Friday, May 25, 2018

masa harina crêpes

Another of my sites is clunking along slowly as it does, its page views vary widely by season, a graph  of page views looks like sound waves. Yesterday there was a slight spike. This is the post that did it. For some reason this page made four years ago was viewed 66 times yesterday. Like somebody on Facebook saw it and shared. It's egg crȇpes made with the same powder from treated cornmeal used to make corn tortillas. Instead of wheat flour. 

It doesn't sound very good, but it looks muy deliciosa.

Photography. I call this a dog's eye view. I'm pretending to be a dog that's come up to the table sniffing the plate. What matters is the stuff at the front so everything else can be out of focus. If I wanted everything in focus then I'd change the lens, and probably change the angle to help the lens get everything in its depth of field, its thickness of imaginary wall in front of the lens where everything is in focus. Doesn't "wall of focus" make more sense than "depth of field?"  

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