Sunday, May 27, 2018

Chelsea Clinton: Trump degrades what it means to be an American.

The little rascal.

I'll always think of her fondly as the red-headed pigtailed little scamp we must not talk about or disturb ensconced protected from criticism or even from critical observation while residing as minor in the White House. Our own little Anne of Green Gables, Chelsea of White House. Adorable.

With her little cat, Socks.

The Hill tells us she's talking to the Guardian and says a whole bunch of aggressively dumb things, mischaracterizing what free speech is then misapplying her wrong prescription to her misdiagnosis. She blathers ridiculously. She builds misdiagnosis upon misdiagnosis until she arrives at Trump. Goes like this:
* I used to ignore meanness on social media but now I must call them out.
Good social justice warrior, pat, pat, pat. Be sure to ignore all responses. It's a talk but don't listen endeavor.
* People used to focus on tolerance instead of standing up against hate like casual misogyny.
No, actually. They never did focus on tolerance. Quite the contrary.
* We have freedom of speech but people thought that you couldn't stand up against hate.
No, actually. They always did. And worse, like you, they've always presumed to define hate so it fits with their immediate perceived political need.
* Freedom of speech doesn't come without consequence.
So your mother learned the hard way. While you carry on obliviously.
* You shouldn't go to prison for saying hateful things, but you shouldn't be able to run for president.
Why not? Because you say so. And that hasn't stopped your own parent.
* Our president and people around him have first mainstreamed hate and now mainline it.
Good one. But again you have cause and effect reversed. Other words you could have used that begin with main; maintenance, maintaining, maintainers, mainspring, mainlander, mainframe, mainsheet, mainsail, mainmast, mainstay, maintop, mainly, mains.
* British should protest Trump because I don't agree with what he's done to degrade what it is to be American.
(!) But she's against saying hateful things.
* We have to do something to repair the tone in our country, expose real racism, sexism, homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic feeling that are on the rise -- a rot that has been exposed.
Of course we do. Those precise words again, that pearl necklace of yours again. There should be a federal law saying we must take all the abuse of the sort you and your mother dish out daily, and accept your ridiculous definitions of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, your obnoxious prayer beads, all being what you say they are, and hatred being anything you don't care to hear.

Trump responded, "Oh yeah, well your mother's a whore. On an international scale. I can tell you that."

I might have imagined that last part.

She is promoting her new children's book, She Persisted Around The World. Have your insulin ready, this video is saccharine.


Bunkerville said...

Funny, apparently youTube isn't banning it..

edutcher said...

Apparently, the brains in the famiglia skipped her and, to quote Spock (Mr, not Dr) brood sow is her first best destiny.

ricpic said...

Chelsea may not be a deep thinker but so what? When you label everything conservative "hateful," you're off the hook in terms of debate. Debate is over. Thinking is over. The other guy's hateful and deserves destruction. Brilliant. Not that Chelsea thought the strategy up. Some bright lefty theorist did and *voila* the Left has never had to argue the merits of its case again.

Dad Bones said...

The brood mare writes some propaganda for kids. School's out so they have to do what they can to keep the impressionable little tykes hating Trump during the summer.

Sixty Grit said...

Webb must be very proud.

ampersand said...

Trump degrades what it means to be an American.

Close but no cigar.

AllenS said...


KCFleming said...

Chelsea's books are Dianetics for kids.

Meaning no one will ever read them.

A leftist's totem.