Friday, May 25, 2018

Republicans buggin', and plants

On YouTube the post put up by Media Buzz says, "Republican Announce They're Going After Hillary, Comey, Lynch, And Others in DOJ and FBI For Crimes."

But are they? I heard the guy say in the video that they're seeking a second special investigator adding Justice cannot be expected to investigate itself properly.

Kills me how they all stand solemnly behind the man as he reads his text for sixteen minutes but do not say anything themselves. Like, we're all doing this.

And what a text. It was like listening to long dragged out desultory book report on a book we read ourselves 10x and already watched the movie and then saw it again on Netflix. Delivered as if it's all new.

The most livid political scandal in my lifetime, possibly in all U.S. history and my mind kept wandering while listening. I'm thinking about my garden instead. I have to arrange my large-pot collection somehow, in a manner I think best and have that stay put for the season because vines will crawl up the rails. I have things on my mind, nursery plants to get in, bulbs that are ready, seed raring to go, and that means design the whole garden in pieces as I go bit by bit. And we heard all of these political details before. We wrote untold number of pages of posts about each individual item, and here it is again all strung together like one huge horrible writhing ugly undead necklace hanging around the neck of America, the worst most macabre jewelry ever. Of course my mind is going to drift to attractive gardens and flowers.

I found the cutest little things that look like Disney cartoon flowers. They stick right out among more prosaic species. They're called verbena. You should buy some. They're the ones in dark colors with white dots. Different colors. Some without dots. They go very well with other flowers. They're like supporting role cartoon flowers. They bloom in a circular pattern forming a circle of dots against red or purple background, itself against a filling-in background of dark green foliage.

This pot needs some yellow, that goes very well against purple, something tall perhaps spiky and something draping. It'd be really cool with something edible, perhaps eggplant or even tomato. Imagine it with light green sweet potato foliage piling out of a side onto the ground, or cucumber vines creeping out of the pot or up a thin trellis.

We gardener types are always thinking.

Republicans, what took so long? Trump will be out of office by the time you guys get started. I'm slow myself but this is ridiculous. Still, good to see you all behaving like you're at least pretending at trying to do something however feeble and late.

Why aren't these criminal's heads already on pikes outside the White House gates? 


Here's the video of the guy talking about all the high crimes and Mr. Meaners that we've been talking about for two years. Yes, two years. I recall the last time a particular visitor was here about a gift that I gave him for making ten gallons of beer downstairs. He was puzzled as everyone was about Comey describing his investigation into Hillary's email server abuse in exceedingly damaging terms that would land anybody in prison, then ends his description by letting her off the hook. We were dazed and confused by the incongruence. And that was two years ago. Imagine a seventy-year-old dude, a very smart man, confused about what his government just explained and asking me what I thought about that. (Now he's the biggest anti-Trumpper ever. You cannot even talk to him about it. But that is how we got Trump. 

Sorry, not sorry. I brightened this dreadful post with flowers. I could have just shown you the video. Check out comments on YouTube. They're interesting.


edutcher said...

Keep one thing in mind.

All this may change radically after November. A lot of Whigs will be gone. Ryan will be gone.

How many Trumpers replace them is up for grabs, but the mood of the country is changing. The Internet is exposing a lot of things that would have otherwise been swept under the rug.

In the words of a legendary redhead, "Fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride".

ricpic said...

Republicans lack sex appeal. It's their fatal flaw. I could write a book about this but suffice it to say that Republicans are embarrassed by a show of emotion. Of course there are exceptions: Louie Gohmert can be on fire when the spirit moves him. But that just highlights what blocks of wood the other Republicans are. Most are probably good people. But they refuse TO SELL. Fatal. It still hasn't penetrated their skulls what a great asset Trump's showmanship has been. Here's that word again, Trump embarrasses them.