Sunday, May 13, 2018

Toast, up your game

There will be an test at the end.

1) The name of the first restaurant is:
  a) the Chipmunk. 
  b) the Little Rabbit
  c) the Squirrel
  d) the Cobra

2) The type of bread used at the first restaurant is:
  a) brioche
  b) baguette
  c) sourdough
  d) ciabatta

3) The first restaurant originally made:
  a) bread
  b) pizza
  c) hamburgers
  d) jam

4) The first restaurant buys their bread from:
  a) Chop Shop
  b) La Brea Bakery
  c) Farmshop
  d) Le Boulangerie

5) The type of cheese used by the first restaurant is"
  a) ricotta
  b) Parmigiano Reggiano
  c) mascarpone
  d) Philadelphia cream cheese

6) The name of the second restaurant is:
  a) There She Goes
  b) It's Nice To Be Here
  c) To Life!
  d) Here's Looking At You

7) The name of the chef/owner of the second restaurant is:
  a) Johnathan Winter
  b) Johan Whittier 
  c) Jonathan Whitener
  d) Johnny White.

8) The owner of the second restaurant considers his place to be:
  a) California liberal
  b) California avante guarde
  c) Traditional California
  d) California progressive

9) The bakery associated with the second restaurant is:
  a) Bub and Grandma's
  b) Bill and Louie's
  c) Buddy Grandma's
  d) Old Fashion Bakery

10) The bread at the second restaurant is aged for"
  a) 10 hours
  b) 2 hours
  c) 24 hours
  d) 3 days

11) The bread at the second restaurant is cooke by:
  a) a toaster
  b) a panini press
  c) a grill
  d) a waffle iron

12) The liver pâté is made from:
  a) chicken liver
  b) duck liver
  c) calve's liver
  d) goose liver

13) At the second restaurant, the cheese on the second toast is called
  a) stracciatella
  b) stretchy mozzarella
  c) strataspherico
  d) strappy cello

14) The name of the third restaurant is:
  a) Petit Crème
  b) Petit Crèmerie
  c) Petit Crêperie
  d) Petit Crenn

15) A tartine is a:
  a) tart
  b) open face sandwich
  c) toast
  d) long piece of bread

16) The topping of the bread at the third restaurant is:
  a) mushrooms, thinly sliced cornichons, thinly sliced roasted garlic
  b) mushrooms, dill pickles, potato chips
  c) squid, onion, avocado
  d) lox, thinly sliced onion, broken pretzels.


rhhardin said...

Bob and Ray had a continuing series at the House of Toast, contrived as a ridiculous parody of the House of Pancakes.

rhhardin said...

House of Toast on youtube

some late performance that played it straight as comedy, rather than as an insertion in something else, the latter being the good stuff.

Youtube gives you Bob and Ray suggestions though.