the campaign was Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. This misogynist. This guy who hates and abuses women put one in charge of his campaign. He fired one of loyal supporters. He fired a Republican cuck professional. He put in a woman to run things and listened to her.

It just proves that the media, the pundits and the #nevertrumpers are all full of shit and you shouldn't listen to a fucking thing they have to say.

"What is best in life?" "To crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!"

Trooper York said...

Listen to Omarosa. She has her finger on Trumps pulse. Not his dick. That's Melania. But on his pulse. He is not going to telegraph it. He will use people when he has to. But these cucks have to realize something.

Their rice bowl has shattered.

All Hail The God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne.

AJ Lynch said...

Amartel said:

"Also, I don't believe these actual people (beautiful lesbian blue collar worker with two foreign adopted children, especially) exist. They're cut outs so Peggy can virtue signal."

I agree 200%.

Sixty Grit said...

Wooden rice bowls do no shatter - keep that in mind this Holiday season.

edutcher said...

"Moderates and cuckservatives are always more concerned about the other side, and what it thinks of them, than they are about those whose side they claim, however nominally, to be on."

Take that one to the bank.

Trump won by not being a gentleman, by going after his opponents. His Twitter stream (or whatever it's called) has been lashing the air with what a bunch of babies the protestors are.

Trooper York said...

Listen to Omarosa.

She says he has a little list. And I wouldn't want to be on it.

PS oopsy, you've got it. One thing incoming Rs never do is clear out Democrat appointees. Reagan made a pretty good stab at it IIRC.

Reaching across the aisle to show you're a nice guy - or to get invited to the good parties - is for also-rans.

And trusting the Whigs is a fool's game. He'd do better dealing with some of the Trumpocrat Demos.

ricpic said...

Noonan has a terminal case of respectable-itis.

Amartel said...

Saw this over at Ace. It is the perfect rejoinder to the weeping, raging, preening, hypocritical progressive assholes all over the media and your FB page and your office and your life. Too bad it's by a lefty, but you take your entertaining sanity where you find it.
Truth Bomb
Actually, since all the weeping and preening and hypocrisy and raging in the street only serves to ratify that the right decision was made, maybe best to just enjoy this on the dl.

Synova said...

"Sincerely understanding" something that your side did everything in it's power to convince you of is not *legitimate* because of some few actual bad eggs.

The correct response is... stop scaring your children.

Chip Ahoy said...

Amartel, oh just great, another liberal British twat explaining things that we already well know, and who, in his first few seconds cannot even enunciate the word "years" like I'm going to listen to his horseshit beyond that. To the British guy, stfu and suck my ...

suckable appendage.

Man, am I ever becoming intolerably intolerant as I age. It's intolerable. Yesterday I was listening to Cavuto interview an American until, for some wild inexplicable reason, the old man substituted the sound, "Iower" for "Iowa" and I clicked off angrily, thinking, "my ears cannot be subjected to this MidAtlantic ridiculous bullshit silly nonsensical contrived rhotic intrusion. I'm listening to a dope. One who cannot even pronounce "Iowa. F.O. and suck my ...

pendular addendum. "

Amartel said...

He's not talking to us, he's trying to talk sense into his own team who are self-destructing. To me, it's hilarious. He's absolutely right that insulting people is not a winning strategy, shutting down debate with threats is not a winning strategy, demeaning people is not a winning strategy, refusing to debate and engage is not a winning strategy. They're too caught up in their emotions and oblivious sanctimony and grieving to realize it.

Synova said...

Chip, you are awesome.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Noonan (say it like they use to say Neuman on Seinfeld).

Darcy said...

Piggy Nooners.

William said...

Maureen Dowd is wittier, but Noonan can be observant and thoughtful. They're both very prim, but Noonan seems more at ease with her formality. I bet they both spend more money on dry cleaning than most people spend on clothes.....If you read between the lines, Dowd was more subversive to the candidacy of Hillary than to Trump. Not a hatchet job, but there were a couple of neat flicks of the stiletto that penetratred deeply.......Most everyone on television or in Congress thinks they can do a better job than Trump. He certainly gets a lot of advice. Sometime in the near future, he will be making decisions. He will then be a historical fact instead of a counter factual. The guess here is that the lamentations will come from some unexpected sources.