Thursday, May 24, 2018

My cousin posted...

...a video on Facebook today which featured a drummer I had never heard of. I did some research and discovered that his name is Bernard Purdie and he has played on 4,000 albums with 2,500 musicians. So while I had not heard of him I had certainly heard him.

He is certainly precise - some call him the human metronome. There are hours of him playing on YouTube, classes, jam sessions and interviews. He is a musician, like many from the old days, who understands music and can communicate his knowledge. There are not many like him left. Plus his absolute love of music and the joy he takes from making music shine through all of his videos.

He is from Elkton, down on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. As I mentioned, I got a Kindle version of The Sot-Weed Factor, which is set on the Eastern Shore, and now I have read it. Someone was surprised that a book that new was available for free on Kindle. Well, what do you know - it's not. The one I read is the 1708 version written by Ebenezer Cook(e), in the form of a poem. To read the John Barth book of the same title I will have to visit the library. It is for sale at Amazon, and some versions are quite expensive, so once again, free is the right price for me.

Today's elliptical bowl, this one in silver maple:

The bowl maple and elliptical,
Made from a tree skeptical,
The grain shows figure spectacular,
But I shant lapse into the vernacular.


Dad Bones said...

I'll bet he's conjured some dancing out of people who had no intention of doing so until he started playing.

Something about the grain of this bowl suggests it could have been cut from the same tree as the last one. Though they're each unique they look like siblings.

chickelit said...

I heard that he actually covered Hal Blaine on some early ‘60’s studio work.

chickelit said...

Don’t make me post some Buddy Miles video with Hendrix....

Sixty Grit said...

Covered Hal Blaine - CL - you funny!